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How to Convert Knots To Miles Per Hour / MPH

Nautical Mile (knot) to Mile


Hi! Is sailing in a boat or ship your nautical passion? How about driving a car or a truck? Boat ship truck car ... How do you measure all that speed? Read on to learn how to convert knots to Miles Per Hour / MPH



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      First, keep things in perspective in your head. To do this, understand that a knot is faster than a mile. That is to say, if you are driving 1 MPH in a car or truck and someone is sailing 1 knot in a boat, the boat is going faster.
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      Next, understand that sailing a boat or ship one knot is (very) roughly about 15% faster than driving a car or truck one mile. Sailing 1 knot is the equivalent to driving 1.15077945 miles per hour
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      Determine how many knots are being traveled and multiply that figure by 1.15077945 to determine how fast that is in MPH
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      So sailing 1 knot = 1.15077945 MPH. Sailing 2 knots = 2.3015589 MPH (2 x 1.15077945) Etc.
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      Hope that helps you to understand How To Convert Knots To Miles Per Hour / MPH Now get in that car, boat, truck or ship and sail / drive off into the sunset!

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