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How to Print In Draft to Make Faster MS Word Docs and Use Less Ink

If you want to create faster documents on Microsoft Word you might want to try printing while in the "Print in Draft" mode.

I have to admit that I have not scientifically measured whether Print in Draft mode works when it comes to speeding up process of printing out MS Word documents.  I haven't measured the speed on a stop watch or taken great care to log in my printer and PC's performance while printing in this mode.

I also have to admit, that I can't say that I have scientifically measured how much ink the Print In Draft mode has saved me.  I have a hard time telling if I am saving ink at all.  Yes, it is reported throughout the internet that Print in Draft will cause your computer to use less toner / ink and, hence, save you money.

Have you tried it?

I wrote an article on Squidoo that will show you how to go into MS Word and set up documents to "Print In Draft"  Check it out. I have linked it below:

Learn to Print in Draft on MS Word and Save Toner Ink

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