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Outlook Messages Not Going to Sent Bin

I ran into a situation where my MS Outlook emails were not being sent and I was noticing that even after sent it, they were not appearing in the sent bin. If your outgoing emails are not going to sent bin and recipients are not receiving be sure to check your OUTBOX folder. The outbox folder link can be found along the left side of your Outlook screen in the same place where you can link to / open your trash, inbox, etc. etc.

Unfortunately,  I do not have a quick and easy way to fix this issue permanently (though it does seem to have gone away with what I wound up doing).  This doesn't seem to be something that I am able to trouble shoot on MS Outlook .  Seems to be a bug.   

That said, I was able to resolve the problem of Outlook messages not going to the sent bin. It is not a fancy answer and an infant could probably do it.  Remember how we all try the reboot to fix something.  All I did was reboot the entire computer (shut down and start back up)  and slowly (say over the course of several minutes after reboot) by outbox emails slowly de populated and went to the sent bin and were received .


Create Outlook Email Template For Repeat Saved Form Mail

Hi!  So you want to create a an Outlook email template where the same words / text stay the same every time your open it up.  These templates, aka form emails are easy to do but I admit Outlook isn't quite intuitive to use if you are a first time user like I was (we migrated from Lotus Notes to Outlook 2010 so I too had a lot to learn).

This works best for MS Outlook 2010 but likely works for other versions as well.