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How to Do Special Paint Effects Called Sponging

Unique way to finish painting a room

Sponging is where you use a sponge instead of a brush to paint a surface. Sponging is a relatively easy yet exotic way to paint. You'll just need the right sponge and an ounce of creativity. Read on to learn how to do special paint effects called sponging



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      First step is to be sure you have the right base color on your wall. Your base color is simply the color you want to 'sponge' over. If your surface is already the color you prefer then great! Let's get started. If not, paint your wall with brush/roller in order to achieve the base color. Let dry completely.
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      You'll need a sponge. No, not the man-made kind you clean the kitchen with :-) They simply don't work. Buy a natural marine sponge. These are asymmetrical, yellow-brown, natural sponges found in any hardware store.
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      Put your natural sponge in water. Watch as it will expand as it soaks up water. Once it is done expanding, take it out of the water and wring out.
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      After you've wrung it out, you are ready to paint. Dip the sponge into your paint and dab onto the wall you want to paint. Dab lightly. If you press too hard you may smear the paint. Don't worry if it looks too light (keep reading :-)
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      When you have covered your surface, go rest and grab yourself a drink. Let surface dry completely.
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      Look at your work. If you are happy with the darkness of the color and contrast with your base color, awesome, you are done. If you think the 'sponged' on color should be darker, simply reapply paint over the whole surface again using the sponge techniques above.
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      This will make the 'sponged' paint look darker in contrast to your base color. Repeat until you get it to the darkness you prefer.
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      Thanks for reading my how to Do Special Paint Effects Called Sponging article! :-)

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