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How to Rent a Mail Postage Meter Sealer Mailer Machine

Getting a Machine that Will Stamp and Seal Mail

Whether for home or business , if you send tons of mail , you may decide to rent a machine that allows you to automatically apply postage to letters . Read on to learn How to Rent a Mail Postage Meter Sealer Mailer Machine

Moderately Easy


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      First, determine how fast of a machine you want and how many letters it can carry. Mailers / mailing systems come in a variety of speeds. Determine how many letters per minute you'll need to process.

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      Determine if you want a sealer added to you machine. A sealer will automatically seal your envelopes so you don't have to lick each letter yourself. Keep in mind a sealer can add almost double your monthly rent but is worth it if you are doing scores or hundreds of envelopes

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      Remember that each postage system comes with a postage meter. You can't avoid this and the additional monthly price (usually around $20) is non-negotiable. The US Postal service owns this and collects the rent through the distributor that rents you your mail machine

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      Does the monthly rent cover maintenance costs? It should. Be sure it does.

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      Does the monthly rent cover all training? It should. Be sure it does. A trained technician should come out and take all the time necessary to train the staff using this equipment

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      Does the rent include rate insurance ? Every time the US Postal Service ( USPS ) changes the postal rate there is a charge to upgrade the equipment to the new rate. Rate Insurance is more or less obsolete since the upgrades are no longer mechanical, rather it is a simple download. Never the less be sure there is rate insurance or at least be sure there are no extra charges when a new rate comes through.

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      When you've decided on a price, find out how long it will take to deliver the equipment to you.

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      Determine if they'll ship to you facility for free. In my experience they do. Once the equipment arrives you contact a service rep and they'll come out and install.

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      Look over the lease agreement carefully. Don't be afraid to negotiate terms. An important term is your obligation. Are you obligated on a quarterly basis? Yearly? Monthly? I've had no problem asking for monthly and getting it. I hate the idea of paying rent for any longer than a month after I decide to return it.

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      That's about it. Just some tips above that I hope help out. Thanks for reading my How To Rent a Mail Postage Meter Sealer Mailer Machine article


  1. Hi TurtleDog,
    I wrote a post about my experience with Pitney Bowes postage meter machine. You got a good post here. It's actually saves you money in the long run.

    Thanks for the post

  2. Hey TurtleDog! Thank you so much for this post. I,now, know how to rent a postage meter and that makes me really happy. I keep hearing about postage meter this and postage meter that. I just had to find out for myself what it was all about. I really want to own one for myself though. Think that is possible?

    Thank You again