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How To Change Password On AOL

Make New America On Line Password

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Change Password On AOL

Hi. This seems like a pretty mundane and easy topic until you actually try to do it :-) I've had to change my AOL password a number of times and each time I find it not very user friendly. Read on to learn how to change password on AOL .

Moderately Easy


things you'll need:

  • Internet connection
    • 1
      There's at least two ways to do this. There are probably more, but here's what I've found....
    • 2
      First way... log into AOL
    • 3
      The next page that appears, scroll allllll the way down to the bottom. In tiny fine print (way down, like next to the copy write date) click on 'Customer Support'
    • 4
      This won't direct you to a customer support person, rather it will put on you AOL's 'Help' page .
    • 5
      Under the 'My Information' section, click "Update My Password"
    • 6
      On the screen that appears, you'll see a box with a drop down arrow that will show all your screen names. Select your screen name that you want to change
    • 7
      Then under the section 'Change Password', type in your new password in the 'new password' block and then type in confirmation of this password in the 'confirm password' block. Click Save etc. etc and you are done.
    • 8
      The second way to Change your screen name is to.....
    • 9
      Log into AOL
    • 10
      Click on your MAIL Icon so that you go into your mail.
    • 11
      Upper right side of screen in kind of fine print it says 'settings', click on this 'settings' link.
    • 12
      Then click on 'accounts' link (found under the 'general' link and above the 'compose' link).
    • 13
      An accounts window will appear. In the accounts window look for the word 'Password' next to this word is "Change your AOL password" link. Click on "Change you AOL password".AOL now adds a step.
    • 14
      Answer your security question
    • 15
      Enter your screen name
    • 16
      Enter the 'word in image' code they give you.
    • 17
      Enter your new password, enter 'confirm password', save, etc.
    • 18
      Thanks for reading! Hope these two methods help you understand Change Password On AOL . Feel free to comment. If you have other ways of doing this, I'd be glad to learn them as well. Thanks!

Remember, passwords can be case sensitive !

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