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Change or Mute Camera Shutter Noise on LG Fusion Cell Phone

If you get tired of hearing the same old noise that your LG fusion cell phone makes when you take a picture you have found the right post to change that sound.  Your LG fusion default camera application allows you to choose from a few different shutter sound tones. This post will teach you how to do it. It’s pretty easy.

 You can also mute the LG cell phone camera noise. A lot of people struggle with disabling the noise the camera makes when taking a picture. It is easy to do but not easy to figure out at first.

Let’s look at changing the tone of your camera shutter first.

This explanation will have you hearing a different sound next time you take a picture for sure.

To Change Sound When Taking Pictures  

Step 1
Put your LG Fusion phone into camera mode by pressing the camera icon on your home screen  

Step 2
When in camera mode, look for the gear / sprocket icon that is on the touch screen. On my phone it is on the upper left side. Press this icon  

Step 3
A menu will appear. It will have various options such as timer, screen mode, effects, white balance, etc. Look for “Shutter Sound” You might have to scroll down by swiping the touch screen if you don’t see it.  

Step 4
Several different tones will appear on this screen. Sample them and select by touching the tone of your choice.  

How to Mute the Camera Noise When Taking Pictures

If you don’t want to hear any noise when taking pictures on your LG Fusion Phone, you’ll need to try a different process. This, unfortunately, is not very intuitive to do but once you figure it out it is super easy.  It is odd but when shooting photos the LG fusion phone won’t let you mute the camera sound while in camera-mode. 

Rather than reinvent the wheel here, I wrote a separate post that will teach you how to disable the LG camera picture sound. Check it out.


Compacting Regaining Memory After Deleting On Lotus

OK, you are working on Lotus Notes and your email memory is completely full. That is, if you don't start deleting emails you won't be able to save sent mail, store new appointments, etc.  You delete enough email so that you are that you are now below the maximum mb / gb threshold (learn to tell how many more emails you need to delete here) but you still can't save anything.

This post will teach you how to compact and regain memory after deleting on Lotus Notes.  If you don't have the rights to do this assigned to you by your IT department you won't be able to do this.  That said, these steps will show you what to do and, in addition, help you determine if you have rights to file compacting or not.

Step 1
Click on FILE in the top left corner of Lotus Notes. The drop down menu will then be visible
Step 2
In the drop down menu, put your cursor over the word DATABASE. To the right a menu will appear.
Step 3
Click on the word PROPERTIES on this menu
Step 4
A “Database” window will pop up. You’ll see a row of little tabs. Click on the lower case “i”tab
Step 5
Just under the “i” tab, you’ll see“Disk space” . Just under “Disk Space” you’ll see “Documents” Do you see it?
Step 6
Next to “Documents” you’ll see a “Compact”button. Click that button. If your button is not visible or if it is and cannot be clicked then you need to contact your IT help desk. As mentioned above, you might not be allowed to compact your own mail depending on your IT department's computer policies.

I hope that helped you with Compacting Regaining Memory After Deleting On Lotus

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How to Change Passworld on MLB.TV

Changing or updating your password on MLB.TV won't be something you have to do everyday but every so often it helps to change your log in information.  You might update your login for security purposes or simply to make your passcode more easy to remember.

Steps to editing your Major League Baseball television login password is as follows:

Step 1

After you log in click "My MLB.TV" at the top of the page

Step 2

Click "Profile" in the options that drop down

Step 3

Under "Account Information" you'll see the word "Password"   Click "Change"

Step 4

Go ahead and change your password and save changes.

That's it!  I hoped that helped you learn How to Change Passworld on MLB.TV.  Please check out some of my other posts here on TurtleDogs Blog.

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How to Delete Remove Icons on Cell Phone - LG Lucid Andriod

Deleting icons off your smartphone touch screen is easy to do. This post will show you how to remove any unwanted icon easy.

I use an LG Lucid Smartphone that is powered by Android so this post best suits that cell phone. That said, I'm sure you can use this information for many other phones as well.

I first started deleting icons when I noticed I was getting a ton of spam ads in the form of icons.  Turns out certain apps use certain adware to put unwanted ads on your phone as icon ads.  I wrote an article on how to stop unwanted ads on your cell phone if you want to learn more.

Removing these icons manually is easy to do and I'll show you how in the following steps:

Step 1

Power up you wireless phone of course and navigate so that the unwanted icons appear on your touch screen.

Step 2

Press and hold down the icon for a second or two.  On my phone it will vibrate a bit and then you'll see a trash can appear. My trash can appears at the bottom of the screen.  Keep holding down the unwanted icon.

Step 3

Drag the icon down into the trash can.  It should disappear from your cell phone screen.

That's it! You are done.  You've eliminated the icon you no longer want and have freed up some extra space on your touchscreen.

I hope that helps.

Deleting Entire Apps From Your Cell Phone

Have an app you no longer want around any more. If you want to remove an entire application from your cell phone you will need to uninstall it. This will remove the entire app as well as the icon. I wrote a post on uninstalling apps here. Check it out.

Be sure to check out some of my other posts. Thanks for stopping by! Hope I helped teach you how to delete remove icons on cell phone !

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