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How to Calculate On Base Percentage Average In Baseball

Calculating On Base Percentages In Baseball

On base percentage is a great way to look at a hitters statistics beyond batting average alone. It gives great insight into a batters ability. Read on to learn How To Calculate On Base Percentage Average In Baseball

Moderately Easy


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      First, understand that on base percentage measures the percentage of times a batter gets on base using any means except interference, fielder's choice or an error.
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      To calculate this, first add up a batter's total amount of walks, the amount of times he's hit by a pitch and the amount of hits he gets.
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      Then, add together the amount of times the batter is hit by a pitch (yep, I had you do this above also :-), the amount of at bats he has, number of times he got a walk (yep, another repeat from above), and his number of sacrifice flies.
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      Finally, take the total you have from step two (hit by pitch + walks + hits) and divide it by the total you have in step 3 (hit by pitch + walks + at bats + sacrifice flies). This will give you your on base percentage average.

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