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How to Change Ink on Ink Jet Printer

Changing Ink Cartridges So You Can Print

How to Change Ink on Ink Jet Printerthumbnail
Change Ink on Ink Jet Printer

Hi! Changing ink on an ink jet printer is very clean and very easy. If you have a printer like the one shown, read on to learn how to change ink on an ink jet printer



    • 1
      Buy new ink. Remember the make and model of your printer and go to any store that sells ink jet printer ink. Simply match the make and model of the ink to the compatable make and models listed on the printer ink box.
    • 2
      With new ink in hand, go home and turn on the printer
    • 3

      Open the top of the printer. Be sure the printer IS turned on. If the printer is on when you open the lid, the ink cartridges will automatically slide into an area where you can easily work on them.
    • 4

      Locate the specific ink cartridge that you want to replace. There will be a tab in front of the cartridge. Just press the tab in and lift out the cartridge.
    • 5

      Open the box of your new ink and remove. Then take all of the plastic off of the cartridge.
    • 6

      On the bottom of the cartridge there is a plastic bar/lever. Remove this lever. This will expose the ink, but don't worry, unless you are really rough with the ink cartridge, it shouldn't spill.
    • 7

      Install the new ink. Keep the side where the ink comes out (which is also the same side you removed the bar/lever) down when you install. You should hear or feel a faint click when you install properly
    • 8
      Close the lid and print away!! Thanks so much for reading my How To Change Ink on Ink Jet Printer

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