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Friendly Way to Drive Traffic to a Web Site Without Spamming

If you enjoying posting on line you know the value of driving traffic to what ever website or blog platform you write for.   No one wants to post on the internet and not be read.

There are ways to increase the amount of reads your articles get without spamming.  It basically involves getting to know those who are posting on the same sites that you belong to.
How do you get to know these folk?  Start participating on their posts. Leave comments and link to the good articles. 

 Discover ways for you to get more involved on sites you belong to.  Before you know it, you will start to drive traffic back to your own articles.

I explain this more in detail in the post  I linked below. Check it out.

Direct Traffic to Your Site Without Spam - Learn Here

Good Bookmark Site to Build Traffic - SheToldMe Review

I've got tons of articles on the web. While I am not an SEO genius, I have tried out a number of sites and do manage to scratch a few pennies a day :-)  If you have any questions, let me know. Please also read some of my other TurtleDog posts if you get a chance.

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