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Why Famous Amos Chocolate Chips Does Not Taste Like Home Made Family Recipes

The Kellogg's-owned Famos Amos Chocolate chip cookie has been around for decades.  Rumor has it, that is was inspired by a home made, family recipe.

I have had the privilage of eating a Famos Amos chocolate chip cookie quite a few times. There are a lot of pros and cons to this popular made in the USA snack food. One of the cons I'd say is that, while tasty, the Famous Amos chocolate chip cookie does not taste like a recipe my mother would have made.

Not that my mom was Juilia Child, but I do know what a chocolate chip cookie made from scratch tastes like.

There is a certain rich, freshness to a homemade chocolate chip cookie.  They have that wonderful fresh, sweet, smell.  The are so wonderfully rich that eat the first few too fast and you need to take a break and let the sweetness settle

  They often so soft and gooey. Just pull apart a fresh baked cookie and watch the warm chips stretch apart so beautifully.

Plus, home made cookies seem to have that certain secondary flavor or oven-baked aftertaste to them that is so pleasing.  Think a sweet toastiness that lingers a bit after you've had a cookie or two.

Famous Amos does not have any of these qualities. While it is a pretty good cookie, it lacks that homemade freshness.  They are hard and offer a lot of crumbs when you bite into one.  I don't sense any family recipe at all, rather, they taste a lot like the mass produced Chips Ahoy cookie.  A great cookie by the way, just no family recipe flavor.

With that in mind, I can't say all bad things about Kellogg's Famous Amos cookie. Kelloggs still puts out a good snack food.  I wrote a review on the topic on Squidoo and linked it below.  Check it out if you get a chance.

My Review of Famous Amos Cookies

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How to Print In Draft to Make Faster MS Word Docs and Use Less Ink

If you want to create faster documents on Microsoft Word you might want to try printing while in the "Print in Draft" mode.

I have to admit that I have not scientifically measured whether Print in Draft mode works when it comes to speeding up process of printing out MS Word documents.  I haven't measured the speed on a stop watch or taken great care to log in my printer and PC's performance while printing in this mode.

I also have to admit, that I can't say that I have scientifically measured how much ink the Print In Draft mode has saved me.  I have a hard time telling if I am saving ink at all.  Yes, it is reported throughout the internet that Print in Draft will cause your computer to use less toner / ink and, hence, save you money.

Have you tried it?

I wrote an article on Squidoo that will show you how to go into MS Word and set up documents to "Print In Draft"  Check it out. I have linked it below:

Learn to Print in Draft on MS Word and Save Toner Ink

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Friendly Way to Drive Traffic to a Web Site Without Spamming

If you enjoying posting on line you know the value of driving traffic to what ever website or blog platform you write for.   No one wants to post on the internet and not be read.

There are ways to increase the amount of reads your articles get without spamming.  It basically involves getting to know those who are posting on the same sites that you belong to.
How do you get to know these folk?  Start participating on their posts. Leave comments and link to the good articles. 

 Discover ways for you to get more involved on sites you belong to.  Before you know it, you will start to drive traffic back to your own articles.

I explain this more in detail in the post  I linked below. Check it out.

Direct Traffic to Your Site Without Spam - Learn Here

Good Bookmark Site to Build Traffic - SheToldMe Review

I've got tons of articles on the web. While I am not an SEO genius, I have tried out a number of sites and do manage to scratch a few pennies a day :-)  If you have any questions, let me know. Please also read some of my other TurtleDog posts if you get a chance.

Take Out USB Drive From Computer Does it Damage it?

If you want to take out the USB drive from your computer you can simply take it out. People do it all the time without any physical harm to the computer port or the drive itself.  I do not recommend simply taking it out though.  While it is true that I have pulled it out many times myself without incident, I have heard other horror stories of lost data.

Lost data seems to be by far the biggest complaint.   It seems as though it can take a while for your system to write data between then USB drive and your computer.  If you don't put it in the "safe" mode there is a chance that things haven't finished "writing" and you'll lose your saved information.

I wrote an article that will show you how to take out a USB drive from your computer.  I have linked it below.

Best Way to Take Out USB Drive from PC

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Getting Service From NetFlix - Good Help - Yep! What Do You Think?

Who's Behind That Magical Peeps Marshmallow Recipes ? - Learn Here 

Find Stuff on Your Hard Drive Faster With This Tip - Learn Here

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SheToldMe (aka She Told Me ) Since Google Algorithm Panda Change 2011

I thought I would do a very brief article on my experience with SheToldMe since the Google algorithm change (aka Panda) that took place in 2011.

At least as of the date of this post, a lot of my Adsense earnings were reduced since the change.  In some cases I am now only making pennies on sites where I was making dollars prior to the changes.

Some sites though have held up pretty well.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that my SheToldMe account is still earning some Adsense revenue.  I don't think the earnings are quite as consistent as before, but the overall earnings are about the same.  Prior to Google's changes I was making a small amount every day. Since the changes, I might not make something every single day, but when I do get paid, I am seeing enough income to make up for the days when there are little to no earnings.  That might not have anything to do with the changes Google made though. It could just be the ebb and flow of traffic.  Regardless, I'm still making money.
I am still seeing a decent amount of traffic directed from She Told Me to my other posts on different sites as well.  This is exactly what I hoped for with SheTold Me.  It is a great site for easily bookmarking / backlinking and driving traffic to other sites.

Overall, I am pleased that She Told Me seems to be holding up fine in spite of the recent changes.  At least with regards to my account.

Get Paid to Bookmark / Backlink - Review of

She Told Me Sign Up - Click Here

Get High Quality Free Pictures For Your Blog Posts - Review of Free Photo Site Here

Keep Your Laptop Closed But Still On - Learn How Here

Hook Up Two Monitors to PC So You Have 2 Screens - Learn Here

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Add Commas to Excel - Format Cells

Add commas to Excel cells when you want to separate zero's to make numbers easier to read.  These commas are commonly referred to as thousand-separators. 
When you add commas (aka thousand separators)  to Excel cells, you will make it a lot easier for people to understand the value of the numbers.  For example 10,000,000,000 is a lot easier to read than 10000000000.

Basically, adding commas to Excel is real easy.  It is just a simple cell - number format.

I wrote an article on how to add commas to Excel.   Check it out.  I have linked it below.

Add Commas To Cells - Click Here

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Keep Labels From Falling Off Easy

Do your labels keep falling off? I recently saw a label coming unstuck to a package I wanted to mail.  I pushed the label down with my hand and tried to rub it back on but it kept popping back up.

The problem I was having was the age of my labels.  Some of the labels were over a year old and after a year's time certain adhesives can begin to lose their strength. They simply won't stick as well.

I was actually able to remedy all of these problems.  I started to purchase label protection sheets.  These are easy to use and cover up labels for better adhesion and protection.

I wrote an article on the topic.  If you want to learn more about label protection sheets please check out the article I have linked below.  

Labels Coming Off? Keep Them Stuck On Easy - Click Here

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Centering / Aligning Label Text :  Get that print correctly positioned on the label easy and fast on Microsoft Word 2007
I have had labels get rained on and smear a bit.  I have also seen them get dinged and scratched from handling.  Now some of them keep falling off.
The labels I was using are made from a standard adhesive.  Nothing special, but good enough for applying address labels to cardboard, Tyvex and paper packaging for postage.


NFL Football Lovers and Fisherman - What Can You Buy Them for Holidays ? Ideas Here

Birthdays, Christmas, and special events for that someone you care about.   Unfortunately you'll have to buy them something right?  

If presents are called for, you'll need to get up off your butt and out to a store. Whether you are buying for a fisherman or pro football lover, you will likely crawl into the car and lumber on down to a nearby sporting goods store. There you will search the isles for that perfect gift.

This is a headache.  The traffic, the searching, the pain in the butt of it all.

You might want to try searching for a gift online.  

I linked a couple of articles below that I have written.  Each have gift ideas for fishing fans and football fans

National Football League Gift Presents

Perfect Bathroom Gift Supplies for the Angler You Love

Are Toilet Seats as Gross as We Think? A New Perspective on the Commode Seat

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I Do Not Want To Sell Something On Ebay - How to Stop Auctions

Did you lose an item you were auctioning on Ebay?  Maybe you simply don't want to sell it any more?  

How can you stop an auction on Ebay when you no longer want to sell it or perhaps you simply can not send the item for sale anymore

There are ways to stop an auction on Ebay.  It depends on a number of circumstances but all is not necessarily lost if you began an auction but no longer can fill the order.

I wrote an article that will show you how to stop auction Ebay and have linked it below.   Check it out

End That Auction - Click Here

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All I Drink it Maxwell House and Ellis Coffee - What Do I Think

Ever drink a cup of Maxwell house coffees?  How about Ellis Coffee?   My guess is that more of you have had a sip of Maxwell House but not all of your have drank Ellis coffee.

I have been drinking both of these coffees for years.  A local coffee and refreshment company started to deliver these two brands to our company so I began drinking them in earnest.

I wrote a review of both coffees and linked them below.  Check it out

My Thoughts On Ellis Coffee Flavor

My Thoughts on Maxwell House Coffee Flavor

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Place in Philadelphia That is Safe Area, Good Parking and Easy to Drive Around In

There is crime and unsafe situations in any area of a major city.  You can become a victim of a crime anywhere.  That said, in Philadelphia some areas are nicer than others.    
Some places in Philly are harder to drive in than others too.

 Some areas are full of congestion, traffic lights and noise.  Other areas are more calm and easy to get around in.

If you want to visit one of the safest areas in Philadelphia, that is also easy to drive in, then most likely the Chestnut Hill section of Philly is the place to go.

Chestnut Hill is a very wealthy area in Philadelphia that features, a quaint, quiet shopping / downtown districts. It is easy to travel in and out of and there is plenty of parking.
No matter where you visit, always be on the lookout for crime and traffic. While crime and car accidents can happen in Chestnut Hill Phila, it is pretty uncommon.

I wrote a review on Chestnut Hill, PA and hope that you like it.  Chcek it out and decide if this is a town you want to visit.

Safe, Nice Area in Philly to Spend the the Day-Click Here

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I Only Want To Close an Envelope Without Stamp On Postal Meter Machine

Occasionally, if I want to seal an envelope on my postal meter machine without putting a stamp on it, I'll simply go ahead and wet the adhesive with my tongue or a damp sponge.

This is fine for just one or two envelopes, but if you are doing dozens, this could quickly become a drag.

Looking, you are paying for your postal meter machines, why not use them to make your life easier.  If you aren't applying a stamp to your envelopes, you can still have the machine lick or wet the adhesive for your and seal the envelope, all in one shot.  This will save you a lot of time and you will still be able to taste your dinner later on :-)

If you just want to close an envelope without a stamp on a postal meter machine, you can turn off the apply postage function.   The article linked below will show you how to do this.  I wrote the article and hope that it helps

Seal Envelope Without Applying Postage Stamp - Click Here

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Artist With Scribble Drawing Paintings at Philadelphia Museum of Art - Could My Kid Do That

I know who that scribble artist is that draws like a child. He has an entire gallery at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is a renowned art museum featuring the greatest of artists both past and present.  There are some world famous artists such as Picasso, Renoir, Pollack, Van Gogh, Eakins and, of course,  Cy Twombly.
Cy who?

Cy Twombly is the artist at the Philadelphia Museum of Art that does those streaks, curves, scribbles of lines on sometimes enormous canvass.  He has more space dedicated to his work that most other artist.  I have heard many people react to his work with the classic modern art rebuttal " My kid could do that !"   Could a child paint or draw like Cy Twombly?

Even more interesting, he is famous in spite of being still alive.  A living art legend, Cy Twombly has been on the art scene for decades and is featured all over the word.

I did an article Cy Twombly and I also did an article reviewing the Philly Museum of Art (PMA).   I have linked them below.
There are plenty of photos of my experience at the museum and Twombly's work.  Check it out. .  Feel free to comment!

Cy Twombly - Worst or Greatest?

Check Out The Philadelphia Museum of Art.

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What Cars Last One or Two Hundred Thousand 200000 Miles and Longer ? This Car !

Every so often I'll hear of a car that hits a million miles, or 750,000 miles or some ridiculously high mileage.  I am initially impressed, but then I get a little skeptical.  Sure, no one can argue that avoiding buying a new car for as long as possible will be easier on your wallet in the long run.  New cars cost a fortune and depreciate very quickly, very soon. The longer you keep a car before buying another will save you money.  With that in mind, you still have to ask what the cost of keeping the car is.  If you are breaking down every other day, I don't care if the car has a million miles on it or not.

What cars don't break down every day when the odometer reaches six figures?  What car can last one hundred thousand, even two hundred thousand miles and keep going strong?

The car I have has lasted not only past 100,000 miles but over 200,000 miles and still going strong.  It runs very well.
The best part is, it doesn't cost me a whole lot of money either.

I wrote a glowing article on this car.  I have linked it below. Please check it out

Tribute to a 100,000 mile plus car

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Mouse Broken? You Can Move Up Down and Left Right Without a Mouse on an Excel Spread Sheet or Lotus Mail

OK, you are working on an Excel spread sheet and trying to meet a deadline.  Your clicking and entering data on these spread sheets and everything is going just fine until your mouse stops working.  The mouse is broken and the cursor will not move.  Sure, you can use the arrows to move the cursor but what about scrolling the  whole screen?

Same goes with Lotus Notes!  You have critical emails to churn out, appointments to make, attachments to save and reminders to enter.  Now your mouse has died.   How can  scroll within Lotus Notes without a mouse?

It is possible to get that page to move up, down, left, right using just your keyboard.  I wrote an article on the subject and hope that it helps.  I have linked it below.

Scroll Emails and Spreadsheets Without a Mouse

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Take the Family Fishing Near Valley Forge or Norristown Pennsylvania Turnpike Exit - Public Access Bodies of Water to Fish

There is no need to struggle to find a body of water to fish in, especially if you live near the Norristown or Valley Forge Pennsylvania Turnpike exit . There are plenty of public access bodies of water where you can fish.

Pennsylvania is a beautiful state where there are so many bodies of water.  Drive anywhere, particularly in the Norristown, Valley Forge, North Wales areas and you'll drive by and cross over, creeks, streams, rivers, lakes, reservoirs and ponds.  The problem is, most of these spots you are not allowed to fish in.   Private property, no trespassing, no fishing, no public access, or simply inaccessible.

Which ones are nearby with public fishing access?   I put together an article that details a few places where you can fish near Norristown PA. If you are in the Norristown, Valley Forge, or  North Wales vicinity, you can get out to these places no problem.

I have linked a post below that will show you some nearby places to fish.  It includes photos, what the area is like, and how to get there.

Good Places With Public Fishing Access - Click Here

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How to Store Mesh Bright High Visibility Safety Vest In Office Cubical - Cube Hangers

Storing those mesh green, high visibility safety vests in your cubical at the office can be done in a number of ways.  The beauty of the construction of high visibility vests is that you can easily rumple them up and throw them in a desk drawer or lay over your chair.

Doing this is all fine and good.  I'm sure it doesn't harm the vest but it doesn't help it's appearance, nor does folding it up allow it to air out either.

When I wanted to properly hang my vest all I did was simply requisition a new cubical hanger. This is basically a hanger designed to hang neatly in an office cubicle.

Some of the benefits  of using the specialized cubical hangers are:

1. Hanging my vest helps keep it unwrinkled
2. Easy to find
3. Keeps my cube from looking uncluttered and more organized.

I wrote an article on cubical hangers and it includes a few photos as well. These pictures will help you visualize how well it works.

I also did an article on safety vests regarding how much of a pain those green and orange mesh vests can be when taking them on and office.  There is an easier way.

I have linked them below.

Best Way to Hang Clothes in Your Work Cubes

Mesh Green Visibility Vest Review The Easier  Vest to Put On- Click Here

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Staples Business Advantage and Staples Have Different Prices

Whether you are a professional purchasing agent buying corporate office supplies or you are buying office goods on your own you will notice from time to time that the same company might offer the same product at different prices.

For example, if I research items through Staples Business Advantage ( ) often their prices differ from other Staples sites.  This wouldn't concern me if Staples Business advantage was always cheaper.  The concern is that sometimes they are more expensive.

I contacted Staples on the issue of their price variance between identical products and wrote and article on the topic.  I wrote the article on HubPages and linked it below.  It should clear up any confusion you may have regarding the cost of various business supplies.

Staples Business Advantage and Staples Have Different Prices

Take a look at this article, especially if you buy these products often.  It will make you a more informed buyer and might help you to reduce the cost and overall spend on these goods.

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How to I Know that My RightFax Fax Looks Right Before I Send It? Learn Here

You go through all the trouble of making sure you cover sheet is perfect,  the right sender, right recipient, fax number, phone, no typos, then you go and send a fax on RightFax and the person who gets it calls back with a question about missing pages or incomplete information.

What happened?  In the days of the dummy fax you could have used the excuse that two of the (hard copy) pages stuck together or something like that.

Not any more.  With RightFax all the pages and attachments are captured and sent from your computer no questions asked.  What you probably did wrong when you sent the fax was to not preview it before sending.

If you want to know that your Rightfax faxes look correct before sending you should take a look at them first before doing anything.

I wrote an article on HubPages that will show you how to check out your faxes before faxing them. A basic preview that will save you some aggravation.  I have it linked below
How to I Know that My RightFax Fax Looks Right Before I Send It? Learn Here

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Cheap Fishing Bait to Catch Bass On ... Better than Crank Bait

I lose crank bait all the time. Crank bait is great fun to use and generally, while not considered "weedless" will keep out of the weeds and not get snagged easily.  It is expensive though. Cheap crankbait can run a couple to a few dollar a piece and Rapalla crankbaits can run five, six, seven, eight dollars and up.  Lose one and it is like losing a piece of your wallet.

Crankbait is not the only bait catch a nice bass. There are other fishing baits out there that will land you a lunker.

I wrote an article on Hubpages that delves into this easy to find, easy to use fishing bait.  You'll learn how to rig this bait and how to use it. Check out the link below 

Cheap Fishing Bait to Catch Bass On

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Six Sigma, 4F, ISO , How You Can Get Organized To Achieve Workplace and Career Goals

Getting your workspace organized at work is important.  Regardless if you are engaged in Six Sigma, 5S , ISO, or other key documentation/metric programs, the essence of achieve organizational goals or personal goals is being organized.

Not just quality initiatives benefit from a well kept, efficient workspace, your own personal image is at stake too.

Sure, you might be the best employee, but if you have a sloppy appearance, it could undermine all that wonderful output you produce at work. This could keep you from earning more money and harm your job security in the long run.

You'll find that if you become part of  a Six Sigma, 5S , ISO,etc driven work environment that order is everything and you want to appear competent when it comes to order and efficiency

One of the surest ways to look more competent in your job is to have a clean desk. Your physical desktop defines how organized you are. To get that clutter up off of your desk you'll want to start looking at some traditional files and filing techniques.

These products might not be right for you.  I did a review of them to let you decide.  Vertical files and desktop Rolodex files. Check it out to see if it works for you.  See the links below
Rolodex Card Contact File Product Review

Fellows Vertical File Product Reviewed Here

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Faxing Straight From a PC Computer to other Computers - Do I Like OpenText

Open Text or Captaris Right Fax is a program that allows your fax to be right on your PC computer without needing a 'dummy' fax.

Essentially you can queue up documents, pdf, xpf, xls, etc and go ahead and fax to any fax number straight from your PC.

I did an article on my thoughts on Open Text (aka RightFax) and hope that you like it. The article gets into the benefits of a desktop 'dummy' fax versus the benefits of having a fax right on your PC.

Faxing Straight From a PC Computer to Other Computers

Add New Page to Your Right Fax

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Include One More Document to Your Fax When Faxing From PC

So, lets say you have your entire fax put together as a Word document or Adobe Pdf or however and you are about to send via RightFax and, at the last minute, you discover you need to send an additional page.  I hate when this happens as I love to get everything organized and faxed in one shot. 

Sometimes though, the fax Gods play their games :-)

It is easy to include an additional document to your faxes.  I must admit, this article is tailored to RightFax and RightFax does occasionally have some flaws regarding adding additional documents, but, that said, I wrote an article that will teach you to add more pages to your fax.

I wrote the article on HubPages and hope that it is right for you.  Check it out.

Include One More Document to Your Fax When Faxing From PC - Captaris Right Fax

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Netflix Help - Is There Service Good - Does Your Browser Get Locked Up ?

Netflix is one of the best movie sites that I have used so far. The videos run smoothly on my computer. The vids to my PC stream well and Netflix does a nice job correcting the streaming of films if it senses a slowdown in your internet speed.

While using Mozzilla browswer I did occasionally run into an issue where the films would not play right on my computer, Netflix would then automatically try to correct the issue by putting an update on my computer, then my browser (Mozzilla) would proceed to lock up.

I called their service desk / help desk on this issue and I was pleasant surprised to find that they were very nice and very helpful. If you have an issue with Netflix and are accustomed to some apathetic help (ahem... Verizon...and sometimes Microsoft ..... ) you'll be pleasantly surprised to find out how nice and responsive these guys at NetFlix really are.

With all those compliments aside, for once, they provided a lot of help and tips but weren't able to correct the problem, but I was still left with a good feeling.  Best of all, I was able to fix the problem myself.

If you have a problem with your Mozzilla browser locking up on Netflix, check out my post linked below.

How to Correct Mozzilla Lock Up When Using NetFlix for Movies / Films to PC


Really Good Independent Film About a Teacher - Ryan Gosling Movie Reviewed Here

Excellent World War Two Mountaineering True Story - Movie Review

If You Like WWI History, Avoid This Film on NetFlix at All Costs 

Need More Free Programs and Movies on Network and Local Television?

Find More Channels on Your Digital Converter Box for Your TV - Simple Update

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Improve Your Credit Score By Knowing Your Rating First - Free Report Site Reviewed

Before fixing bad credit or improving good credit it will be of great help to know your credit score first.  You credit score or credit rating can be found in a number of ways.  The most common way is when people go for some sort of load or mortgage and the loan officer looks up your scores.  This is typically done by the loan agency at no cost but it is also too late if you are seeing a bad credit score for the first time.

There are plenty of ways to pay to have your credit rating reported to you.  I don't recommend paying anyone to to this for you.  There is one site that will give you all three credit reports (each from a major credit rating agency) at no cost over the course of one year.  

I tried this site and it worked for me.  I wrote a review on this free credit report site and posted it on HubPages.  Check it out.  I linked it below

Learn Your Credit Scores For Free - Click Here

If you get a chance, please also check out some of my other TurtleDog articles and bookmarks. I'd appreciate it a great deal.  Good luck with your loans!

Set Up A Great Efficient Business With These Office Supply Products

Operating an efficient business really requires that you take the time, energy and money to be sure everything is working in motion properly.  Shipping, Receiving, Billing, Accounting, Production, blue collar, white collar, everything depends on the business having a well oiled machine.

What are the most practical, cost efficient and value added initiatives that you can add to your organization?  This is an important question for any manager to ask as can directly influence your profit margin.

I have been using certain office supplies for years now. I have a really good idea on how well they function.   I have written some reviews on these products and hope that you find them useful.  Some of these products I have found to be very durable and reliable.

I can't say for sure if these are the right office supplies for you. They may or may not be.  Hopefully these reviews linked below will help you decide .

Great Scanner to Buy - Is Desktop for You?

Get Those Staples Punched Automatically - Power Stapler Review

Reliable Office Business Printer- Reviewed Here

 Get That Great Phone System Complete With This Office Phone - Is it Right For You?

Computer Monitor Review

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What is the Difference in Salary Between Quarterback and Punter in the NFL ?

What position you play in the NFL really has a big impact on how much money you make in the National Football League.

 Without a doubt, quarterbacks on average make a lot more money than other positions.    This shouldn't surprise anyone.  It is universally accepted (at least I think it is :-) that the quality of your quarterback will determine the kind of season your football team will have.   I can't think of any example where a championship team had a consistently lousy QB.

Punters and kickers, while vital, tend to make the least on average.  My guess is that this is due to supply and demand, as well as the amount of playing time they put in on the field (not very much).    They also have longevity on their side which may contribute to their smaller paycheck.   Playing more years, which adds up to more paychecks, which adds up to more money in the long run, etc.

I posted an article that goes through all the average salaries by position in the NFL. There are some pretty interesting revelations.  Check it out.  You'll see the difference in salaries for QB and Kicker/Punter plus all the other positions.
Check it out.

Comparison of NFL Salaries - No Two Positions Pay the Same 

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Why I Love Giving Gift Cards as Presents

Gift giving is a pain in the butt.  Christmas, birthdays, special events, special visits, all of these seem to warrant awarding someone sort of tangible gift.  Not that I have anything against gift giving.  I think gifts are part of most cultures and giving a gift provides a feel-good moment you don't experience everyday.

The hard part about giving presents is that I never know what to get people that have just about every toy under the sun.  Adults seem to especially fall into this category.  Some of us old folks just seem to have everything.  

What do you give these people?

You could give them something that is supposed to be humorous bu that can backfire. I'm not too big on novelty 'gag' gifts so I stay away from them in general. Sure they are funny at the time but you aren't actually giving anything, except a laugh or two. Then the gift becomes junk.

I love giving gift cards to adults. They are always well appreciated and takes the pressure off you finding that perfect gift.   The person you gave this present to can then buy whatever they want.    Even if they really don't care for the store they can re-gift the card as a present to someone else or sell it on an online auction.

I put together an article that expands on this topic and linked it below.  

Gift Card - A Great Gift

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How Do I Unlock My Mail Meter - PSD Lock DIY

Using a mail meter machine can really speed things up in a hurry when processing mail.  This type of equipment can seals envelopes and applies postage automatically. This is a great time saving tool at work if you find yourself processing a lot of bulk mail.

Lots of things can go wrong when using a mail meter machine for running postage.  You can run into postage download issues, minor jams, ink running out, etc.   Plenty of things to force you to call your service company.

One issue that might arise is if you have a " PSD Locked " message.  If you want to avoid waiting for a service person to come out and repair your machine you can actually unlock the PSD lock, so-to-speak, all by yourself.

This is an easy do-it-yourself ( DIY ) postal meter project.  I wrote an article on this subject and have linked it below. It should answer the question "How do I unlock my mail meter " no problem.

Fix the PSD Locked on Your Mail Machine

Turn off The Wetter Sealer on Your Postage Machine

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Is Snipsly Working ? Can You See Snipsly's Page Views? Learn How Here

I have posted a ton of posts on Snipsly.  I can't say I've earned much in Adsense revenue on Sniply so I was wondering if it was worth to continue posting.

The first thing I asked myself was whether I am actually getting any page views on Snipsly.  I struggled to find a way to track the amount of visits to my posts so I wasn't sure if Snipsly was working or not.   I contacted the website and they got back to me and told me what to do.

Basically, you want to add Snipsly to your Google Analytics account.  When I did this I was relieved to find that I was getting page views and some of my backlinks were working and feeding traffic to other sites my posts are on.  I suppose the site works after all :-)  Not much Google revenue and a minimal amount of traffic, but I am getting some.

If you want to know a bit about setting up Google Analytics, I wrote an article on the subject and posted it below.  Check it out.

Get Pageview Count with Google's Help - Click Here

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Which is Better Marie Callender's Pie or Genuardis Pecan Pies

I love eating pecan pies. Some of the best pecan pies are baked in local bakeries and taste delicious.  Hard to beat a good, local bakery recipe.

With that in mind, some bakeries have strange hours so I'll check out the local Genuardi's ( or, as many are called now, Weiss ) supermarket bakery for some baked pies.  I'm not always thrilled with their bakery goods but it works in a pinch.

For years I'd buy pecan pies from Genuardi's (aka Weiss Market ) bakery.  I typically find that the first slice I have tastes good but is lacking something.  It isn't until I put it into the refrigerator and eat a slice the next day that the pie's flavor really wakens up and is much more satisfying. I love the density of Genuardi's ( also known as Weiss Market ) pecan pie filling it is creamy with the right density.

The pecans on top of a Genuardis pie are a bit overwhelming in slightly bitter flavor. I feel like, in my novice baking view, that Genuardis should do something with their pecans ,such as sweeten  them or simply use less.

Genuardis ( Weiss ) crust is good, though I don't care for the flavor of the rim of the crust.  To me it often has a burnt taste which leaves a not so pleasing taste in the mouth.

I started eating Marie Callender's pecan pies for a change of pace.  For the record, Marie Callender's pies are frozen and Genuardis are sold fresh.

 I like Callender's crust better than Genardi's (ahem... Weiss ). Callenders crust, when thawed of course, has that nice flaky texture and cooked to perfection taste.

Marie Callender's pecan topping also has a nice flavor and nice texture.

The filling in Callender's pies seems more processed and, I suspect, less bakery authentic than Genuardi's pecan pies. To be blunt, Callender's looks more like canned filling versus Genuardi's fresh baked appearance.   That said, somehow Callenders still tastes really, really good.  I find the flavor to be addicting in some ways and very satisfying.

Which pie is better Marie Callendar's or Genuardi's ?     I think both play off each other nicely. When you need a break from one, try the other for a nice change of pace.  Overall though, I much prefer Marie Callendar pecan pies over Genuardi's supermarket pecan pies.

Certain times a year it is hard to find pecan pies.  Have you ever gone into a store and find yourself unable to purchase pecan pies? Why is this?  I posted a couple of articles below that tackle this subject.  I linked them below.

This is Why I Can't Find Pecan Pie

I Finally Found My Pie!

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Want a Simple and Easy Pecan Pie Recipe That I Did (I'm not a good chef either )  Try this easy recipe that I linked below.  Seriously, it was a breeze to make and I completely loved how it turned out.  You don't have to be a good cook to make a great pecan pie at home in the comforts of your own kitchen.  Check it out and please be sure (as I mentioned earlier :-)  to read some of my other posts when you get a chance.  We love having you here:

Easy Quick Pecan Pie From Your Own Kitchen

Click the above recipe link 

Using Corrugated Boxes and Poly Plastic Liner Often Cheaper than Drums

Using cardboard corrugated boxes is a very popular way to package a large variety of goods.  Manufacturers, when possible, often prefer packing out materials in cardboard boxes to be much cheaper than using poly and steel drums.  This makes sense considering the cost of a corrugated box is much less expensive than using a steel or plastic ( poly ) drum.

If your product is safe and enough and stable enough to pack into a cardboard / corrugated box you might also need to consider using a polyethylene liner bag to line the box.   I have seen poly bags used often for safe, dry chemicals as well as other products.  The liner, especially for fine, granulated product for example, helps keep the product in the box or carton.  The plastic  bag inside helps to keep the contents protected from rain water and other moisture as well.

Sizing a bag to a box or carton is important.  You want the right fit to for best performance and price.  I posted two articles on the subject and linked below.  Please check them out.

Measure a Plastic Bag to Fit Rectangle Shaped Box

Measure a Plastic Bag to Fit a Square or Cube Shaped Box

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Convert Volume Liters to Gallons Gal To L On Cell Phone

Say you have a tank or aquarium and you want to cover the amount of liquid in there from liters to gallons, can you do so easily?  Actually, you probably can. Converting from gallons to liters or liters to gallons can be done on most cell phones.

I bought a Samsung Reality cell phone and found that I could do just about any liquid measurement conversion easily.  There is a calculator on the cell phone handset that is easy to use for converting just about any English measurement to metric measurement and, metric to English measurements.

I wrote an article on how to do this.  You might not have a Samsung cell phone. That might not matter. The article I have linked below is tailored for a Samsung Reality phone but it might work for yours as well.  

Very handy tool when you need it.  Check it out. I linked it below

Learn to Do Liquid Conversions on Samsung Reality Cell Phone

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How Do I Understand Currency Exchange Rates When Travelling Abroad? Use Your Reality Cell Phone

If you are travelling abroad and you have a Reality cell phone, you can easily understand up to date currency exchange rates right on your cell phone handset.

I was surprised to notice that.  I was playing around with my Reality cell phone calculator.  You know, the one that adds and subtracts, etc.  I quickly found out that I can easily determine exchange rates for the dollar, euro, yen, pesos, pound, etc. 

I deal with some international currency at work and used bother to look up the value of currency online.  I now use my cell phone to calculate currency.

This is easy to do.  I wrote a post on how to covert US dollars, pounds, yen, Candian dollars, etc, etc and have linked the article below. Please check it out.

Determining Up to the Minute Exchange Rates on Your Reality Cell Phone 

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Does The Samsung Reality Cell Phone Take Good Pictures? Camera Review Here

I have a Samsung Reality Cell phone and, surprisingly, it takes really good pictures.  I had considered getting a different cell phone that had an 8 mega pixel camera but I elected to get the Samsung Reality phone that has around 3.2 mega pixels.

Initially I bought a memory card to transfer photos, then started using the camera for eBay posts.   I was pleasantly surprised at the results.  I am not a professional photographer but it didn't take me long to realize that there is no flash on this camera phone (which seems to be the norm these days).  That said there are a few different settings I can use for different light.

That said, I pretty much use the default setting for various pictures and it works really well. After I experimented with eBay photos I knew I would have even better luck taking other snapshots with my Samsung Reality cell phone camera. After all, and for those of you who post on eBay know, auction pictures are tough!   Typically taken indoors, the light is never quite right and it is difficult to capture fine details.  I knew once I took some pics not intended for auction, they would be a breeze.

I started taking some outdoor photos and really loved them. The Reality camera takes some really nice pics considering its modest mps.  If you want to see some photosCheck out The Pictures I took for this article - click here.

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How to Movie Photos from Memory Card Back onto Phone

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Deleting Pictures From Your Sandisk Memory Card

Getting a Sandisk Memory Card Removed Out of Cell Phone is not Easy

I have to think that one of my biggest complaints about using a Sandisk memory card in my Samsung Reality Cell phone is how tough it is to get out of the phone.

I find myself struggling to get the card locked all the way into the phone. Sometimes I need to use a slim object to push it in so that it seats right.

Getting the memory card out of the cell phone isn't easy either. Unless you have wafer thin fingers, I usually find that I need to use a tip of a pen or then end of a paper clip to push it in so that it pops out.  

What do you wind up doing ?  Any ideas?

Speaking of memory cards, I did a post on formatting your card to your computer. Getting a cell phone memory card ready for your PC computer  is easy to do.  You just have to be aware that if you have any pictures or other data on your memory card, the process will delete everything.

Generally, you will only need to format your memory card the first time you use in your computer.  Afterwards, you likely won't have to reformat the memory card to that PC.

Getting your memory card ready for your computer is easy to do. I wrote an article on Hubpages that will describe the process.


I hope this helps.

Printing a Label to Your Own Shape Design on MS Word

MS Word has many manufacturers label templates that allow you to easily print labels to their design. If you are printing a label that does not fit a designated manufacture's size, you are essentially printing on a custom label.

Using your own sized label design on MS word is easy to do.  Don't get me wrong, I am talking square or rectangular designs outside of Microsoft Word's templates.  Odd ball designs and sizes.   
If you are thinking of using MS Word to print on that star shaped label, this article might not help you.

If you are find yourself stumped for a manufacturer's template though, you have found the right place.

I wrote an article Hubpages that will help you to print a label to your own custom square or rectangular shape of your design.  I hope it helps.

Click Here to Make A Custom Label 

I've done a number of other posts that give you some real basic tips to help your label making process.  Check these out if you'd like:

Centering / Aligning Label Text :  How to get the print on a label postioned in the area you want it. Alignment makes your label look more professional.

Wait! Who sang the US National Anthem in the AFC 2012 Championship Game?  The murder of an anthem.  You might want to "label" this rendition r-e-j-e-c-t.

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Quiet Reality Cell Phone So it is Silent to The Touch

If I had one complaint on the Samsung Reality cell phone it would be that it is hard to keep it quiet.  The touch screen seems to want to make noise all the time and it is a bit of a pain to make it silent.

If you are in a quite place and you do not want anyone to hear you keying your cell phone, knowing how to mute your phone is essential.  After all, no one wants to listen to the noises coming from your cell phone handset touch pad. Quite frankly, I am sure that you don't want anyone else to be able to hear a sound from your cell phone.

If you  want your privacy while on the phone there are ways to mute your cell phone.

I wrote an article on Hubpages that will teach you to quiet your Reality cell phone so that you keep your privacy and everyone else gets to enjoy a little silence.

Turn Off Sounds on Reality Cell Phone

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Better Communication to Keep More Ebay Buyer Customers Happy

Tthe most important thing to do to keep customers on Ebay happy is to properly communicate with them.   Keeping Ebayers informed as to what is going on can reduce a lot of buyer anxieties and improve your selling experience tenfold.

If you are running late on shipping a product, simply be sure to email your customer and let them know why their shipment is running late, when you expect to ship it and about when they can expect to receive the goods.  More often than not, the customer will understand and be happy they are kept in the loop with their online transaction.

If you find yourself with a particularly difficult customer, keep your cool.  Be honest but be very friendly, humble and maintain a very willing-to-help tone.  Often, they'll calm down and understand things from your perspective.

If you find yourself getting repeated 'dumb' questions from customers, be sure to review your ad first before responding. Some information on your ad might be difficult to see. Sometimes payment instructions, shipping terms, and details of your post can easily missed by Ebay buyers.    When you respond, be sure to thank them for the question and tell them you are glad to help out.  Answer their question respectfully and thoroughly.

If you are running auctions, buy it nows, or your store while you are out of the office, such as away on vacation or business trip or otherwise, be sure to set your vacation away messages.

When you return to the office be sure to turn off your vacation message too, particularly if you returned to the office.

I wrote two articles on Hubpages that deals with Turning off your Ebay away message as well as properly setting your Ebay away message.  This will enable you to let your customers know where you are and keep them in the line of communication.  You'll keep more customers happy this way.

Keep More Ebay Customers Happy by Setting Your Away Message- Click Here

Keep those Ebay Customers Buying By Turning off Your Ebay Message When You Get Back

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How to Use and Edit Your Samsung Reality Calendar Planner

The planner, appointment feature on your Samsung Reality cell phone can really make life easier when trying to remember dates and times.  The phone can you remind you of important events by making a beep or vibrating as those times arise.

Using and editing your Reality calendar (planner) is easy to do .  I wrote an article on the subject and posted it on HubPages.  I also have posted a number of other cell phone tips as well as a variety of articles.

Check it out. I have linked it below.

Editing Your Samsung Reality Calendar

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Change Dates Quicker on Samsung Reality Cell Phone

Every Samsung Reality cell phone has a nice calendar that allow you to set up important reminders, appointments and dates.  It is a handy little planner that I always feel like I don't use often enough.

If you want to search for a specific date, you could easily pan through the different weeks and months until you find it.  This is a little tedious, but will get you there in time.

There is a better way to change dates quicker on your Samsung reality cell phone.  This is easy to do and will help you to navigate smoother in your cell phone planner.

I wrote an article on this topic on the site HubPages.  I really enjoy contributing a variety of articles on many topics to this site.  Please check it out by clicking on the link below.

Change Dates on Samsung Reality Cell Phone Fast

If you get time, please also read some of my other TurtleDog posts. I also have other cell phone hints and tips that will, hopefully, make your life easier.