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How to Reduce Personal Injury Accidents Using Three Point Rule

Hi! We've all experienced slips and falls. Some more severe than others. The three point rule is a time tested safety technique to help reduce accidents related to slips and falls. Please read on to learn how to Reduce Personal Injury Accidents Using Three Point Rule

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      Ask any capable workplace safety officer if the three point rule helps prevent accidents and he or she will tell you "Yes." About 80 percent of all workplace accidents are the fault of the person injured.
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      Essentially, the three point rule states that three out of four critical points of your body (ie arms and legs) are in touching the area you are climbing or are in contact with at all times.
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      This means that, for example, if you are climbing a ladder you should have at least two feet and one hand on the ladder or two hands and one foot on the ladder at all times. As you take a step, two hands and one foot should be on the ladder until your other foot reaches the rung. As you reach for the next rung with your hand, two feet and the other hand should remain on the rung at all times.
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      This insures that at least three out of four points are in contact at all times. By doing this you greatly maintain control, reduce your chances of falling, while also discouraging yourself from jumping to the ground and risking injury.
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      Another example is the use of stairs. If there are two railings on each side within reach, keep contact at all times with your hands. This is especially true for escalators that are typically more narrow than stairs. If there is only one railing, maintain contact the railing with your closest hand at all times. Concentrate on having two feet down before lifting the next one.
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      When driving a manual transmission automobile, be sure to keep both hands on the wheel at all times. Remove one hand to shift only if you have the second foot in contact with the clutch. Remember 3 points.
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      Try to think of other ways you may apply this to everyday life. From climbing trees, to climbing heavy equipment, even climbing mountains, the three point rule can really help you avoid personal injury accidents.
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      Thanks for reading my How To Reduce Personal Injury Accidents Using Three Point Rule article


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