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What Is The A Next to HubPages Hubs? Learn Here

If you write for HubPages you may have noticed an "A" next to the title of your Hubs.  If you have not noticed this yet, you might want to log into HubPages and then go into your "Hub Statistics" page where all of your Hubs (articles) are listed.

What is the " A " next to the HubPages Hubs?  The " A" means that you have not yet created a unique summary for your article yet.   Sure, you may have created an "Introduction" Hub capsule within your Hub, but this does not count.  You'll need to create a unique summary.

How do you create a summary for your Hub? If you are asking yourself this, you are asking a great question that really is not all that easy to figure out on your own.   I'll take you through the steps:

1. Log into HubPages

2. Go into "Hub Statistics" Page

3. Look at your Hub titles.  If there is an " A " next to the title, click the edit button

4. Now that you are in edit mode, look to the right of your screen where your "settings" and "Tags" are.  Along that same line you'll see "Summary"  Click on "Summary"

5. In the space provided, enter a few sentences that describe your article. HubPages claims that it may improve your article's chances of being picked up by a search engine.  They add that this summary will also be the summary that shows up on the Google search results.

Hope that helps.

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