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Why Would I Be Scrolling the Screen Without My Mouse?

I recently bookmarked an article on Xomba about how to use the scroll lock key.  It is pretty straightforward and instructional.  Then I got to thinking about why in the world would I need to use the scroll lock key?  I mean, who uses this function?

Is there a good reason to use this function other than simply to spite the mouse?  Can you think of a good reason?  If so, feel free to comment.

I decided to do a very brief article that gives my best guess as why I would be using the scroll lock button instead of my mouse.   Click here to read


Is it Worth Using StaplesLink ? Is Really Easy?

If you aren't sure if you want to use for your business office supplies that is OK.   If you are seriously considering it, I'd suggest a lot of research. Check online sources for service reviews as well as reviews of their competition.  

Do some face to face work also.  Meet with outside competition and meet with a StaplesLink representative and compare what they say.  Ask questions. Look for perks and advantages that are similar as well as differ from what each other is offering.

Of course, compare price too. The price of your office supplies is why you are here in the first place.  Lower prices mean a better bottom line for your company. You'd be surprised how expensive stationary, no matter how little you order, adds up to a lot of money over time.  Saving money is the name of the game so be sure to check for favorable supply costs.

If you are having trouble finding a  review on Staples Link, look no further.  I posted a review and link to it below.  I've been using their service for years so I figured I'd rate them.

It is not a terribly complex review and it won't take up a lot of your time.  I try to give a good, concise summary of what my experience has been with this office supply company.  I hope that it give you an idea if this company is worth using.

I have linked the article below. Please check it out. 

StaplesLink Review Here 

Please also read some of my other TurtleDog posts if you get a chance! Thanks!