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How to Do Special Paint Effects called Rag Rolling / Ragging

This is a neat paint effect that is simple to do. It'll give your walls a nice textured look. Read on to learn How To Do Special Paint Effects called Rag Rolling / Ragging

Moderately Easy


    • 1
      First paint a base coat using a roller or brush. Egg shell paint seems to work best for this technique, but if you want to try something else, go for it.
    • 2
      Let base coat dry
    • 3
      Get yourself a bunch of 2 foot by 2 foot cloths. Definitely use lint free cotton or linen rags.
    • 4
      Choose a paint to use as your top coat. Another egg shell would be a good selection. The top coat is the color that will give the room the textured look. Some people will tell you they get great results when they dilute this color with paint thinner. It does help, but you don't have do to this.
    • 5
      Using a paint brush, paint on your next coat over the base coat. Do a small area at a time and keep in mind you are doing brush strokes with the intention of allowing the base color to show through.
    • 6
      After you've done a small area, quick roll up one of the rags with the intention of 'log rolling' it across the damp top coat. You could also 'ball it up' like a ball and roll it that way if you'd prefer.
    • 7
      Roll the rag over the top coat. You'll notice the rag randomly picks up some of the paint and allows the base coat to show through a textured design. Pretty fun technique.
    • 8
      As the rag begins to absorb too much paint or begins to leave clumpy paint on the wall, throw the rag out and grab a new one.
    • 9
      Vary the directions you roll the rag to get an interesting effect and texture.
    • 10
      I hope this helps you to learn how to Do Special Paint Effects called Rag Rolling / Ragging. Thanks for reading!

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