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How to Play Best Ball On Golf Course

One Great Golf Game for Beginners

The game of golf is difficult. Understanding the game of best ball is easy. It is the perfect game of golf to play when you have a beginner in your group and you want the game to move at a fast pace. It is also a good game since it saves the beginner a lot of embarrassment. Read on to learn how to Play Best Ball on Golf Course



    • 1
      First understand that this is a team sport. So select your teams. Be sure that each team has the same amount of experienced players as well as beginners. Keep things evenly matched.
    • 2
      As in any golf match, allow everyone to tee off. Beginners have a harder time following a golf ball, so I suggest the more experienced players try to keep track of where their beginner teammates ball lands. This will help the beginner and keep things running smoothly.
    • 3
      Once tee off is completed. Evaluate where all the golf balls have landed.
    • 4
      Determine who hit the best ball. That is, determine not only who it the furthest, but determine who landed the most desirable shot.
    • 5
      Jump in the golf cart and collect all the golf balls your team hit except the golf ball that has landed in the best location.
    • 6
      Once the golf balls are gathered, arrive at the golf ball that you have deemed the best ball or the best shot.
    • 7
      Use the location of this best ball as the location for everyone else to shoot their next shot.
    • 8
      Everyone on your team again hits their golf ball from this location.
    • 9
      Determine the best shot, collect all the other 'weaker' balls, and then each golfer swings again from the best ball location.
    • 10
      Repeat this throughout your enter round of golf on the course. Always agree on the best shot and everyone else on your team shoots from that 'best' position.
    • 11
      When you play this on the golf course you'll find this is a great game for beginners. The novice golf player doesn't feel left out and the game moves along quickly.

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