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Turn PC On Off With Closed Shut Laptop Lid

I have a laptop computer that is connected to an external monitor and wireless keyboard and mouse.  I use in dual screen mode so I keep the laptop open for my 1st screen and the external monitor on as my 2nd screen.

When I close my PC laptop the computer goes into sleep mode and the external monitor goes black.  When I want to start using my computer again, I just open the laptop up and I can start my session again.

It raises an interesting question.The laptop I use, HP Pavilion, do not have an external power switch.  If I want to keep my laptop closed all the time and use only the separate keyboard and screen, what should I do?  In other words, how would I power up my PC with the lid closed?  

I can see why people can do this.   Having a computer laying at your feet or on top of your desk takes up space.  If you want to fold up your lap top, stow it some where under your monitor or on a bookshelf, leave it there,  and still be able to type on your desktop monitor you save some room.

I have to start by admitting I am not an expert on this subject but I gave it some thought after a great commenter asked on one of my Hubpages posts how to turn on and off your laptop when the screen is folded down.

I remembered a woman at work uses a laptop all the time on her desk but never opens it.  She  runs a planar monitor and HP keyboard off it while it is closed.  I asked her how she turns it on and off.  She says she has it hooked up to a docking station and powers it up from there.  I never used a docking station but I saw right away that there is a power button on it that allows her to turn the PC on and off.

So that is one idea, get a docking station.  Make sure you talk to the store tech first or do some research to determine the right one for you.

Another thought is to succumb to the fact you can not turn it on while shut but you can put your PC into sleep mode and take out of sleep mode with the lid closed (with external monitor and keyboard). Sleep-on and sleep-off is as close as I can get to power-on and power-off with the the laptop shut. If you need to learn how to keep your PC running while closed, I explain how to do this in detail on a post I wrote on HubPages  The unfortunate part about this method is that it does not exactly answer the question of how to "power up" with the screen closed. 

A third idea, and this might be a whimsical one, but are there any PC keyboards that have a power button? Feel free to comment below if you know of one.

Hope that helps. Please Check out some of my other posts.

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  1. I definitely think the sleep-on, sleep-off option will work well for my entertainment center laptop setup. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Thanks Boone for adding your thoughts! Thanks for stopping by. Glad it may help

  3. I think it may be extreme but I'm about to disassemble the laptop and take the power button out so I can get to it with the lid closed, it will certain devalue the laptop but I didn't pay for the one i will be using and it is already like Frankenstien's monster already

  4. I have a Logitech MK320 wireless keyboard which has a Fn F8 key (PC on/off) which turns the laptop off. Hence you should be able to program a key on any keyboard to do this. It doesn't seem to turn it back on again however. At work I use a docking station to operate the laptop and never have to open it (unless travelling of course).