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How Do I Unlock My Mail Meter - PSD Lock DIY

Using a mail meter machine can really speed things up in a hurry when processing mail.  This type of equipment can seals envelopes and applies postage automatically. This is a great time saving tool at work if you find yourself processing a lot of bulk mail.

Lots of things can go wrong when using a mail meter machine for running postage.  You can run into postage download issues, minor jams, ink running out, etc.   Plenty of things to force you to call your service company.

One issue that might arise is if you have a " PSD Locked " message.  If you want to avoid waiting for a service person to come out and repair your machine you can actually unlock the PSD lock, so-to-speak, all by yourself.

This is an easy do-it-yourself ( DIY ) postal meter project.  I wrote an article on this subject and have linked it below. It should answer the question "How do I unlock my mail meter " no problem.

Fix the PSD Locked on Your Mail Machine

Turn off The Wetter Sealer on Your Postage Machine

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