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How Does Printing on Microsoft Office 2007 Differ From Older Versions?

As with any change to Microsoft software, there  are some basic changes to get used to.  I noticed this when I went to print a word document for the first time on MS Office 2007.

The changes are mostly cosmetic. In other words, I find the look and layout of the program to take more getting used to than the actual process of printing (to which there are some differences as well :-)

For example, you might find it tough to locate the old "File" command at the top of the screen. The file command is still there, it just isn't in plain site as it used to be.

Printing on MS office 2007 is easy to do, I wrote an article on the topic called How to Print on Microsoft Office 2007.  Check it out.

Click here to Learn How to Print On Microsoft Office 2007


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