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Put New Ink Cartridges in HP LaserJet 600 M602 Printer

Putting a new ink cartridge into an HP Laser Jet 600 M602 printer is easy to do.  If you have other similar network printers you will find that the process of replacing the ink toner is virtually identical. This post will show you how to remove the old cartridge and put the replacement toner into the printer in a snap.

Step 1

Open the top lid by lifting it upward. It will lift up and away from you like any. There is an opening on the left side of the printer where you can put your fingers into that make it easier to lift this lid.

Step 2

There is a large panel door in the front of the printer.  Go ahead and open this door as well. The door opens sort of like an old castle drawbridge. Pull down and toward you.

It is not entirely necessary to open this door. You can still access the printer ink without opening this door but by opening it you will have more room to operate.

Opening Front Panel on HP 600 M602
View Inside Printer with Front Panel Opened
Step 3

Remove the old toner cartridge by grasping it in the center and pulling it slightly upward toward you. It should slide out without much effort.

Step 4

Remove the new ink toner cartridge from the box and then remove the plastic seal that cover the ink.  Some people shake the ink cartridge a bit before removing the plastic but I never shake it and it works aOK for me.

Step 5

Then insert the cartridge in the same direction and fashion as you took the old one out.

Step 6

Close the front panel and then shut the top lid.

Step 7

The printer will make some noise and you'll hear it running a while as it gets to know the new ink (so to speak :-)   Once the printer stops running you are all clear to start printing again.

I hope that helps you to put that new ink toner into your HP 602 M600 LaserJet printer.

More Tips...Trying to Print  a Whole WebPage But Don't Want All The Waste?

If you are on a website and you want to print that site onto hardcopy, don't waste pages sending the whole site to your printer without properly sizing it.  Print out exactly what you want and save ink and paper.   Click Here to Learn More


Make Copy While Someone Else is Printing on Kyocera Copier

If someone is printing a long run of pages from a Kyocera copier you can still make your own copy. You don't need to sit there and wait for the other person's copies to stop printing. You stop their copies, print your own, then start theirs up again where things left off. It is really easy to do.

We use a Kyocera Taskalfa 400 ci copy machine but this probably works on other versions too.
Step 1
While the other user's copies are printing, place your pages in the paper chute as you normally do.
Step 2
Then look for the 'interrupt' button which on our unit is located just to the upper right of the display screen.

Press the 'interrupt' button

Step 3
The LED (that tiny light) on the 'interrupt' button will light up. The screen on the copier will say "Please Wait Interrupting..... "

I usually just wait until the other person's copies stop coming out.
Step 4
With you papers already in the chute, hit the start button. Your copies will print. They should come out on a separate tray than the other copies.

Step 5
Remove your copies and originals. Then hit the 'interrupt' button again (the LED will go off)

The other user's pages will begin to print again from the same spot they left off.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope this helps.  If you ever work with PDF files (creating, copying, printing etc) you might not be aware that you can type notes right on without it being an interactive form. You can print out the file with these comments or simply save it. I wrote a post on this and linked it here. Click Here to Add Comment Notes to Your PDFs


How to Make Coffee In Bunn O Matic Coffee Pot

Making coffee in a Bunn o Matic coffee pot is easy to. I am going to describe how to make a pot of coffee using a Bunn coffee maker. This article is best suited for people who are using a Bunn coffee brewer that gets its water supply directly from nearby plumbing. In other words, you press a button and water dispenses into the coffee funnel and into the pot automatically. There is no need for your to pour water into the machine yourself. This is also referred to as “direct water feed”

This article presumes that you already have the coffee maker professionally installed and properly plumbed into your water line.

This works best with Bunn equipment but might help you with other versions as well.
Here’s how to make the coffee.

Step 1

Pull Out the coffee funnel (which is that try that holds the filter and ground coffee). Discard old filter and coffee and put a new clean filter in the funnel.

Remove Coffee Funnel
Add New Clean Filter

Step 2

Put coffee in the brewer. Use the recommended amount of coffee. I use a 10 cup coffee maker so I use those pre ground and measured packs, usually 1.50 ounce packs (figure range of 1.25 to 2.25 oz works for 10 cup maker)

Step 3

Put the funnel with the new coffee filter back into the brewer where you got it from.
Step 4

Put an empty coffee pot on the burner beneath the funnel where the coffee will dispense. Make absolutely sure that the coffee pot is empty. Most , if not all, plumbed in Bunn brewers pour the correct amount of coffee into the pot by using a timer. If the pot is half full already, the brewer won’t know when to stop and it will spill over.

Step 5

There is a switch on the front of the coffee maker that turns the burner beneath the pot on. The switch lights up when it is on. Turn it on so that the burner beneath the pot will start to warm up.

Step 6

You don’t have to wait for the burner to warm up. The water will come out of the Bunn O Matic really hot to begin with. Press the black rocker switch on the front of the unit (near the burner switch) and you’ll hear the water begin to flow.

Step 7

Wait for the pot to fill up and serve.

Thanks for checking out this coffee tip on TurtleDog's Blog.  I really appreciate it.  Please read some of my other posts related to food, home, computers, and more. Thanks again!


Why Poured Water Won't Come Out Bunn Coffee Machine Brewer

Pour Over Chamber Lid (Closed)
I have to start off with a disclaimer that I don't represent bunn or claim and expertise on repairing Bunn-O-Matic Coffee machines. That said, as a coffee drinker I have used this kind of equipment heavily both to drink coffee and for professional, work purposes so I do have some knowledge on the topic ;-)

It sounds as though you have poured water through the screen at the top of your Bunn Coffee Machine and no water is coming out. There are a number of possible reasons you are not seeing water fill the coffee pot but only one that I can speak with any remote expertise (and I mean really, really "remote" expertise) and that your issue is related to how you are filling the tank.

The Model Of The Brewer
If you are using a model C Bunn coffee maker you definitely need to directly pour your own water in the equipment at the top of the machine as opposed to running it directly from you plumbing. All or most of the plumbed versions (CT, CTF, CWT, CWTA, CWTB, CWTF, CWTFA, CWTFB Single CW, Single CWF) I believe all have a 'hatch' at the top that will allow you to water directly into the machine.


AAA Minimum Minor League Baseball salary 2012

How much do minor league baseball players earn in salary for 2012? AAA baseball players are just one step away from playing in the Major Leagues. Major League Baseball (MLB) is the highest level of professional baseball. Only the most talented and luckiest of ball players make it to the MLB. Their salaries are enormous. AAA players are in a league one step below the MLB and they are hoping for their big chance to play big league ball.

The mistake a lot of people make is to presume that since AAA players (or AA or single A for that matter) are so close to the big time that they must be making a lot of money. After all, if MLB players earn millions of dollars yearly on average you’d think AAA players make a few hundred grand a year, right?

Actually, they make a lot less than that. Players at the AAA level earn a minimum of $2150 per month in 2012 presuming it is not their first year in the league. If it is their first year in the league, the number is much less.

I linked a really interesting article below on minor league baseball salaries as well as other facts about the minors. Check it out.

The major league players have a much higher minimum salary of course. Much, much higher.  If you want to know what the Major League minimum salary for 2012 is the please click here to find out.

2012 Minimum Salary MLB Baseball Players Earn

No matter how much money you make, no matter how lucrative the job title you hold, there are always people at the top of the pay scale and people at the bottom. Sometimes the bottom is not so bad though. Take professional baseball for example. Pro baseball players in the major’s make a ton of money. Even the guys who earn the MLB minimum salary earn a lot of money.

Major League Baseball players who are at the bottom of salary scale got a really nice raise in their paychecks starting in 2012. The collective bargaining agreement between Major League Baseball and the players association was agreed upon in December 2011 and it provided a substantial increase in salary for the guys who make the minimum amount of money.

Players on the Major League level who are the league minimum now make roughly $480,000 per year (up from $414,000 last baseball contract). I have to admit, even the minimum salary in baseball is a really sweet paycheck.

What do you think? Do ball players earn too much money or too little?

No all pro baseball players earn the big bucks. Some make a regular, working wage. The guys who really work for their checks are minor league baseball players. Some players also receive considerable signing bonuses when they are drafted by a MLB team, though such bonuses only represent a small amount of players drafted. The vast majority of these make very little money. I did a post on this as well

Minimum Salary Minor Leaguers (MiLB) Earn

I also linked an article below where I site my salary source. Check it out.

If you are interested in other baseball statistics besides how much money players make, I wrote a couple posts on how hitting statistics correlate to each fielding position.  In other words, on average, do catchers hit better than shortstops (click here to find out) ?  Do 1st basemen have better slugging percentages than designated hitters (click here to find out)?  Do 2nd basemen have higher on base percentage than left fielders (the answer is here :-) ?


Take Excel off Page Break Preview to View Normal Spreadsheet

I first became familiar with the page break preview when I discovered that the entire contents of my Excel spreadsheet / worksheet were not printing out.  I remember trying a couple different options in the ‘Print Preview’ screen but nothing seemed to work. Then I found the solution in the “Page Break Preview” within the view tab on Excel.

When I clicked on “Page Break Preview” the Excel spreadsheet becomes smaller.  Smaller is good because it allows you to see the data you entered and gives you more visibility when adjusting the page break lines.

The Problem

I’m not the smartest guy in the room so one problem I ran into was getting the spreadsheet / worksheet back to the full, standard size.  I was able to adjust the line breaks no problem but then ran into the issue of getting my spreadsheet back to the size I wanted.  I felt a bit like a klutz.

Don’t worry though, if you are unable to get your spreadsheet back to the normal view, I won’t tell anyone   I’ll show you how to fix this no problem.

This solution works best on Microsoft Excel 2007 but other versions may apply too (just maybe the commands won’t be in the exact locations I describe below)

Slugging Average Percentage Ranked By MLB Position Played

Slugging average (aka slugging percentage) is a statistical measure of how much of a power hitter a batter has.  Slugging average (percentage) measures how many bases a certain baseball player manages to get for every at bat over the course of a season. A player that hits only singles will have lower slugging statistics as someone with the same batting average who also gets doubles, triples and home runs.

For example, Matt Kemp, a respected Dodgers power hitter in 2011 has managed a .497 (or thereabout) over the past seven years. A very a good slugging stat. A typical slugging percentage for a Major League Baseball player is around .420 or .430.  Get in the .490 range and you are really whacking that baseball.

Just for the controversial fun of it. Let's look at Barry Bonds. Bonds was notorious for attitude and performance enhancing drugs but he did slam that ball.  Barry Bonds slugging percentage was somewhere around .607, which is a totally ridiculous number steriods or not.

If you want to learn exactly how individual players slugging averages are calculated, click here for the post I wrote on how to do determine slugging average.

Which positions in MLB baseball have the highest slugging average? Do MLB first basemen have higher slugging numbers than shortstops? Which postions tend to hit the far the farthest and get the most bases out of it?

I ranked from best to worst the average slugging percentage for every position in Major League Baseball.  I found it impossible to find this statistic broken down and ranked by fielding position so I did my own calculations to produce this ranking.  Basically, I took individual batting statistics (approximatly400 at-bats and up) from ESPN's site and sorted all those players by position. Then I added slugging percentage stats together and did the division to get an average slugging percentage by position.  Then I entered into an Excel sheet and ranked from best position (on average) to worst.  

If you want to see the raw ESPN stats that I began with and manipulated to calculate my own slugging rankings click here.

Here are the rankings. These include both NL and AL stats combined. I omitted the pitchers due to lack of at bats and we all know they'd rank last anyway:

1st Base (1b) - .476

Right Field (RF) - .467

3rd Base (3b) - .457

Left Field (LF) - .443

Catcher (C) - .442

Designated Hitter (DH) - .438

Center Fielder (CF) - .431

2nd Base (2b) - .425

Shortstop (SS) - .404

Absolutely no surprise that 1st base ranked #1 in slugging percentage.  1st basemen are your classic big guys that hit the long ball. They are noted more for power than fielding ability. 

Right Field at first surprised me but when I thought about it, these are strong guys too. Right Fielders are noted for arm strength (throwing the ball long distances). Perhaps this translates to power at the plate as well?

Shortstop finishes up last. No surprises here either. One of the most important defensive fielding positions in baseball, Shortstops are often hired more for their fielding ability than for hitting.

Designated Hitter shocked me. You'd thing they are out there tearing up the ball but according to these numbers, they are not. Surprisingly, the DH  mediocre on all other batting stats as well.

What do you think of these numbers?

I also wrote an article where I rank the On Base Percentage by position played. Click Here to check out that article to see which fielding spots generate the highest and lowest OBP.

Average Salary of Each Position In Baseball

If you want to learn how different baseball positions vary in salary earned on average, I wrote a detailed article.  I rank each position based on average money earned during a season. Different positions definitely earn a lot more than others.  Some shockingly higher and lower by comparison.  Click Here to Read This Post

Thanks For Stopping By! Please Check Out Some of My Other Posts and Visit Again!


Average On Base Percentage OPB by MLB Position

If you read the book Moneyball you know the high value that sabremetricians (advocates of Sabremetrics) place on the on base percentage (OBP) statistic . A lot of traditional baseball statistic lovers respect OPB as well.  One big reason for this is that OBP, unlike batting average, gives batters credit for walks.  The argument being that batters are just as responsible for generating walks, with a good eye and patience as pitchers are at avoiding walks.  A player that gets on base should be given credit for a walk.

For a Bit More on On Base Percentage and How to Calculate Click Here

This post will show you the average on base percentage ranked by position in Major League Baseball. For the life of me I could not find average batting statistics by position on-line so I thought I would generate my own from some available numbers. I basically generated the stats by taking the most active 2011 players individual statistic (I thanks ESPN, stats linked here, for those raw, individual stats) and entered them all into an excel sheet by position. Then I broke out the OPB numbers for each player by position, added them together and created an average. Then I ranked the positions from highest on base percentage to lowest. I omitted the pitcher.

Here is how they came out:


How to Strikethrough – Cross Out Text on Lotus Notes Email

Strikethough or strikeout is a line that runs though visible text. When text is stuck out it means that you still want the text to be seen but the crossed out information is no longer necessary or correct. For example, “Not For Sale” can be written as “Not For Sale” meaning at one time the item was not for sale but it now is. The word “Not” is struckout.

You can strikeout / strikethrough text on just about any software that involves the transfer of text. Word documents, PDF’s, and emails for example can all include words and numbers with a strikethrough line running through it.

This post will look at how to cross out text on Lotus Notes email.


Crop PDF Using Adobe Acrobat Pro X - Show Only Part of Page

Cropping a PDF is great when you only want to save a portion of the PDF page.  Say you just want to keep a section of text or an image on a PDF and wanted to eliminate the rest of the document surrounding that text or image you would crop this document

If you want to crop a PDF using Adobe Acrobat Pro X so that only the part of the page you want appears, you have come to the right place. Just follow the steps below. If you don't yet know how to scan a PDF, check out this post first, otherwise keep reading....

Follow these steps.