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Best and Most Famous Movie Bikinis - Bikini Swim Suits in Film

There are some very famous sexy movie bikini scenes that have become an iconic image to (male) film lovers.  Some of the famous actresses images in these bathing suits, such as Rachel Welch, are decades old, while others are more recent.

The bikini scene in Fast Times at Ridgemont High is the one I most easily remembered but when I clicked through this bathing suit bikini photo gallery, I was surprised at how many I remembered

Here is the post I found. Check it out.

Best Film Bikinis - Click Here

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Improve Hershey's Payday Peanut Bar with Easy Chocolate Fondue

Make Hershey's Payday peanut bar taste better by combining with chocolate fondue.

If you aren't aware of what chocolate fondue is, chocolate fondue is basically melted chocolate that you dip your favorite fruit, such as bananas and strawberries in.

I had a revelation regarding Payday bars and chocolate fondue lately and think I have really hit on something.  For those of you who ever ate a handful of movie theater popcorn, then took a bite of a chocolate bar you'll appreciate what I am talking about.   A payday bar is very salty and peanuty (caramel too) .  Combine it with chocolate and really puts a great taste into an already delicious Payday bar recipe.  If you are not familiar with the flavor of Payday bars, I did a review and linked it below. Please check it out.  

If you want to try adding a chocolate fondue to your payday bar, try this:

Step 1

Buy a bag of snack sized PayDay .07 ounce (19 gram) bars and a 12 ounces of milk chocolate (either buy a chocolate bar and break it up or get a bag of milk chocolate morsels)

Step 2

Put the chocolate into I'd say a two quart pan and put on really low heat /simmer.  Then pour in two thirds cup of half and half.  Stir over low/simmer heat until the chocolate has liquified into the half and half.

Step 3

After the chocolate is melted. Take off heat.  Using tongs, dip your Payday bar into the chocolate.  Let chocolate cool on bar and harden. Then eat!

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How to Play Best Ball On Golf Course

One Great Golf Game for Beginners

The game of golf is difficult. Understanding the game of best ball is easy. It is the perfect game of golf to play when you have a beginner in your group and you want the game to move at a fast pace. It is also a good game since it saves the beginner a lot of embarrassment. Read on to learn how to Play Best Ball on Golf Course



    • 1
      First understand that this is a team sport. So select your teams. Be sure that each team has the same amount of experienced players as well as beginners. Keep things evenly matched.
    • 2
      As in any golf match, allow everyone to tee off. Beginners have a harder time following a golf ball, so I suggest the more experienced players try to keep track of where their beginner teammates ball lands. This will help the beginner and keep things running smoothly.
    • 3
      Once tee off is completed. Evaluate where all the golf balls have landed.
    • 4
      Determine who hit the best ball. That is, determine not only who it the furthest, but determine who landed the most desirable shot.
    • 5
      Jump in the golf cart and collect all the golf balls your team hit except the golf ball that has landed in the best location.
    • 6
      Once the golf balls are gathered, arrive at the golf ball that you have deemed the best ball or the best shot.
    • 7
      Use the location of this best ball as the location for everyone else to shoot their next shot.
    • 8
      Everyone on your team again hits their golf ball from this location.
    • 9
      Determine the best shot, collect all the other 'weaker' balls, and then each golfer swings again from the best ball location.
    • 10
      Repeat this throughout your enter round of golf on the course. Always agree on the best shot and everyone else on your team shoots from that 'best' position.
    • 11
      When you play this on the golf course you'll find this is a great game for beginners. The novice golf player doesn't feel left out and the game moves along quickly.


What is Prisoner's Dilmena - Learn About Prisoners Math Game Theory

I often heard of prisoner's dilemma but wasn't exactly sure what it was.  I knew it was a basic game theory model. I knew it was basically two prisoners faced with a choice that would determine their length of sentence. The sentence for each prisoner varies depending on:

1) If neither turns each other in,
2) If both 'tell' on one another
3) If one 'tells' and the other keeps silent

I found a decent and easy to read explanation of Prisoner's Dilemma. This explains Prisoner's Dilemma in a simple to understand way.  Check it out. I have linked it below.

Prisoners Dilemna Game Theory Explained

Good Movie Based on Prisoner Dilemna Game Theory - Return To Paradise

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Ornithology Location For Ornithologists Looking For Bird Viewing Shelter in PA

If you are an Ornithologist, aka bird watcher, you may be accustomed to being wet or cold outside while watching your favorite species of birds. Working in the field exposes a bird watcher to all of the elements that nature can throw at you.

There are places where a bird enthusiast can escape the elements.  Various nature parks and bird viewing vistas occasionally offer a birder a bird blind.  Bird blinds typically provide a shelter for a birder.  Bird blinds often have four walls, a roof and occasionally, even a place to sit.  Blinds are constructed so that a birder can watch without disturbing the birds in their natural element.

There is a bird blind right in Norristown PA where birders can take shelter from the elements, stay dry, keep the sun off their head and keep from scaring away more timid birds and other creatures.

I have linked an article below that I wrote on this subject.  It is a nice little bird blind in an easy to get to park in Montgomery County, PA.
Find This Nearby Bird Blind in Montco, PA - Click Here

There is Also a Trout Pond Right Next to This Bird Blind. See Linked Below


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Is It Easy to Remove USB Card Reader from Port Without Damaging Data ?

The easiest way to remove a USB card reader from your computer is also probably the most risky way.  Simply pulling out the memory card reader from the port will make a techie help desk gasp. I have never experienced a problem pulling a USB memory card reader out of the port without putting it into safe mode, but do not do it this way.   Why take the chance when it is so easy to put this device into safe mode and then take out of your PC computer with no risk.

You can easily remove this device safely without damaging any data.  The actual time it takes is just a few seconds. Literally a couple clicks and you can safely pull out the USB card reader no problem.

I wrote an article that gives you stepby step details on how to remove this device. I have linked it below 

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Get Added Excel Columns Rows To Print on One Page

Have you ever added a row or column to an Excel spreadsheet only to find that you can not get it all to print on the same page?   Adding a column or a row to an Excel document is one of the most basic and frequent thing that you will do on this spreadsheet program.

If you find that you can not get the entire page to print out on Excel, it is likely that you have added new cells and it is only those rows or columns that are not printing out.  For example. so  you open an Excel document and the bottom of the document stops at row 33.  You add one more row and now the bottom is column 34.  Chances are, if your spread sheet will not print on one page, it is only row 34 you are missing.

To fix this, you are basically going to make adjustments to the page break border via the page break preview screen.

I wrote a detailed article on this subject and have linked it below. Check it out.

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The Difference Between Major League Baseball Minimum Wage and Minor League Lowest Salary 2011

The difference in salary between a Minor League Player and a Major League players is a lot of money.  Both MLB and the minor leagues have set minimum salaries that a player can earn in each respective league.

The MLB minimum salary ranges in the hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.   The minor league baseball ( AAA ) salary ranges only in the tens of thousands of dollars.
According to CBS sports  ( ) the MLB minimum salary that a player can make is $414,000.  Currently, for 2011, a minor league baseball player who is part of a forty man team or has played at least one game at the Major League level can make a minimum of $67,300 per year.

The difference in salary between a MLB minimum wage and minor league minimum wage is $346,700 per year.
This is an increase from last year.  I linked a bookmark below that delves a bit into the pay increase from 2010 to 2011.  Check it out.

Of Course Now All That Has Changed. A new Collective Bargaining agreement was signed late 2011 and now the minimum salary for MLB is different, click here to see how much they earn in 2012

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Planter's Peanuts Founder Founded Planters in Where - Learn Here

Amedeo Voltejo Obici is the original founder of Planter's Peanuts.   According to the Suffok, Virginia web  site I have linked below, Amedeo Voltejo Obici was born  an Italian Imigrant who came over to the United States and settled in Virginia.

The founder of Planters Peanuts, Amedeo Voltejo Obici, started the business in Scranton, Virginia and took on a partner,Mario Peruzzi. The peanut production operation soon moved to Suffolk, Virginia.

I've always enjoyed Planters Peanuts, so I figured I share this information to let you in on a bit of Planters history. I hope that it helps you to better understand where Planters came from and who the original owners of the company are.

Have you ever snacked on a Planters Peanut bar?  I decided to wrote a  review on this candy bar. I wrote a review and linked it below on Planter's Peanut Bars.  The peanut bar in a lot like peanut brittle and is a fun snack.

Check out my review sometime below.

Fun, Easy to Read Review of Planter's Peanut Bars? Is This The Greatest Peanuts Candy For You? Check it Out! :-)- CLICK HERE

Suffolk Virginia Website

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How Does Iron Mountain Shred Service Work When Shredding Documents

I am a user of Iron Mountain services but I do not represent the company, nor am I trying to sell their record security services in any way.  I am just giving you a very basic overview of how their shredding service works.  Some people might not be sure what the process is for having documents destroyed by Iron Mountain, hopefully this will help give you a general idea. I strongly recomment contacting them though for more details. I'm just sharing how I see it based on my experience.

Iron Mountain is a company that helps other companies secure sensitive documents against information theft.  They typically deal with businesses and government documents that need to be kept from public view.  Two of the ways they do this is by storing sensitive documents at their secure facility.  The other way is by destroying documents.  I will discuss the destruction or shredding of the documents here.   This will be a real basic overview.

One service that Iron Mountain provides is the shredding of sensitive documents. There are a number of ways that Iron Mountain can service your shredding needs.  I'll just get into how they do it for my company.  
Essentially you set up a service agreement with Iron Mountain.  You'll set up a shredding account.  I won't bore you with details on this but there will be a contract involved.
Iron Mountain then provides you with containers that you will put in designated areas in your company.  You will get to choose the container that is right for you. The containers are locked and have a slot you can put documents into.  In this slot you will only put documents that you wish to get destroyed.  Documents you don't need destroyed can go into your common garbage (or normal recycling) bins.
The way it works is that you put your 'secret' documents into these bins. Once they are in the bin, no one can get them out without a key. Then Iron Mountain will come out either when called or on a set schedule and pick up the contents.  They then shred the contents.
At first you'll want to estimate how often your bins will fill up.  Your Iron Mountain representative can help you with this.  Try to estimate the right number of bins in the right locations.  Basically you'll want those bins to be close to full every time they come out, since you get charged a fee for every pick up.  At my company, I have them come out twice a month as it seems once a month the bins are overflowing and three times a month they don't get a chance to fill.  Your situation may differ .

If you accidentally throw out something you don't want destroyed (I had a guy lose his wallet in one of these bins) typically one or few people  at your company will be assigned a key and/or combination by Iron Mountain.  This key will allow access to the bins.

Iron Mountain then picks up as scheduled.  They either pick up the contents of the bins and destroy in a giant shredder right at your facility (called an "on-site" shred) or they pick up the contents and take the contents away to an Iron Mountain facility for shredding (called an "off-site" shred)

That is basically how it works. There are more nuances to this but that is the gist of how Iron Mountain's shredding service works when shredding documents.

I wrote a couple articles that will be helpful to those who already use Iron Mountain and linked them below.  Some tips on using IM Connect, which is Iron Mountains on line customer service system.

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When Is My Next Iron Mountain Record Destruction Shredding Appointment Pick Up

Your next Iron Mountain Shredding appointment can basically occur in two ways:

1) You call and they'll come out within a few days to pick up your documents for shredding

2) You have them on a set schedule and they come out based on that schedule.

Often these set schedules are weekly, bi weekly, monthly, etc.  Whatever you have set up with your Iron Mountain (IM) representative.  

If you aren't sure of your next pick up date, look on your most recent IM secure destruction/shredding  packing list. On your IM packing list  there is a section on it called "Next Pick Up"    Next to, "Next Pick Up" is the date when they are scheduled to come out again.   If you do not see this on your packing list, then there is no pick up scheduled and you'll need to call.

You can also check their on line computerize system IM Connect. I wrote an article on that subject and linked it below.

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Out of Work Purchasing Agent But A Member of Institute of Supply Management ( ISM ) Stay Involved

Are you looking for work as a purchasing agent or supply chain professional?  If you are still a member of the Institute of Supply Management ( ISM ) don't let your membership run out without staying involved. It might land you the next be supply chain job.

I don't expect you to continue to pay your dues on your own if you have been laid off.  It might not be a bad idea to keep your dues up if you can afford it, but I am aware membership dues are expensive. If you are like me, you are probably used to your employer paying your ISM fees for you. If you do not have a job, this is a steep added expense.

That said, as long as you are a member, keep attending those ISM dinner meetings.  Volunteer on some of their projects too if you can.

Why?  Honestly, above all else, you'll be in contact with other people employed in your field.  Succeed on some projects and you'll get noticed by others.  Even if you don't volunteer on projects, at least attend the free educational dinner meetings. The free dinner meetings are filled with other purchasing, procurement and supply chain professionals that have a job.  These people might be able to give you a lead on a new career.

You will also be able to show prospective employers that you are staying involved with your career path  in spite of being unemployed.

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ISM Speakers Dinners Good For Supply Chain Purchasing Networking

I attended an Institute of Supply Management meeting recently and found the speakers to be pretty good.  They shared their insights on respective supply chain, procurement, purchasing topics in and interesting and competent manner.

After the speakers, the meal, the desert and some chit chatting with other procurement professionals I drove home. Along the way I thought about the event, how the food tasted and what I learned from the speakers.   Was the event worth my time?  Yes it was and I could have gotten even more out of it besides a few lessons and a free meal.  I just wasn't thinking.  I should have spoken more with others in the audience.

A tremendous benefit of any ISM dinner meeting is the networking.  Meeting others that work in the supply chain field just like you do.  These people often work in similar settings managing the same supplies, logistics, inventories and other duties that you do.  The ISM Educational dinners provide a great resource to meet these people and get some great tips on getting ahead in your career.  Often these new found colleagues can provide you with the information that you can not just look up on line.  

The best part is, these folks will tell you the nuts and bolt you want to hear.  Not some weighty textbook filled with theory (not a bad thing) but rather direct info such as, what suppliers they use, how do they meet inventory turns, how do they manage logistics, etc.

ISM speakers and dinners are good for networking with supply chain, purchasing, procurement professionals.

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Who Manages The Website Where Harmonized Schedule B Codes Are Found? Learn Here

Ever wade through the tons of information provided by various US government websites? There is no doubt that the amount of information US government provides is prolific. The real headache comes in finding exactly what you want.

It seems the various .gov search engines and the way the information is categorized can be confusing and difficult to sort through at times.

If you are looking for Harmonized Schedule B commodity codes for commodies you are importing or exporting overseas for the first time, I'll tell you right now, you are probably looking in the wrong place.

You are probably navigating through some commerce site or customs site or something that sounds remotely related to international trade.

The reality is that the US Census bureau manages the site where the Harmonized Schedule B codes (HS tariff code) are found. The census bureau collects and manages this data and makes these commodity codes available on their website.
I wrote an article on finding these codes through the United States census bureauI have linked it below.  I hope it helps. It helped me a lot

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