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Improve Hershey's Payday Peanut Bar with Easy Chocolate Fondue

Make Hershey's Payday peanut bar taste better by combining with chocolate fondue.

If you aren't aware of what chocolate fondue is, chocolate fondue is basically melted chocolate that you dip your favorite fruit, such as bananas and strawberries in.

I had a revelation regarding Payday bars and chocolate fondue lately and think I have really hit on something.  For those of you who ever ate a handful of movie theater popcorn, then took a bite of a chocolate bar you'll appreciate what I am talking about.   A payday bar is very salty and peanuty (caramel too) .  Combine it with chocolate and really puts a great taste into an already delicious Payday bar recipe.  If you are not familiar with the flavor of Payday bars, I did a review and linked it below. Please check it out.  

If you want to try adding a chocolate fondue to your payday bar, try this:

Step 1

Buy a bag of snack sized PayDay .07 ounce (19 gram) bars and a 12 ounces of milk chocolate (either buy a chocolate bar and break it up or get a bag of milk chocolate morsels)

Step 2

Put the chocolate into I'd say a two quart pan and put on really low heat /simmer.  Then pour in two thirds cup of half and half.  Stir over low/simmer heat until the chocolate has liquified into the half and half.

Step 3

After the chocolate is melted. Take off heat.  Using tongs, dip your Payday bar into the chocolate.  Let chocolate cool on bar and harden. Then eat!

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