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How to Convert / Calculate Fahrenheit F to Celsius C

Converting Temperature, F to C Easy


Fahrenheit F to Celsius C .... how do we convert this? Believe me, it is not an intuitive formula that you would easily figure out. That said, the formula isn't real hard to remember. Please read on to learn How to Convert / Calculate Fahrenheit F to Celsius C



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      OK! Here we go!! First, what number Fahrenheit are you looking to covert to Celsius ? Lets presume the number is 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Also thought of as 20 F
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      Then, take that Fahrenheit number and SUBTRACT 32. Using 20 F we'd get 20-32 = -12 . Bet you wouldn't have guessed to subtract 32... me neither! :-)
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      Then divide that number by 1.8. Again, another part of this formula that would not just pop into your head :-) Using the figures above you would divide negative 12 by 1.8. here's this part of the formula -12/1.8 = 6.666666
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      Therefore, using our example, 20 Degrees Fahrenheit equals 6.666666. The full formula is C = (F-32)/1.8

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