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Six Sigma, 4F, ISO , How You Can Get Organized To Achieve Workplace and Career Goals

Getting your workspace organized at work is important.  Regardless if you are engaged in Six Sigma, 5S , ISO, or other key documentation/metric programs, the essence of achieve organizational goals or personal goals is being organized.

Not just quality initiatives benefit from a well kept, efficient workspace, your own personal image is at stake too.

Sure, you might be the best employee, but if you have a sloppy appearance, it could undermine all that wonderful output you produce at work. This could keep you from earning more money and harm your job security in the long run.

You'll find that if you become part of  a Six Sigma, 5S , ISO,etc driven work environment that order is everything and you want to appear competent when it comes to order and efficiency

One of the surest ways to look more competent in your job is to have a clean desk. Your physical desktop defines how organized you are. To get that clutter up off of your desk you'll want to start looking at some traditional files and filing techniques.

These products might not be right for you.  I did a review of them to let you decide.  Vertical files and desktop Rolodex files. Check it out to see if it works for you.  See the links below
Rolodex Card Contact File Product Review

Fellows Vertical File Product Reviewed Here

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