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How Do I Understand Currency Exchange Rates When Travelling Abroad? Use Your Reality Cell Phone

If you are travelling abroad and you have a Reality cell phone, you can easily understand up to date currency exchange rates right on your cell phone handset.

I was surprised to notice that.  I was playing around with my Reality cell phone calculator.  You know, the one that adds and subtracts, etc.  I quickly found out that I can easily determine exchange rates for the dollar, euro, yen, pesos, pound, etc. 

I deal with some international currency at work and used bother to look up the value of currency online.  I now use my cell phone to calculate currency.

This is easy to do.  I wrote a post on how to covert US dollars, pounds, yen, Candian dollars, etc, etc and have linked the article below. Please check it out.

Determining Up to the Minute Exchange Rates on Your Reality Cell Phone 

Please also check out some of my other TurtleDog posts. I've done other Reality cell phone tips as well as plenty of more fun and interesting stuff (I hope :-) 

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