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How to Fix A Front Door that Won't Stay Closed Shut

Fixing Doors that Won't Stay Closed Shut

Hi! Do you have a front door that just won't stay closed? Does it open even after you give it a good slam? Read on to learn how to fix a front door that won't stay closed shut . This works best with wood door jambs

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      If you find yourself slamming your front door and it still opens at the slightest breeze... if you find you need to 'pull up' on the door knob to get it to latch closed .... if you need to use the dead bolt to keep the door closed, read on, this fix may work for you.....
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      Most likely what is happening is your front door has become slightly looser in the top hinge than the bottom hinges. The door then tilts ever slightly downward just enough to where the latch misses the hole in the door jamb that receives the latch.
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      Essentially, what is happening is the latch strikes just slightly below the hole in the door jamb instead of going into the hole. This is why you might find if you pull up on the door knob, the door closes properly
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      To fix this, first try to simply tighten the top hinge. Tighten it tight but don't do anything that will risk stripping the screw in hole. This will only loosen the door more.
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      I suggest when you do this, only tighten the top hinge. Leave the others alone. By tightening the top hinge only, the door will stand up straight again.
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      If this doesn't work, it is because the screw isn't 'biting' into the wood as well as it used to. To remedy, buy a longer screw (you may be able to get away with just one) and replace the top screw in the top hinge.
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      When switching to a larger screw. Check to be sure you have room to screw the entire screw in. For example, if you have a small window pane just on the other side of the hinge, be sure you have enough room to take the whole screw. Be careful too if there is a light switch or outlet on the other side as well. You don't want to hit any wires. (I'm not sure I've ever had a problem with this, but I just want to be sure you are safe :-)
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      If for whatever reason you can't use a longer screw, see if you can use a thicker screw. The holes in the hinge may tolerate the next size up in diameter.
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      This should help your door to close better. Thanks for reading my How to Fix A Front Door that Won't Stay Closed Shut :-) Hope that helps, feel free to comment. I'd love to hear from you.

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  1. Thank you! I tried tightening the screws, and it seems to be working. I thought it something simple as we recently got a new refrigerator and had to take the doors off the hinges.