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Get Added Excel Columns Rows To Print on One Page

Have you ever added a row or column to an Excel spreadsheet only to find that you can not get it all to print on the same page?   Adding a column or a row to an Excel document is one of the most basic and frequent thing that you will do on this spreadsheet program.

If you find that you can not get the entire page to print out on Excel, it is likely that you have added new cells and it is only those rows or columns that are not printing out.  For example. so  you open an Excel document and the bottom of the document stops at row 33.  You add one more row and now the bottom is column 34.  Chances are, if your spread sheet will not print on one page, it is only row 34 you are missing.

To fix this, you are basically going to make adjustments to the page break border via the page break preview screen.

I wrote a detailed article on this subject and have linked it below. Check it out.

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