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I Only Want To Close an Envelope Without Stamp On Postal Meter Machine

Occasionally, if I want to seal an envelope on my postal meter machine without putting a stamp on it, I'll simply go ahead and wet the adhesive with my tongue or a damp sponge.

This is fine for just one or two envelopes, but if you are doing dozens, this could quickly become a drag.

Looking, you are paying for your postal meter machines, why not use them to make your life easier.  If you aren't applying a stamp to your envelopes, you can still have the machine lick or wet the adhesive for your and seal the envelope, all in one shot.  This will save you a lot of time and you will still be able to taste your dinner later on :-)

If you just want to close an envelope without a stamp on a postal meter machine, you can turn off the apply postage function.   The article linked below will show you how to do this.  I wrote the article and hope that it helps

Seal Envelope Without Applying Postage Stamp - Click Here

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  1. Really great post! I do the exact same thing with the postage meter for my home business. My wife and I had our postage meter seal all our wedding invitations and we applied our own postage. Seems like a silly use of the machine, but it was a task that would have taken a couple hours but got done in minutes! Keep it up!

  2. Awesome Dylan! Glad you liked the article!