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What is the Difference in Salary Between Quarterback and Punter in the NFL ?

What position you play in the NFL really has a big impact on how much money you make in the National Football League.

 Without a doubt, quarterbacks on average make a lot more money than other positions.    This shouldn't surprise anyone.  It is universally accepted (at least I think it is :-) that the quality of your quarterback will determine the kind of season your football team will have.   I can't think of any example where a championship team had a consistently lousy QB.

Punters and kickers, while vital, tend to make the least on average.  My guess is that this is due to supply and demand, as well as the amount of playing time they put in on the field (not very much).    They also have longevity on their side which may contribute to their smaller paycheck.   Playing more years, which adds up to more paychecks, which adds up to more money in the long run, etc.

I posted an article that goes through all the average salaries by position in the NFL. There are some pretty interesting revelations.  Check it out.  You'll see the difference in salaries for QB and Kicker/Punter plus all the other positions.
Check it out.

Comparison of NFL Salaries - No Two Positions Pay the Same 

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