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Tabs Are Lost on MS Excel 2007! Find Missing Tabs Here

Yeah! When I moved from an older version of Microsoft Excel to MS Excel 2007 I suddenly found that all of my tabs from the older Excel program were now missing on 2007.

This, of course, was bothersome.  I probably have created hundreds of Excel Spreadsheets for business and personal use and now all the tabs are gone.  Will I have to recreate entire pages and spreadsheets on Excel?  How will I find my missing tabs.

Do not panic. Anyone can get their lost tab or tabs back.  Your tabbed spreadsheets are still there, you just need to make them visible.  The interesting part about this recovery is that it is so easy to do, yet it really isn't an intuitive process, at least for a casual Excel user.

I wrote an article on getting that lost tab or tabs back.  You'll need to use the cascade command on Excel, which I can teach you to find real easy.  Check out the article. I linked it below.

Click Here to Learn How To Make Tabs Appear on Microsoft Windows 2007 Excel Spreadsheets

How Does Printing on Microsoft Office 2007 Differ From Older Versions?

As with any change to Microsoft software, there  are some basic changes to get used to.  I noticed this when I went to print a word document for the first time on MS Office 2007.

The changes are mostly cosmetic. In other words, I find the look and layout of the program to take more getting used to than the actual process of printing (to which there are some differences as well :-)

For example, you might find it tough to locate the old "File" command at the top of the screen. The file command is still there, it just isn't in plain site as it used to be.

Printing on MS office 2007 is easy to do, I wrote an article on the topic called How to Print on Microsoft Office 2007.  Check it out.

Click here to Learn How to Print On Microsoft Office 2007


Why Does My Computer Monitor Keep Turning on and Off??

Why You Want to Keep Local Streams of Water Clean

There are many reasons to keep your local waterways clean.  First, of course, is that it is quite possible that any particular body of water is used for drinking purposes. Sure, the water goes through various stages of treatment and cleaning before actually making it out of your faucet, but you still want the water to be as fresh and uncontaminated as possible from the start.

Another, big but less obvious reason, is for environmental concerns.  Every body of water, even the smallest of pools or streams supports a local ecosystem or micro-environment. Contaminate that particular body of water and you alter the ecosystem in that environment. Anytime you introduce a new organism through pollution, or kill off an organism through pollution you create a domino effect of problems.

For example, maybe pollution kills off a certain creature that kills termites.  With that creature gone, the termite population in that area increases dramatically. This could cause issues with the local lumber, etc.  Worse yet, at least for us, the termites might invade our homes more easily.  You get the point?  Regardless if you are a member of Greenpeace or a staunch industrialist, it is a good idea to do your part to preserve the quality of our water.

You can keep streams pollution free without ever leaving your property. It is easy. I wrote an article on the topic and linked it below. Check it out.

Click Here and Learn How To Keep Streams Clean


Good Reasons to Get a Colonoscopy Medical Exam

I am one of the millions of people who have had a colonoscopy exam. I had heard some nightmare stories about people about the preparation for the examination and the procedure. None of it is true. It is not horrible at all.

The exam is pretty easy and everyone should get one if it is time to do so (ask your doctor about that). If interested, I wrote an article about my experience and linked it at the bottom of this post.

I had someone comment to me that they are not going to get a colonoscopy exam because they "don't want to live forever anyway."

I was pretty disappointed to hear this.  I mean, life is not about longevity. Longevity is great, I'm not arguing against a long life, I'm just saying that you need to focus on your quality of life.

Sure, anyone could avoid a colonoscopy, come down suddenly with colon cancer, and die quickly. For the guy who "don't want to live forever." this is the best-worst case scenario he can hope for.  The worse-worse case scenerio might be coming down with a severely advanced colon related disease and live a very long life in a pair of diapers. Or perhaps a very long life battling a very hard condition that causes you nothing but agony, expense and struggle for you and your loved ones.

I am not a doctor, so I can not speak about avoiding illness with any certified level of expertise. I am not a medical expert. I know nothing of medicine. I do know that people 'suddenly' come down with diseases all the time. Many of these 'sudden' diseases could have been detected through routine examinations.   Avoiding a colonoscopy with the idea that you don't care if you live a long life is, quite obviously, short-sighted.  Not all suffering causes a short life.  You may as well simply 'suffer' briefly' by taking the exam instead of suffering physically, emotionally, and financially for perhaps decades.

Just some thoughts on that.  Again, I'm not a physician, but consider asking your doctor about any examinations you might be due for.  It could make your life a lot more comfortable in the long run.

Please check out the article I posted below on my colonoscopy experience.  Please also feel free to check out some of my other TurtleDog posts if you get a chance.

Getting A Colonoscopy? Not a Bad Experience and Prevent Colon Cancer Too

Can I turn Myself Into a Cartoon? Yep! Learn How to Cartoon a Pic Here

So you are wondering "How can I turn myself into a cartoon?"  That really is not as crazy as you might think.  There are a number of websites and programs out there where you can upload a photo of yourself and then make it look like an animation.

This is pretty easy to do on the one website I occasionally put pictures on.  I wrote and article about it and linked it below.  Check it out

How to Turn A Picture into a Cartoon Photo

If you get a chance, please check out some of my other TurtleDog posts.  I'd be thrilled to see you again!


Description Of Blue Claw Crab Males. Know Your Crabs

I love fishing, or should I say crabbing, for blue claw crabs.  Blue Claw crabs are fun to catch and are fun to eat as well.

I do the majority of my crabbing at the south Jersey shore bay.  It is a nice way to pass the time. The southern New Jersey bay is known for having a fair amount of blue claw crabs in its waters.

Some recreational crabbers do not give any thought to identifying male versus female blue claw crabs.  It wouldn't surprise me if some people were not aware that you can tell the difference between the sexes of crabs.

Identifying the sex of a blue claw crab is easy to do.  I wrote an article on the topic and linked it below.  Please check it out.

Click Here to Learn What a Male Blue Claw Crab Looks Like
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How Many Gallons of Sand, Dirt, Pebbles, Dry Gallons are in a Box or Rectangle Container

Maybe you own a terrarium ?  Maybe you have a giant square or rectangular container you want to fill with dirt?  Maybe you simply want to know how many gallons of dry material such as dirt, sand, pebbles, etc are in a particular container?

You may have come to the right place.  I wrote an article on how to the amount of dry gallons in a box or rectangular container. This is an easy, step-by-step way to calculate how many dry gallons are in that area.

Please check it out. Click the link below.....

How to Determine Dry Gallons in a Box or Rectangular Container Easy

Lose a Button? Sewing Buttons On Pants or Shorts Easy

Oh man! You are out somewhere and that button just flies off your pants!  Was it because you put on too many pounds and your trousers or short could not take it anymore?  Nah! Not you!  I'll bet that button just flew off in a desparate attempt to escape serving your slacks for eternity.

What are you going to do?  Walk around with your pants falling down? Why don't you try sewing a new button on those pants or shorts easy?

Putting a new button on is easy to do. Believe me, if I can do it, you can too. It is simple. You'll just need a needle, thread and the article that I have linked below.

I wrote the article linked below when I had the unfortunate task of replacing a button on my pants. 

How to Put a Button On Pants CLICK HERE

Check it out.

How to Put a Button On Pants CLICK HERE

How to Figure Out How Many Liquid Gallons Fit into a Rectangle or Box Container

Do you have a box laying around that you need to fill up with water or some other liquid?  How in the world would you know exactly how many gallons would fit into that container?

Maybe you don't even need to pour liquid into the rectangular container. Maybe the liquid is already in there and you want to determine how many gallons are in there?

The article that I have linked below will teach you how to tell how many liquid gallons are in that container.  Check it out

How to Determine Liquid Gallons in a Box Or Rectangular Container


How To Install New Screens in Your Screen Door

Hi!  OK, if I can do this, believe me, you can do this too!  Screen doors are a pain in the butt. Especially the ones that slide back and fourth. They are subject to all kinds of abuse, especially when the kids smash through the screen.

If you have a huge tear in the screen, it does not mean that you need to call in a contractor or leave your door at some hardware store and wait a week for them to replace it.

Fixing a screen door screen is pretty easy. It just takes a few inexpensive tools and a little confidence.  The article that I have linked below will show you how to install a new screen really easy.  You'll save money and develop a whole new home improvement skill in a matter of minutes.

How To Repair Replace Screen Door Screens

Update Your Home Address and Contact Info on New Jersey Crabbing License

How to Change Address Contact Information On New Jersey Crabbing License

OK .... you have bought a New Jersey crabbing permit but you now realize that there is either an error on your contact information or you have since changed your address etc.

This is pretty easy to fix and you can update your NJ crabbing permit right on your computer. It is easy to do on line.

I wrote an article on making changes to your New Jersey crabbing license. Simply click on the title of this post above and you will be directed to the article.                                                                                                                                     
You will be legally catching crabs again in no time.

Here is the Link How to Change Address Contact Information On New Jersey Crabbing License

How To Get a Crabbing License for Crab Pots In New Jersey

How To Get a Crabbing License for Crab Pots In New Jersey

Crabbing in New Jersey is easy to do and very fun. In certain cases though, you'll need a crabbing license, especially if you are using a crab pot instead of a recreational trap. A crabbing license is very easy to come by. This article will tell you how to get one very cheaply and easy right at your finger tips. Get a NJ crab license on line. This article will teach you how.


Thinking of Buying a Scanner For DeskTop Scanning? Check Out this Review

I love the desktop scanner I use.  I've been using this scanner for quite some time now and figured I would do a review about it.

I do a review on this scanner based on my direct experience using it.  Click the link below if you'd like to check this scanner review out.

Fujitsu Fi 6130 Duplex Scanner Review - Scans Best and Fast