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Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta is Real Name of Lady Ga Ga

What is Lady Ga Ga's real name?  I'll just tell you right now. Why not? It is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. 

There! I let it out. The secret identity. The actual first, middle and last name of Lady Ga Ga.  I heard somewhere that a lot of people where looking this up so I jumped on the bandwagon and decided to add a blogger post on what the birth name of Lady Ga Ga is.

For those you you spelling it "Lady GaGa " rememeber to put a space between Gaga next time ("Ga Ga") LOL!!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Please check out some of my other TurtleDog posts.  PS... TurtleDog is not my real name either!  It's not Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta though, that would be quite a mouthful.

Thanks again! 

Source of Lady Ga Ga's first legal name


Chart House Philadelphia Restaurant Review

I ate dinner at the Chart House restaurant in Philadelphia and really enjoyed it.  I read a lot of mixed reviews on the place. Some good and some bad. In all fairness to the Chart House and other restaurants, I find a lot of us bloggers tent to write bad reviews to be vindictive toward bad service rather than for the sake of writing an objective review.

I assure you my review will be very objective and overall positive.

The Dress Code

In short, I wore a very nice deep dark blue button down shirt, dress slacks, nice shoes and dress belt.  I felt very at ease in this attire.  The restaurant suggested "smart casual" and my outfit fit the bill fine and was similar to what other guests where wearing.  A couple guys had jackets.  I saw one customer wearing a suit.  Some did wear jeans but the jeans were of the dark, pressed-looking, 'dress up' or 'fashionable' jeans.

The Food

The food rocked.  Two of my friends got the prime rib.  The Chart House is noted for its seafood but the prime rib I tried from their plates was simply out of this world delicious. I thought is was as good as the Prime Rib restaurant in center city Philly.  Very tender, not a lot of seasoning but simply a wonderful high quality beef flavor.

My other buddy got the Ahi Tuna.  Also delicious. Wonderful meaty quality done simply to perfection

I got the swordfish.  Honestly, I was a little disappointed in the size of this fish, but that may be because this fish is becoming rare (and, hence, I probably should have  avoided anyway). For $30 the cut was the size of my palm.  It was very tasty though and part of my disappointment may have stemmed from the fact that nothing could live up to that prime rib.

The dumplings that came on the side were not too hot either.  Don't get me wrong though, I very much enjoyed the quality of the meal.

The View

I should have mentioned this first.  The view of the Delaware river at the Chart House is spectacular.  If you go for anything, go for the view. Wonderful.

The Service

Very good service.  I've been disappointed in the watered down service in Philly  likely due to the boom of restaurant industry and competition for available (ie sparse) talent.  The Chart House service was terrific. Mostly young, good looking servers and had everything under control.

The Inside

The inside of the restaurant is very nice, bordering on the elegant side.  It has an old-school sort of sophistication to it. Arching isles, grand piano, leather (pleather?), awesome waterfront views.  The lounge had somewhat dated but appropriately cool chairs that look out onto the Delaware.  The dining room has tables somewhat close together but I still felt private, padded chairs, white table cloth and, again, great views.

The Price

I consider it a bit expensive but considering food quality and location, not unexpected.. For my financial standards (hey I blog which means I make about a dollar a day :-) I'd consider it a special occasion place (birthdays, get together, meaningful date, holiday, celebration) and not an everyday price. Everyday would be nice though.  Figure dinner in the $30 to $40 range.  I had two drinks at the bar, one at my table, swordfish, no desert, no apps and espresso afterward. My bill came out to about $90

To Sum Up

Go to the Chart House.

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Printing Only Part of Web Site You Want on IE7

If you use Internet Explorer 7 you might want to keep this printing tip in mind.  If you only want to print just a portion or section of a web site or web page you are in luck.  Instead of throwing away miles of paper from your printer, you can just isolate the area of a web page and print out that section instead of the whole thing.

The article that I have linked below was written by me on HubPages. HubPages has some really well written articles. If you like to read or write great articles, check out this site by clicking below. The article linked below will teach you all about printing only part of the web site you want on Internet Explorer 7 ( IE7 )

Click Here to Learn How To Just Print The Info You Want

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Reduce A WebPage So It Prints On One Page

Ever try to print out a web page or a portion of a webpage and it comes out on mulitple sheets of paper?

Does this make you and your computer cry?

Does you printer pump out way too many pages when printing something on a webpage?

Cry no more, you can easily get a web page all on one sheet. I explain how to do it in the article linked below. The article is tailored for those who use Internet Explorer ( IE ).

Check it out. I wrote the article on HubPages, which is just a terrific site for great articles and making money writing your own if you are interested in that.

How To Get a Web Page On One Sheet

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Making an XPF Document (saving one) Without Clicking Print

Creating an XPF document, or saving one I should say, on your PC computer's hard drive can be done an number of ways.  One way to accomplish a XPF document save is without going through your print command. You can save an XPF to your computer without clicking print.

Not exactly the most thrilling subject of course :-)  but definitely one I can answer.  This post is a bookmark to an article that I wrote on HubPages. HubPages is a great site for reading terrific articles and writing your own as well.  Check it out.

Making an XPF Document (saving one) Without Clicking Print

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Creating PDFDocuments on Windows Without Clicking Print

There is more than one way to save a document as a PDF. One way to put a file on your hard drive as a PDF will allow you to using the print command altogether.

As you are probably familiar, often when save Adobe PDF's by going through the print command and creating it that way. The method I describe be found in the link below.

I'm not entirely sure of the motivation for not using the print command but I have heard that there might be discounts in the licensing agreements for using this feature.  No idea if that is true or not.  Could this method possibly make it less likely for someone to use Windows XPS instead of Adobe PDF?  Can't say I know.

Check out the article below

Click Here to Save as PDF Without Print Command

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Do Less Cleaning of Pails and Drums Easy

If you are constantly cleaning your pails and drums you know how costly and time consuming this can be. Getting down into a large drum or slopping out dozens of messy pails is quite a mess. 

Depending on the type of chemicals that your store in your drums or pails, you might be able to avoid cleaning them all together. Or, you might be able to drastically minimize the amount of time you spend cleaning these out.

I wrote an article on reusing pails and drums.  This might not work for all applications. It especially depends on the type of chemical you are using, how compatible it is with certain materials, etc, etc.  Be sure to check with an authority on what your application actually is.  That said, check out the article I wrote on this topic.  I have linked it here and also linked it below:

How to Reuse Pails and Drums Easy

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Where Can I FInd a New Car Window Handle Crank ? Learn Here

Anyone can replace a broken car window crank. If you find that thing that you grab when you roll down your car window to be broken, don't race off and waste your money at an auto repair shop.  The local car mechanic is not the answer here.

Many car window cranks can be found at auto repair stores. There is typically a section of the store dedicated just for these handles or cranks. The come in a variety of colors or sizes.  If you find that the store does not have the 'roll up' handle you need, they can typically order one for you.

You might be able to save some money by going to a junk yard and finding a new or definitely used handle. For an item this cheap though, you might wind up paying as much at the junk yard as you would just ordering it new yourself. That said, some junk yards are as sophisticated as many auto parts stores with computer indexed inventory, new parts, good service, etc.

Another option, and I have replaced two window crank handles using this method, is buying them on line.  I bought both of mine on eBay but there are other sites out there  as well that can provide you with a door handle crank to fit your exact needs.

When buying a window crank, you'll need to remember a few things. I'll list them below. If need be, take some notes first before going to the store or checking online.  Here they are:

1. Know the make of your car

2. Know the model of your car

3. Know the year of your car

4. Check out the color of your old handle. Actually... this is important.  I swore I had a gray window crank only to discover after I bought it that I really needed a black crank.  I put it on anyway, my car is really old.

If you want to learn how to install the window crank, I did an article on this very topic and linked it here as well as below. Check it out!

Repair and Replace Window Crank Handle on Car Door


Find Verizon Internet Bill Statement For Tax and Other Records

I'm not sure if I can get a tax break from blogging using my Verizon internet and phone bill or not. An accountant told me I might be able to but I would need to print my bill and statements. (Please note, this article is not internet charges/blogging tax advise, I still need an accountant to run through that with me. I am not a tax expert, I'm just showing you how to produce the phone and internet bill statement :-)

I get email notification from Verizon each month regarding my internet and phone charges. I usually do not look very closely at this information so over the years I pretty much even forgot how to access and print my bill statement from Verizon.

Turns out this is easy to do, it just took me a little trial and error to get there. Hopefully, this article will have you accessing your verizon account in no time. This article will be most practical if you have never printed out, and rarely look at your Verizon internet charges. This might not work for everyone depending on how you have your account set up, but this is how it went down for me:

Step 1

Go to

Step 2

You'll be taken to My Verizon

Step 3

Look for the log in area

Step 4

Go ahead and log in using your Verizon username and password

Step 5

It might take a minute to bring up all your internet and phone account information options but when it does appear, click on the "view bill" link under "Account Actions" section.

Step 6

You will now be on the "Account Summary" page.  From here you can pretty much slice or dice the information however you want.  For my record purposes, I like to print out a one page hardcopy of the info.  You can also elect to save as PDF, etc.  but I print it out. To print our your billing statement......

Step 7

Look for the "Bill Statement For" box, click the drop down arrow.  Then select the billing statement date you want to print out. Then click the "Change" button.

Step 8

Then click the "Print and Download" link.  The select "Print this Page"

(note that there are a lot of other cool options you can do here as well such as sending to Excel, downloading to financial programs, etc.  We'll just concentrate on printing here. :-)

Step 9

Your Verizon online billing statement will appear on your screen, simply print out as your normally would.  You'll be a nice, concise one page print out for your records.


eHow WCP Log In to See Earnings? How? Learn Here

Any old eHow writers out there?  Are you having trouble logging in so that you can see the revenue you have earned?  Are you seeing the 'new' beta ehow site and can not sign in?

There is a URL available at least for now that will allow you to get in and see your earnings. I posted the link below. Some people think that the Facebook user log in is for this. I found that logging in through Facebook is really more just for readers who want to 'friend' each other on eHow. Facebook is not the nuts and bolts site to check out your earnings and account info.  At least from what I see so far.

I was on the eHow writer's compensation program for years. When Demand Media took over eHow and decided to do away with 'unedited' submissions and go to an edited format, they showed some good foresight and may have saved them from the volatile algorithm change by Google.

I still get earnings from eHow even though I do not actively participate. For this, I am eternally grateful to Rich the long time eHow moderator and to Demand Media which owns the site.

If you want to see your earnings and other account info on eHow, at least for now, click here or click on the link below:

This link will get you to the familiar 'old' page you are used to seeing.  This might not last for long, but I hope it helps for now until I find out more.

UPDATE!!!!!!   Here is the latest from ehow just a few days after I posted this.... here is the site they said to go to

If you hear any more news or updates on this, please let me know.

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Do You Need a Fishing License Permit to Fish in PA?

You better believe you do! As of the date this article was written (March, 2011), you need a fishing license if you are under the age of 16 in Pennsylvania. Don't take this as legal advise though as things change and I don't want you to get in trouble. Here is a site to check out for the official rules of obtaining a license to fish - Click Here

You can obtain a state of PA fishing license at just about any sporting goods store that is a licensing issuing agent, county treasurer office and fish and boat commission office.

I found that the easiest way to fish legally in Pennsylvania is to purchase a license right online.  It is really easy to do and you can print the license (and applicable trout, salmon, etc stamps) right on your printer.

I wrote an article on how to obtain a PA fishing license online.  You can buy one right from the comforts of your printer. No driving to the store or waiting in line.  The article is linked below:

How To Obtain PA Fishing License Buy Online Easy

If you get a chance, please also read some of my other TurtleDog posts.


You Can Not Bookmark Your Own Article Blog Posts On Xomba

First, I want to start off by saying that Xomba is a really great site.  It doesn't have the more sleek look of a Hubpages but it is a cool site to read great articles and bookmarks.  It is a great site to write for as well.

That said, the last thing you want to do on Xomba, at least as of the date of this article (2011), is to bookmark your own article posts.  If you are writing articles on a 'get paid to write' platform or have your own personal blog, Xomba does not want you self promoting your own work via bookmarks.

I'm not entirely sure if this is because Xomba is being overrun with self promotion and they want to clean up their act, or if they know something (such as a penalty) in the works with the new Google algorithm that was recently released.

Simply put, if you write an article, just like the one I'm writing right now, and you bookmark it under your Xomba account, you are at risk of having your account suspended.  That said, as of the date of this article, it is all right to bookmark the work of other people if you genuinely believe that people will find it interesting and your summary supports the article with original content.  Original content is not just repeating what is in the article. For example if you were to bookmark this article (which, by the way, I'd love you for doing so,) you could not just write in your summary, "This is an article explains that Xomba no longer allows you to bookmark your own work...." etc. etc.

If you want to learn more about Xomba, I did write a review on the topic a while back.  I also updated it recently to discuss some of the info above as well. I have linked he article below

Is Xomba a Scam? Nah! A Xomba Review

My Home is a Dirty Filthy Mess Where Do I Start Cleaning ?

If your house is a dirty, filthy, mess and you think it is a cleaning job that will never get done, you might just want to sit back a minute and gather your thoughts.

Just like in professional sports, cleaning your home, especially a complex, large and messy clean up, requires some organization and strategy before you even pick up a broom or cloth.  The more you plan, the faster and more clean your home will be.

I wrote an article on Hubpages on this very topic. Hubpages is a great site for reading articles on a wide variety of topics. It is also not a bad site for earning revenue writing your own articles.  The article that I have linked below will show you the best tips for organizing the job ahead of you.  Check it out and start cleaning your home.

Best Organizing Tips for House Cleaning Jobs

If you get a chance, please also read some of my other TurtleDog posts. I'd appreciate it a great deal.


Easy Way to Center Label Text Print on Your PC Windows Computer

One thing that is nice about Microsoft Word 2007 compared to older versions is they way you can easily position text on a labels before printing it out.

There are nine different positions you can align the print, including the center.

It is pretty easy to do. If you are accustomed to other older MS Versions, you will find the look of the screen to be different.  That doesn't mean the process is harder though, it just means that you'll have to get used to a new way of navigating the alignment commands.

I wrote an article on Hubpages that tells you how to reposition the label test print on your PC.  Hub pages is a great site for reading some really good, slick looking articles as well as writing some of your own.  Check out my article and let me know if it helps.

How to Position or Align Label Text on Microsoft Windows Word 2007 Labels

Please read some of my other TurtleDog posts as well if you get a chance. I'll love ya for it :-)

Printing Labels the Easy Way on Windows Office Word 2007

Windows Office Word 2007 has a different look from previous MS versions.  When I upgraded from an older MS Office Word to 2007 I was at first confused when it came to printing labels.  Not that printing labels on this version is difficult to do. Anyone can run a label or sheet of labels on MS 2007. It is simply the layout or the appearance that might make navigating the commands feel a little different.

I wrote an article about making labels on MS Word 2007.  I posted it on HubPages and hope that you enjoy it.  HubPages is a great site for reading terrific articles and writing your own great articles too.   Check it out. I have linked it below.

How To Make or Print Labels on Windows Word 2007

I've done a few other posts to that should direct you to other articles related to creating labels.

Odd Shaped Labels:  This post will show you how to print a label that has a shape not shown on the Word manufacturers template. Have an out-of-the-box shape? This might help

Centering / Aligning Label Text :  How to get the print on your labels centered or aligned (left, right, top, bottom, corner, etc) properly.  Alignment makes your label look more neat and organized

I hope that helps!  Please check out some of my other posts on TurtleDogs Blog.  Thanks


Pecan Pie Missing from Store Shelves! Where the Heck Did all The Pecan Pies Go ?

For the longest time I had no idea where the frig all my pecan pies were going.  At a certain time every year all of the pecan pies would be missing from the store shelves. Why is that?  Where are all the pecan pies?

Then, mysteriously, all of the pecan pies would suddenly appear again months later.  They would sit the on the supermarket shelves as if they had never left at all.

Do these pie fly south for the winter?  Is this a migratory pie or simply a pie that hibernates so deeply that they can not be found?

I did some research on the topic and even went so far as to contact a couple popular, national brands to find out why the pies where missing.

I now know why I can not find pecan pie. Click the link below to find out more.

I Know Why I Can't Find Pecan Pie

Put Cash in The Bank By Using Old Newspaper Again

Some people are spenders of money, some people are savers of money.  If you want to be in the category of saving money and cutting costs you might be able to hold onto some cash simply by reusing some of that old newspaper laying around the house.

Yeah, I know.  No one, I mean no one buys newspaper anymore right? Wrong actually! :-)    There are still plenty of subscribers to daily newspaper. Not as much as in years past, but still plenty.   If you are one of those people still buying the daily news in print, you might be able to put all of that excess newspaper to work for you.

I wrote an article on how so put cash back in the bank by using your old newspaper again.  I linked the article below.  I hope that you find it helpful. Feel free to comment if you have any tips of your own to add.

Thanks for stopping by. Please read some of my other TurtleDog posts. I'd appreciate it a great deal.

Save Money By Reusing Newspaper At Home