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Good Reasons to Get a Colonoscopy Medical Exam

I am one of the millions of people who have had a colonoscopy exam. I had heard some nightmare stories about people about the preparation for the examination and the procedure. None of it is true. It is not horrible at all.

The exam is pretty easy and everyone should get one if it is time to do so (ask your doctor about that). If interested, I wrote an article about my experience and linked it at the bottom of this post.

I had someone comment to me that they are not going to get a colonoscopy exam because they "don't want to live forever anyway."

I was pretty disappointed to hear this.  I mean, life is not about longevity. Longevity is great, I'm not arguing against a long life, I'm just saying that you need to focus on your quality of life.

Sure, anyone could avoid a colonoscopy, come down suddenly with colon cancer, and die quickly. For the guy who "don't want to live forever." this is the best-worst case scenario he can hope for.  The worse-worse case scenerio might be coming down with a severely advanced colon related disease and live a very long life in a pair of diapers. Or perhaps a very long life battling a very hard condition that causes you nothing but agony, expense and struggle for you and your loved ones.

I am not a doctor, so I can not speak about avoiding illness with any certified level of expertise. I am not a medical expert. I know nothing of medicine. I do know that people 'suddenly' come down with diseases all the time. Many of these 'sudden' diseases could have been detected through routine examinations.   Avoiding a colonoscopy with the idea that you don't care if you live a long life is, quite obviously, short-sighted.  Not all suffering causes a short life.  You may as well simply 'suffer' briefly' by taking the exam instead of suffering physically, emotionally, and financially for perhaps decades.

Just some thoughts on that.  Again, I'm not a physician, but consider asking your doctor about any examinations you might be due for.  It could make your life a lot more comfortable in the long run.

Please check out the article I posted below on my colonoscopy experience.  Please also feel free to check out some of my other TurtleDog posts if you get a chance.

Getting A Colonoscopy? Not a Bad Experience and Prevent Colon Cancer Too

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