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How to Scan Documents using Scanner and Adobe Acrobat Professional

Scan Documents using Scanner and Adobe Acrobat Professional

Hi! Once your scanner is hooked up to your PC, scanning documents on your computer is pretty easy. Read on to learn How to scan documents using scanner with Adobe Acrobat Professional



    • 1
      Be sure scanner and computer are on.
    • 2
      Prior to going through this scanning procedure. Insert documents to be scanned in your scanner
    • 3
      Go to your Start Menu.
    • 4
      Go to programs and select Adobe Acrobat.
    • 5
      Adobe Acrobat Professional window will appear. Click on the top middle button that reads "Create PDF".
    • 6
      Options will drop down beneath this button. Select "From Scanner"
    • 7
      A "Create PDF from Scanner" Window will appear. If you have multiple scanners, select the scanner you wish to scan from and then choose the "Scan" button. . If you only have one scanner just use the default settings and click the "Scan" button
    • 8
      A whole bunch of settings will appear on your computer monitor. Choose the size, resolution, brightness, etc etc etc. If all the settings look OK, just click the "Scan" button.
    • 9
      Scanning documents will officially begin. You'll see documents physically scan on or through scanner.
    • 10
      Next you'll have the option of clicking "Done" or "Next". If you have more pages you want to scan, put them in the scanner and choose "Next" button, then go back to Step 8 above.
    • 11
      If you are finished scanning, select "Done". Your scanned document will appear on your screen. From there you can save it or whatever you choose.
    • 12
      Thanks for reading my How To Scan Documents using Scanner and Adobe Acrobat Professional

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