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Removing Uninstalling Apps From LG Fusion Cell Phone or Other Wireless

OK, my guess is that you have downloaded a bunch of apps and found that you no longer want them on your phone anymore. It is likely that you either hate (or simply no longer want) the application or you need to open up some additional memory space on your cell phone. I’ll run through how to remove / uninstall apps.

This works for my LG Fusion (android) wireless phone so if you have that type of phone this method will work. If you have another kind of phone, it might work as well. Try it and find out. There are two ways you can do this, I’ll run through both. Heres the first way to get an app off your cellphone.

 Step 1
Press the “Apps” icon on your touch screen. Mine is in the lower right corner

Step 2 
Then look for your “App Manager “ Icon located under “Tools” on your touch screen. Press “App Manager” 

Step 3 
Now look for the “Download” Icon/button on the screen that appears. This shows at the top of my cell phone touch screen. Press “Download” 

Step 4 
A list of all your downloaded apps will appear. Press “Uninstall” Follow rest of prompts and your application will be off your phone.

There is also another way to erase an application off your wireless phone. I feel like there are more steps to this method but in some ways it is a little more straight forward.

 Step 1
See the button in the lower left corner of your LG Fusion? The one with the square on it? Press it
Button on lower left
 Step 2 
Then press “Settings” (You should be able to find it easy but if not it is the icon with the sprocket / gear under the word “settings” 

Step 3 
Scroll to and press the “Applications”button 

Step 4
Press “Manage Applications” 

Step 5  
Press “Downloaded” (you should already be on this tab but if not, press it) 

Step 6 
Choose your app that you wish to uninstall by scrolling to it and pressing it 

Step 7
Press “Uninstall” Follow rest of prompts then you are done.

Thanks for reading I hope this helps you with Removing Uninstalling Apps From LG Fusion Cell Phone or Other Wireless

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