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Block User From My POF Profile View and Email

If you want to block a specific person from viewing your profile on Plenty of Fish ( POF ) you might be disappointed at least as of the date this article was published.  You really can not block specific users from viewing your profile at this time. is set up the same way. You can hide your profile on Match from everyone or and you can stop a specific person from sending you messages on Match but you can not at this time block a specified user from checking out your profile.

Don't fret though. You still have some options on your POF account to keep a problem user away. Here some ideas:

1. You can always remove your entire profile from view. I wrote a post on how to do this.  The upside to this is that no one can see your profile ... however those you've favorited, those that have mail in your mailbox,  people who have favorited you, people you have favorited and, if you've already taken down your profile becareful of this one ... those you contact AFTER you've taken down your profile,

The downside to this, of course, is that while you've hidden your entire profile from everyone, no one will find you.  If you need a break from POF this is great but if you are still searching for love you've essentially taken yourself out of the game.

2. The best way to keep a certain person from contacting your on Plenty of Fish is block them from emailing you.  This is the next best thing to hiding your profile and will definitely send a message that you do not want to hear from this person anymore.  Blocking them from messaging you is easy to do, the only downside being you will need to still have email from the person you want to block.

Here Are The Steps:

-Go to the message that the person sent you and open it.

-Scroll all the way down the page.

-Look for the "Block User" link at the bottom right.

-Click on "Block" User

-Now this person is prevented from emailing you.

Keep in mind that this person 1) Can still see your picture, description, etc. They just can not contact you via messaging. 2) If you have deleted the message or the user never sent you an email in the first place, you will not be able to stop them from contacting you.  I'd suggest, in this case, let them send you a message then "Block User" their butt :-)

Keep in mind if you already gave this person your cell phone number, you'll need to take other action to block them from calling you via your cell phone provider. I did this through Verizon once and it was so easy, I wrote a post about on how to block calls.

I hope that helps.  Here are some other Tips on Internet Dating by TurtleDog

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