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Hottest Photo Kim Kardashian Bikini Swim Suit PIcture

Kim Kardashian is without a doubt the hottest of the Kardashian's.  I don't normally book a lot of sexy celebrity pictures but I figured I could not let this one go.

Kim Kardashian is walking on the beach in a two piece white bikini swim suit in Puerto Mita Mexico.

I think most men would agree that Kim Kardashian is the sexiest of the Kardashians (especially when compared to step Dad Bruce Jenner... lol....though Kim's mom is beautiful too)

There are other photos of the Kardashian's star in a green bikini swim suit as well as a pink poka dot bathing suit.  The best photo of Kim by far is the solo image in the white swimsuit, while the other pictures of interest show her kissing, frolicking and holding NBA pro basketball star, Kris Humphreys.

I linked the site below.

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Cross Scripting on Blogspot Blogger - How to Stop IE Message

OK, I am no expert on cross scripting. I do know that one day I decided to experiment with using other templates on one of my Blogger Blogs  and every time I selected a different template design I would get a message stating that Internet Explorer (IE) is preventing cross scripting.

From rudimentary research it sounds like cross scripting can really make your computer vulnerable to PC security risks.  I'd delve more into this but honestly I'd just be plagiarizing Wikipedia so check it out for yourself if you want details.

The more I kept trying to view the template, the more I'd get the IE message telling me the cross scripting is blocked. I wanted to work around this message since it was slowing down my writing process. That said, I certainly did not want to put my PC at risk. I just wanted to continue to work on my blog.

Basically, I closed out IE, rebooted and tried again using Mozilla as my browser.   After that, I did not get any more script messages. Hopefully this isn't some half assed work around that will wind up crucifying me later (which is a habit of mine by the way, self-cruxifiction, that is). 

Soon I reverted back to IE and was not seeing any more warnings using IE either.

Did I do the right thing?  Let me know if you have any thoughts. It did allow me to get back onto my template project.  I have heard that IE can be a little over-cautious when it comes to warnings. This is probably not a bad thing but likely creates a lot of false-alarms. Would love to hear from you in comments below if you have any knowledge on this.

If you are wondering, the templates I reviewed were simply on Blogger's standard, stock, template choices. These were not on some odd ball so-called "Google Approved" third party template website.

I hope that lends some insight.

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The Guy Who Utterly Butchered The AFL Championship Game National Anthem

Turn PC Laptop On Off With Screen Closed


Who Sang in The 2012 AFC Championship - Steven Tyler

OK, Steven Tyler, singer of the American rock group Aerosmith, sang the United States National Anthem during the 2012 National Football League AFC Championship game. 

 The NFL's AFC championship game was a great professional football playoff game.  The two teams opposing each other were the New England Patriots and the Baltimore Ravens.

I was rooting for the Ravens. Joe Flacco went  to college in the tri-state area and like most NJ, PA, Del sports fans, we are partial to 'local' athletes. Because of Flacco, I had reason to Root against Tom Brady's Patriots. 

During the national anthem I managed to find an even bigger reason to root against New England ..... their stadium security

New England's stadium security should have arrested Steven Tyler before he got in the door but they botched the job. Someone in security must have known that Steven Tyler would butcher the National Anthem.  Tyler's immediate arrest would have been justified in preventing such a horrid rendition of US anthem.

Hot Buys on Great Ladies NFL Texans Tank Tops

I'm kidding of course.  Sure, Tyler was there because the NFL invited him, as well as paid him I presume..  No one, not even Simon Cowell would have stopped him at the door.

  I love hard and heavy rock, but I can't think of a situation where a hard rock singer has ever done a stellar job singing the National Anthem.  Sure, some rockers have a good vocal range, can hit those high notes and have occasional vibrato like an opera singer but melodic songs like this one just are not a good fit for their talents.  Steven Tyler's grainy voice against the Star Spangled Banner was like sandpaper on a baby's bottom. The combination of Tyler and "Oh, Say Can You See" made him sound like he needed some cold medicine. That owl screech he made didn't help either.

I shouldn't act surprised though.  Sadly, the second he stood on stage I knew how the performance would turn out. Some things are not meant to turn out.  Lee at Gettysburg comes to mind.

Next time he puts down an American Idol guest, I'll roll my eyes.

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Update Ebay Expired Credit Card Seller Information

“In order to receive uninterrupted service, please update this information.”  I saw this message when I logged into Ebay. I knew it was because I needed to update my expired credit card.

Ebay also gave me a procedure to do this and the instructions stank.
This is more or less how it read: 

1. Go to Home page.
2. Go to My eBay at the top of the page, and sign in
3. Click the "Seller Account" link (below the “My Account in the left navigation menu).
4. Follow the instructions to update your method of payment
This only kind of  works.  I found the instructions kind of vague, inaccurate and a little confusing. The good news is that I think I found an easier way.
If you are having the same problem and can not find where to update your expired credit card information the process I used below worked fine.  Keep in mind, this is for updating your Ebay seller account so you can pay seller fees.  If you are trying to update your PayPal / Ebay buyers account so you can pay for stuff, click here.
1. When you log in go to MY EBAY
2. Then just hover your cursor over the ACCOUNT tab. The account tab is located between your ‘messages’ tab and your ‘applications’ tab. Don’t click on the Tab, just hover over it.
3. In the drop down menu that appears select ‘Personal Information’
4. Page down a bit and look for a section titled ‘Financial Information”
5. Did you find this section? If yes, you’ll see ”Credit Card” in that section. Click “Edit”
6. Go ahead and enter your credit card information. Remember to enter the security code (ie card ID number) on back.
7. Click the “Continue” button, etc
You should be able to take it from there. The rest is easy enough.

Are you having problems communicating with your Ebay customers? Here are some tips that will help keep buyers happy.

Update Edit Ebay / Pay Pal Credit Card Info

Eventually you might need to edit your credit card information on PayPal due to expiration or change of card. You might also need to edit your primary or secondary funding source.

Changing your PayPal credit card via the Ebay website (which eventually redirects to PayPal) can be done by following the instructions below.  Keep in mind that this method is not for changing how you pay your Ebay seller account if you sell stuff on Ebay. That is detailed in another article.  This article is to help you edit your PayPal / Ebay buyer account credit card and/or primary payment information.

Try this:

1. When you log in go to MY EBAY
2. Then click on the ACCOUNT tab. The account tab is located between your ‘messages’ tab and your ‘applications’ tab.
3. Now look to the left side of the and click on “seller account” which is in the menu to the very left of the screen
4. Page down a bit and look for a section titled “Your PayPal Account Information. Don’t click on the ‘Payment Method for Seller Fees” section above this, look for “Your PayPal Account Information”
5. Did you find this section? If yes, Click “Update Profile Summary” which is located below “Automatic payment method”
7. Click Update Profile
8. Log into Pay Pal
9. Now you’ll be in the My Profile screen (if you aren’t go to my account tab – profile )
10. Click My Money on the left side of the screen
11. All your bank account and credit card information should appear. Go ahead and edit your credit card by clicking “update” then “edit”
11. Choose your preferred funding source radio button
12. Click Edit Available Funding Sources
13. Go ahead and edit and then save the information
I hope that helps.  Be sure to check out some of my other TurtleDog Posts

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Block Specific Person From Match Profile - You Can't - What To Do

If you want to block a specific user from viewing your Match profile you can not block individuals at this time. You might think you are, but your can't. is one of the best paid Internet dating sites that I can think of.  I don't represent Match or anything like that, nor am I acting as a marketing arm for this site nor am I bashing it. I just happen to think it is a pretty decent site for the money you pay but it would be nice if they would let you name the users you want to block from checking out your photos and information.

As with any Internet dating site, you can run into situations where there are people you simply do not want looking at your profile.  Maybe it is a a coworker, or ex-boyfriend or ex-girl friend, or maybe just a psycho ? 

There are ways to completely remove your profile from view on I wrote an article on how to do this and it is easy to do but 'completely' removing your profile keeps everyone (even the good people) from contacting you.

If you just want to block a specific, certain, person from seeing your Match profile it can not be done but you can keep them from emailing you. This is the next best thing and can really send a message to that person to leave you alone.

1. Log in to you account

2. Find the person you want to hide your profile from. Open their profile

3. Look on their profile page for the link "Block from Contact"

4. Click on this and they are now blocked from contact. You won't hear from them via email on this site again.

Of course, if you already gave them your cell phone number or personal email, you're stuck for a while. I can't help you on the home email thing but if you gave them your cell number you might be able to block through your wireless provider real quick and simple.

Here's How I Blocked a Stalker Once From Calling My Cell Phone

The site Plenty of Fish also has an option block specific people from emailing you (but they can still view your profile if it is public).  I posted an article on how save yourself some aggravation and keep that person from messaging you. I linked it here.

Block User From My POF Profile View and Email

If you want to block a specific person from viewing your profile on Plenty of Fish ( POF ) you might be disappointed at least as of the date this article was published.  You really can not block specific users from viewing your profile at this time. is set up the same way. You can hide your profile on Match from everyone or and you can stop a specific person from sending you messages on Match but you can not at this time block a specified user from checking out your profile.

Don't fret though. You still have some options on your POF account to keep a problem user away. Here some ideas:

1. You can always remove your entire profile from view. I wrote a post on how to do this.  The upside to this is that no one can see your profile ... however those you've favorited, those that have mail in your mailbox,  people who have favorited you, people you have favorited and, if you've already taken down your profile becareful of this one ... those you contact AFTER you've taken down your profile,

The downside to this, of course, is that while you've hidden your entire profile from everyone, no one will find you.  If you need a break from POF this is great but if you are still searching for love you've essentially taken yourself out of the game.

2. The best way to keep a certain person from contacting your on Plenty of Fish is block them from emailing you.  This is the next best thing to hiding your profile and will definitely send a message that you do not want to hear from this person anymore.  Blocking them from messaging you is easy to do, the only downside being you will need to still have email from the person you want to block.

Here Are The Steps:

-Go to the message that the person sent you and open it.

-Scroll all the way down the page.

-Look for the "Block User" link at the bottom right.

-Click on "Block" User

-Now this person is prevented from emailing you.

Keep in mind that this person 1) Can still see your picture, description, etc. They just can not contact you via messaging. 2) If you have deleted the message or the user never sent you an email in the first place, you will not be able to stop them from contacting you.  I'd suggest, in this case, let them send you a message then "Block User" their butt :-)

Keep in mind if you already gave this person your cell phone number, you'll need to take other action to block them from calling you via your cell phone provider. I did this through Verizon once and it was so easy, I wrote a post about on how to block calls.

I hope that helps.  Here are some other Tips on Internet Dating by TurtleDog

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Hide Your Profile On POF Plenty of Fish Easy

If you want to hiding or removing your profile on Plenty of Fish aka POF is easy to do.  For those of you not aware of POF, Plenty of Fish is a free dating site that just about anyone join.  You just need to create a profile describing yourself and then start searching profiles for that next significant other in your life.

A profile is generally consists of a photo or photos (optional) of yourself and a description of what you are like and what you are looking for.  It can be really revealing, some are extremely revealing both in the pictures and in the descriptions or just a simple description ("I like dining out and the color red, email me sometime." etc)

There are a number of reasons you might consider for taking down your information, at least temporarily, on POF. Here's a couple I thought of but there are many more.

-If you have been on POF a long time you might want to take a break.

-You may have found someone you really like and want to see where things go. Keeping your information up on the site might send the wrong message to this person that you are still 'looking'

One Snafu....You might have someone bothering you and you just want to remove your entire profile from everyone's view until things cool off.  Keep in mind though, if they have contacted you (ie they have mail in your inbox) or have you on their favorites list, this won't work. They can still see you.  It's a weird thing POF does and I'm not sure why.   If someone repeatedly contacts you, can block them from emailing you. Scroll to the bottom of this post and find the link below to learn more about keeping POF members from emailing you.
OK, here are the steps that will let you hide your profile on Plenty of Fish ( POF )

Note... here's an odd update.... as of recently (10/9/13) someone mentioned that you can no hide your profile unless you are an 'upgraded' (ie paying) member.  Isn't that strange?   So you have to pay to hide your profile.  The only workaround I can think for this, without paying,  is to severely edit your profile so no one can find you.  Delete all of your pictures, change your address to the North Pole or something and make other alternations so no one knows you or can find you.  I'd suggest saving on your hard drive, copy and paste whatever, anything you don't want to reproduce in terms of your story, pictures, interests, etc.  

If you are a paid member or if you just want to try without paying, do this:

Log in

Got to “Edit Profile” at top of screen
The page that opens will be a section where you can modify what your profile says.  You should already be on the “Edit Profile” tab but if not click on that tab

Here’s the tough, part, the part where I thought for a moment that  I was going blind.  Find the link “To hide your profile from others click here” and click the “Click here” portion of that link.  I had a tough time finding this but it is really just below the "Edit Profile" tab and next to the text “Hiding your  profile"   

I included an image below to show you the link is (circled) to make your profile invisible.

That’s it.  You are now removed from all searches.


How Occupancy Sensors Work - Motion Detection Lighting

If you want to know how occupancy sensors work, you've come to the right place.  We've been using motion detection lighting and it seems to work well to save energy and provide a little security.  If you want to only have the lights on when they need to be turned on, you may want  consider installing occupancy sensors.  Occupancy sensors allow the lights to turn on when someone enters the room and turns the lights off after it senses no one is left in the room.

Occupancy sensors are used for motion-activated lighting control. The two ways they do this, that I am familiar with, is through the use of passive infrared (PIR) or Ultrasonic Technology (US), or a combination of the two. Regardless of which one you use, the field of view for the sensor must be selected and adjusted so that it responds only to motion in the space served by the controlled lighting.

Ultrasonic  works a certain area by sending out ultrasonic soundwaves.  The outbound US sound waves first emit throughout the room / area then reflect back off of objects after "striking" them.  The US is able to measure these frequencies.  When it senses a change between the emission (going out) of the wave's frequency and when it reflects (return) it turns the lights on.

Passive Infrared technology is different.  It can tell if someone (or something) is in the room based on heat.  PIR  basically looks at the heat being generated in various spaces throughout an area.  The various spaces are not random. PIR basically subdivides the area using special lens.  When the emission of heat differs from one space to the next, it can be presumed that someone is walking through that area. This would turn on the lights.

Combinations of both technologies can be used to exploit the benefits of both.  PIR is great for 'big' movement such as running down a hall, whereas US is better suited for subtle movement (such as things you'd do while sitting at a desk).  PIR reliability is reduced if there is something blocking the space. US is not affected by obstructions (thought I admit, I'm not sure why).

That is a simple overview and, honestly, the total extent of my knowledge on this subject. I found it interesting and hope you do to. Feel free to comment.

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Turn PC On Off With Closed Shut Laptop Lid

I have a laptop computer that is connected to an external monitor and wireless keyboard and mouse.  I use in dual screen mode so I keep the laptop open for my 1st screen and the external monitor on as my 2nd screen.

When I close my PC laptop the computer goes into sleep mode and the external monitor goes black.  When I want to start using my computer again, I just open the laptop up and I can start my session again.

It raises an interesting question.The laptop I use, HP Pavilion, do not have an external power switch.  If I want to keep my laptop closed all the time and use only the separate keyboard and screen, what should I do?  In other words, how would I power up my PC with the lid closed?  

I can see why people can do this.   Having a computer laying at your feet or on top of your desk takes up space.  If you want to fold up your lap top, stow it some where under your monitor or on a bookshelf, leave it there,  and still be able to type on your desktop monitor you save some room.

I have to start by admitting I am not an expert on this subject but I gave it some thought after a great commenter asked on one of my Hubpages posts how to turn on and off your laptop when the screen is folded down.

I remembered a woman at work uses a laptop all the time on her desk but never opens it.  She  runs a planar monitor and HP keyboard off it while it is closed.  I asked her how she turns it on and off.  She says she has it hooked up to a docking station and powers it up from there.  I never used a docking station but I saw right away that there is a power button on it that allows her to turn the PC on and off.

So that is one idea, get a docking station.  Make sure you talk to the store tech first or do some research to determine the right one for you.

Another thought is to succumb to the fact you can not turn it on while shut but you can put your PC into sleep mode and take out of sleep mode with the lid closed (with external monitor and keyboard). Sleep-on and sleep-off is as close as I can get to power-on and power-off with the the laptop shut. If you need to learn how to keep your PC running while closed, I explain how to do this in detail on a post I wrote on HubPages  The unfortunate part about this method is that it does not exactly answer the question of how to "power up" with the screen closed. 

A third idea, and this might be a whimsical one, but are there any PC keyboards that have a power button? Feel free to comment below if you know of one.

Hope that helps. Please Check out some of my other posts.

How To Find What Printer Port You Are Using

Take a break from computing and do these Easy Mental Magic Tricks on Your Friends  Kangaroo Trick  and Card Trick

Set Up Blackberry Conference Call When Already on Phone

Some phone conferences are unscheduled. You receive an urgent call and instantly realize that you need to get a third person on the line immediately. There is simply not enough time to check for an appointment.  Maybe you have an important client and you need to get him on the phone with you and your boss right away?

Set Up BlackBerry Appointments Faster

It could even be a scenerio at home.  You have a troubling call from your daugher and you want to get your spouse on the phone so the three of you can talk it out.  That sort of thing.

I admit, my Blackberry experience is very limited. I do not own one but got thrown into using one while on the job.   I was handed the Blackberry and it was an important call that I really did not have the authority to the give answers.  I needed to patch in someone who could give the right answers to the questions I was being asked.

I needed to know fast how to do a conference call while I was already on the phone. I never set up a teleconference on any phone before so I was really stumped.   Fortunately, a coworker was able to guide me through the process.  I was able to go from two of us to three of us so all three of us were on the phone at the same time.

These are the steps I followed:

4. If the third person picked up the phone all you have to do is "connect" the two people and you'll have yourself a three way conversation.

Use That Blackberry Trackball To Check Appointments Like a MadMan

I hope that helps. Like I said, I'm not a champ at this since I don't use this equipment on a full-time basis but I thought this was easy to learn and a very handy tool.

6.  I'm told you can repeat steps 1 thru 5 to add more people but only if your service allows it.

5. You can either click the trackwheel or hit the menu key and "join" the two people right from the menu.
1. Let's presume you are already talking to the first person (if not, call that individual from your Blackberry)

2. Then click the Menu Key or the Trackwheel and choose "New Call" . If you do not see "New Call" it might be called something else. Two other possibilities I can think of are "3-Way Call" or "Conference Call"

3. Then either choose one of your contacts or (and this is what I had to do, yuk!) figure out the third person's telephone number and type that number in.  When you have either chosen the contact or entered the number go ahead and hit the "Send" button

Find or Change Printer Port I Print To

If you want to find the specific printer port you are printing to or if you want to change the port on your PC that you print to you have come to the right place.

I got all messed up recently using my HP Photosmart D110 printer.  This printer is connected to my router network but for the all the gold in the world I could not fix the fact that it simply would not print anything. Everything looked great and connected when I ran some of the diagnostics but nothing would print. After a lot of trial and error I was able the troubleshoot the problem without essentially murding my PC network (barely)

On of the attempted fixes called for me to check my printer port name. The problem was I had no idea what my printer port was called . 

I eventually found my port name and other port info listed on my PC. Finding the description of my port in no way helped to me fix my printer but it was handy to know.  I've noticed the help desk team at work sometimes enter this area for other printer troubleshooting and it might be useful to know this someday.

I use Microsoft Windows 7 Home but this probably works on other MS versions or is close enough to help you out.  Go to Control Panel - Hardware and Sound - Devices and Printers.

Then find your printer icon on the screen. Right click on this icon and choose "Printer Properties" (hey... do not click on the one that just says "Properties" make sure it says "Printer Properties) then - "Port" tab - Then look to the the center of the port tab, page and scroll down until you see a box checked. This is the port you are currently using.

How to Find Your Printer IP Address

If you are changing, adding or deleting ports you can do so from this screen.

How to Find Your Router Pass Key / Password

Enable Java on Lotus Notes

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog.  I hope this makes your life a little easier.  Please check out some of my other posts and let me know what you think.  I hope it helps.

If you like this article, please share it. I Facebook and Twitter 'share' buttons are at top of this page.

Where Do I Find My Printer's IP Address

If you have a wireless router set up and your printer is on you PC network then your printer will have an IP address.

I recently ran into an issue where I could not get anything to print on my HP Photosmart Printer D110.  It was quite an exercise in patience for me to figure out what was wrong with it but I eventually was able the troubleshoot the problem without causing great bodily harm to myself or to my computer.

On of the tests called for me to take a look at my printer's IP address. The problem was I had no idea where to find this.  I may have written it down a long time ago but I sure could not remember if I did.

There are actually a couple different places to find this information

1.  Your Computer.  I'm on Windows 7 but this probably works or is similar to other versions.  Go to Control Panel - Hardware and Sound - Devices and Printers.

Then find your printer icon on the screen. Right click on this icon and choose "Printer Properties" - "General" tab - Then look to the "location" field and you'll see your IP number.  Note you only need to know the number/decimal portion . The "IP=" is just for clarity.

2. Your Printer Can Tell You.  This is an easier way to check but I figure you might not be using the same printer as me and the "Your Computer" might be more universal.  I use an HP Photosmart D110. The easiest way for me to check IP address is to go to press my 'wireless' button twice and when on the wireless screen (on your printer not on your PC monitor), you'll see the IP address at the top of your printer's screen.

3. You can also address by running a wireless network test report right from your printer. On my printer I follow the same steps in #2 above and then I scroll down to "Run Wireless Network Test"  A page will print out showing your IP address (as well as hardware address, network name, configuration source, etc).  If you are only looking for the IP, then this is a bit redundant since you will already be able to see it without going through all this.

How to Find Your Router Pass Key / Password

Enable Java on Lotus Notes

Thanks for Stopping By! I really appreciate it.  I love to blog on topics that hopefully make your life easier.  Whether it be movie reviews, at home tips, computer troubleshooting, just about anything. Please stop back and check out my blog from time to time.

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How to Find Your Network Key Code Router Password

If you run into an issue where you need your Network Key Code you might find yourself scrambling to see where you wrote that passcode down.  This password is needed from time to time when you are working on or setting up your computer network / wireless router.

I last needed the Network Key Code when I found myself running into problems printing wireless on HP Photosmart printer.  I could not seem to connect to the router, had issues with ports and other connection issues. The solution I found required me to enter this pass code and I was beside myself.  It had been so long since I used this password that I had forgotten it.  Even worse, I discovered that I never wrote the code down somewhere in case I forgot it.

I figured I was among thousands of PC users who had lost their own key codes in the past so I wasn't too hard on myself.  I also figured that it must be on my PC somewhere.

It was certainly was!

Here is where I found the code. Keep in mind I am running Microsoft PC Windows 7

Go to control panel - network and internet - network and sharing center

Next to the phrase "access type connections" click on the link "Wireless Network Connection"

-A window will pop up - click 'wireless properties' button

When the next window pops up, click the 'security' tab at top. Within this tab your network security key will appear in the center of the window.

When Will My Wireless Mouse Batteries Run Out of Power? Learn Here

If it appears like all dots ****** check off the box "Show Characters" and the dots will be replaced by your Network Code and it will appear.

Now you are the master of your wireless router computer network again.  I hope that helps!  Please check out some of my other posts. I'd really appreciate it!

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Get Free Water Filtration Cooler Systems or Bottle Coolers

Bottleless Water Cooler
"Bottle Water Coolers" or "Bottled Coolers" are those water coolers with those big tanks or jugs on top.  If you haven't seen them at your own workplace, you may have seen them in movies where workers are standing around them gossiping about the boss or whatever.
5 Gal Jugs For "Bottle" Coolers

"Water Filtration Cooler Systems" is really just a fancy way of saying water cooler  that do not have the bottle on top of them.  Don't mistake these water coolers for those old junky, metal water fountains you'd find down the hall of some hospital or bus stop. These coolers look just like the coolers with bottles described above but they, of course, have no bottle. Water comes from your local plumbing but this cooler has a filter system that cleans the water.

There are ways to get these bottle and bottleless fountains for free.  We'll sort of....

The ones with the jug on top you can definitely get for free or for very little rent if you drink lot of water.  Keep this in mind if you are buying these on behalf of a  company or  institution (maybe even your home ) where you are using a lot of water bottles.  If you plan use a lot of water bottles, shop around and ask local bottled water companies how many bottles a month will you need to buy in order to get a cooler unit or units at no charge.  Their money is made by you drinking water and paying by the bottle. They are in the business of selling bottled water. They might 'give' you the fountain in exchange for knowing you'll buy  a lot of water fromthem. If plan to purchase jugs frequently, ask them upfront if you can get a unit for free (no rent).  You might get lucky and get one at no charge versus buying one or paying rent.

Bottleless filtration systems... OK, I might be lying when I say you can get these for 'free.'  Bottless water filtration coolers you will never truly get at no charge. Companies that provide this equipment make a profit both selling and renting these units.  That said, renting one might be the better alternative to spending a lot of money upfront to buy.

Is free possible? Maybe. If you are a charitable institution, a poor school or some organization that can generate  some public sympathy, you might be able to get the cooler company to waive the charges if they can get some good PR (public relations) out of it.  I can't promise this though.  

No charge or not, before you go and spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars up front for this type of water fountain, check into renting first. You might be able to rent at a fraction of the cost of purchasing.  

If you are going to need multiple fountains, negotiate the rent to a lower price.  Also try to get the installation charge for free and see if they will do the filter changes for free. Make sure any service charges come at no charge.  Negotiate, negotiate. Don't be afraid to ask.

Need some help with negotiating?  Here are some tips to keep in mind

So, OK, which is better to buy or rent or whatever? Is a bottless cooler better than a bottle cooler?  I wrote an article on the topic and linked it here. I have a lot of experience with both types of water systems. Check it out and see what is right for you to have in your home or office
Learn Some Typical Negotiation Tactics - Click Here


How to Find the North Star in the Northern Hemisphere

How to Find the North Star in the Northern Hemispherethumbnail
Find the North Star in the Northern Hemisphere

Finding the North Star is not only an important introduction to astronomy but it may also help you find your way home :-). Please excuse my illustrations but hopefully they help you to locate the North Star in the Northern Hemisphere . Please read on....

Moderately Easy


things you'll need:

  • Clear and dark night
    • 1
      As mentioned in my introduction, please excuse my illustrations (I did the best I can)...
    • 2
      Keep in mind that the North Star is NOT the brightest star in the sky. People often say this but it isn't true.
    • 3
      If you live in the northern hemisphere (which you do if you live in the USA), this Ehow will best serve you....
    • 4
      During Summer, Spring and Fall in the Northern Hemisphere you can easily find the north star by locating the big dipper.
    • 5
      The big dipper is the dipper shaped (or even 'P') shape picture I've drawn above. Sorry it was so fuzzy. I used to have these pics on eHow but when they closed their writers program it was tough to transfer here. Gaze at the Summer, Spring or Fall night sky and find the star constellation shaped as shown.
    • 6
      Note the star I have the dots (........) drawn next to on the big dipper. When looking in the sky, find that same star in the big dipper, then follow your eyes to the adjacent star. This is the north star.
    • 7
      If you are looking at the night sky in the winter, the rules change....
    • 8
      The big dipper will be visible during the winter since it will be below the horizon out of your view. During the winter you need to find Cassiopeia.
    • 9
      Cassiopeia is an "M" Shaped Constellation (or "W" shaped if you'd prefer). I show this in my illustration above.
    • 10
      Again, please note the star I have the dots (........) drawn next to leading to the North Star.....
    • 11
      When looking in the winter sky, find that same star in Cassiopeia, then follow your eyes to the adjacent star. This is the north star. Again, keep in mind that it is not the brightest star in the sky.
    • 12
      Facing in the direction of the North Star will put you in a pretty close direction to North. Try it on your next clear night. Remember, summer, spring, fall... look for the Big Dipper. In Winter, the big dipper won't be visible, so look for Cassiopeia. Have fun and good luck!!

      Again sorry for the picture quality. Will fix sometime when I figured it out :-)
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