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Lotus Notes Out of Office Message Won't Disable or Enable

If you are trying to go away on vacation  or leave the office for an extended period of time with no access to email, you will definitely want to enable your away message on Lotus Notes Mail to indicate you are not available via email. Here's a post to learn how to put your out of message on if you don't know how.

Conversely if yo have returned to the office you want to be sure you disable your out of office message so that people know you are back. 

Let's make sure you are disabling properly before we look at another way to fix your problem. To Disable, first be sure you are in any screen that allows the “Tools” button to show in the top right corner of your Lotus Notes screen (inbox, send, junk mail, trash, etc views will all allow you to see the “Tools” button)Click the “Tools” button

In the drop down menu that appears select “Out of Office”The window that appears should read “Enabled”at the top. If so, look to the lower right of that window and select“Disabled”Another window will appear that will ask you if you are sure you want to disable your vacation / away message. Click yes and you are all set.

OK… now, what is probably happening, the whole reason you are reading this article, is that your vacation message is not turning off (ie it isn't disabling).  In other words, if you go back into tools-out of office again, it still says “Enabled” This is a problem since people still think you are still away from work when you really are. (The opposite, of course, is true if you are still getting the “Disabled” message but want to “Enable”)

Chances are you are already getting warning messages about your lotus running out of file space / memory. This is what is preventing your from turning on and off your away message.

To remedy, delete all of the emails (sent, inbox, junk, trash) that you no longer need. If a particular email is taking up a large amount of memory and you still need it, consider saving it to your hard drive, network, CD, etc, etc first before deleting  You want to get rid of as much mail as possible.  Essentially, your Lotus Notes file space is so full that even a simple action like disabling or enabling the out of office message will not save.

You might need to contact your system administrator to determine how much mail you need to delete or just wing it and get rid of as much as you  can starting with the largest sized files.  Here are some great tips on deleting excess mail from Lotus

Keep deleting and then trying to enable  / disable (don't forget to empty your 'trash' bin and junk mail). If it isn't enabling / disabling, delete some more.

Hope that helps! Thanks for reading!

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