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Tamarindos Yucatecan Restaurant Ambler Blue Bell PA - Review Tamarinos

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Tamarindos Restaurant specializes in Yucatecan cuisines.  According to Tamarindos website this Yucatecan kitchen fuses Mexican and European flavors to make a delicious cuisine.

Commonly misspelled "Tamarinos", Tarmarindos is apparently located in both Blue Bell, Pennsylvania and in Ambler, PA.  I've seen both address  used but the one I go with it 36 west Skippack Pike, Blue Bell PA 19422

The Look

I loved that the dining room had no cheap, tacky "authentic" decor found in so many wannabee ethnic restaurants.

If you want intimacy,  won't find it here, but in spite of its size, it does not feel claustrophobic either. There is nothing spectacular about the look of Tamarindos restaurant. 

 The dining area is decidedly casual but certainly not a fast food or greasy spoon diner atmosphere.  It is a square, boxy dining room that is loaded with tables.

The Service

Great, friendly, service that really turns out every course quickly. Two of us went during a prime time, dinner rush, Friday night. The place was packed. We were seated in about two minutes which is a tribute to the speedy staff. The food came out rapid fire and fast.  

The Cost

You can easily get an entree for $14-$20 and up.  Very reasonably priced.  Soup and salads are ala carte.  Entrees come with free bottomless Margaritas


We didn't need any reservations though there was only two of us dining. If we were a larger party we may have waited a while.  You definitely don't want to wait at this restaurant. The waiting area is ultra cramped and not comfortable

Definitely call first before dining there if you aren't sure how busy it will be.

The Food 

I know nothing of the Yucatan food but it sure felt authentic to me.  I enjoy restaurants where I feel like I'm being served up something I can't just get anywhere.  The food here had wonderful flavor, felt very unique, came out hot, and really satisfied my appetite. 

Between the two of us, we ordered soup and an entree each (which also comes with courtesy bottomless Margaritas).   We both loved our meals.  My only complaint was that my three star spicy (three stars on the menu means it is really hot!) really wasn't all that hot.  Oh well, just a matter of preference but I still  loved it.

To give you an idea, here is what we ordered:

Sauteed jumbo shrimp in a hot garlic and chipotle sauce with fennel, poblano peppers shallots, capers and olives. Served with asparagus and roasted potatoes seasoned with Eduardo sauce and topped with blue cheese.

Camarones Eduardo...Grilled pork tenderloin pounded and marinated in orange, garlic and spices. Topped with a hot roasted habanero pepper and tomato sauce. Accompanied with black beans, fried plantains and orange segments.

Puerco Poc-ChucCaldo de Res Morelia (Soup) .....
This soup had beef broth with vegetables (corn, cactus pads, cabbage, potatoes, onions, leeks, Mexican herbs, zucchini, fennel and peppers).

Also had cilantro and a slice of a bread roll

Sopa de Elote y Poblano (Soup)....
Roasted corn, poblano peppers and tomatillo soup. Also with a cheese, tortilla strip and sour cream garnish 

Wow. Great stuff.    

To Sum up

Go there and eat.  You'll love it. 

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