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How to Get Free Candy and Soda Machines at Work

Ever go into a business and wonder where where these companies buy their vending machines?   You know, those coin operated soda and snack machines that are set up in designated areas where you can buy your daily junk food fix?

Some companies get a lot of foot traffic, but still make the mistake of buying their own vending machines. What these organizations should really be doing is hiring a vending machine food service company to provide soda and snack machines for free.  If you have enough of a population at the site where you want vending machines, these companies will be glad to provide them for free, as well as stock them and service them at no charge.  The vending company's motivation is that they will, over time, make from people buying the product.  In exchange, you'll get the equipment and service for free.

There are other incentives that you can have built into your service agreement / contract.  For example, you can have the vending service pay you a commission for every sale that is made.  Some people do not elect this as it will raise the prices in the machine.  Depends on your motivation. Keep your co workers happy with lowest prices or generate revenue from the equipment.

I wrote an article on Hubpages about getting free vending machines by hiring a reputable vending machine company.  This article provides some hints and tips on the subject of installing snack and drink machines at your location.

How to Get Free Candy and Soda Machines at Work

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