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The Largest Continuous Piece of Art in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a city full of wonderful, diverse works of art.  The city  has "Love" in Love Park, we have the venerable art museum, works by Rodin, a number of art schools, and murals all over the city.

It made me think, what is the largest, continuous piece of art in Philadelphia?  In other words, what artwork is simply the largest?

I have to tread softly here since I have not attempted to measure every work of art in Philly.  I have not consulted the highest artistic authorities on this subject and I do not have a heightened perception of size and space.

With that in mind, I am going to try to answer this one.  I think I  might have a clue.  There is a space along South Street in Philadelphia that is just enormous.  From the outside it doesn't look that way, but when you walk through it, I think your could argue that it is the largest artwork in Philly.

Isaiah Zagar's Magic Gardens is a mural, mosaic artist's dream.   It covers a tremendous amount of space. You literally can walk on it, up it, down it, beneath it and between it.  It is huge.  It covers walls, ceilings, stairs, alleys, trim, everything...... inside and outside.

I did a post on this and hope that it inspires you to check out Zagar's permanent exhibit in Philadelphia. It is impressive.  I linked my post, which includes some good pictures as well below.

Isaiah Zagar's Magic Gardens - My Experience

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