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SheToldMe (aka She Told Me ) Since Google Algorithm Panda Change 2011

I thought I would do a very brief article on my experience with SheToldMe since the Google algorithm change (aka Panda) that took place in 2011.

At least as of the date of this post, a lot of my Adsense earnings were reduced since the change.  In some cases I am now only making pennies on sites where I was making dollars prior to the changes.

Some sites though have held up pretty well.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that my SheToldMe account is still earning some Adsense revenue.  I don't think the earnings are quite as consistent as before, but the overall earnings are about the same.  Prior to Google's changes I was making a small amount every day. Since the changes, I might not make something every single day, but when I do get paid, I am seeing enough income to make up for the days when there are little to no earnings.  That might not have anything to do with the changes Google made though. It could just be the ebb and flow of traffic.  Regardless, I'm still making money.
I am still seeing a decent amount of traffic directed from She Told Me to my other posts on different sites as well.  This is exactly what I hoped for with SheTold Me.  It is a great site for easily bookmarking / backlinking and driving traffic to other sites.

Overall, I am pleased that She Told Me seems to be holding up fine in spite of the recent changes.  At least with regards to my account.

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