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Take the Family Fishing Near Valley Forge or Norristown Pennsylvania Turnpike Exit - Public Access Bodies of Water to Fish

There is no need to struggle to find a body of water to fish in, especially if you live near the Norristown or Valley Forge Pennsylvania Turnpike exit . There are plenty of public access bodies of water where you can fish.

Pennsylvania is a beautiful state where there are so many bodies of water.  Drive anywhere, particularly in the Norristown, Valley Forge, North Wales areas and you'll drive by and cross over, creeks, streams, rivers, lakes, reservoirs and ponds.  The problem is, most of these spots you are not allowed to fish in.   Private property, no trespassing, no fishing, no public access, or simply inaccessible.

Which ones are nearby with public fishing access?   I put together an article that details a few places where you can fish near Norristown PA. If you are in the Norristown, Valley Forge, or  North Wales vicinity, you can get out to these places no problem.

I have linked a post below that will show you some nearby places to fish.  It includes photos, what the area is like, and how to get there.

Good Places With Public Fishing Access - Click Here

I've written plenty of other posts as well.  Please check out more of my TurtleDog articles if you get some time away from catching fish!

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