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How to Cancel MLB.TV Subscription

Cancelling your subscription is not super easy to do.  In the frequently asked questions (FAQ) sections on / they will tell you that you can log into any page and then find "MY on any page at the top right corner and click on it.  At least on my account, this is not accurate.  You can look for MY but you might not find it.  I certainly can not see that link on when I am logged in.

If you had the same problem that I had cancelling my account, do not fret.  I figured out the problem.

What you really need to find is the world "Welcome!" in the upper right corner of their web page.

When you click on "Welcome" a drop down menu will appear.

Then, in that drop down menu, click on "Audio / Video Subscriptions"

You'll be taken to the "Audio / Video Subscriptions" page.

Click the "Cancel Subscriptions" button

Now.... couple fine points you should remember and watch out for.......

You will be taken to a second page.  There is a drop down menu where you'll be asked why you want to cancel. Choose your reason (mine was all the freakin' blackouts!)

Then read the information in the check box below the 'reason' drop down menu.  Before checking the box make sure you are aware of the correct button to click.  If you want to stop your subscription AND you DO NOT want it to AUTOMATICALLY renew, be sure to click the "Cancel Subscription" button

If you want to automatically renew the following year (why the heck would you want to do that if you are closing your account now is a mystery to me but if you are renewing next season ) click "Cancel this season, but automatically renew next season"  Again, do NOT click this if you want to close your account.

I highly recommend going with the simple "Cancel Subscription"  You can always manually renew next year if you change your mind.  If you go with the other button and let your account auto-renew and then cancel it after 5 days it goes back into effect, you'll still be charged for the balance of the month (with monthly subscriptions) or the balance of the season (for full season subscription) depending on which plan you select.

That's it!  Hope That Taught You How to Cancel MLB.TV Subscription.

Thanks for reading

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High Rated Keyboard Wrist Rest Pad by Fellows

Fellows Wrist Pad for Keyboard - Heavily Used But Still Durable
I’ve been using a Fellows brand keyboard wrist rest for years now. I generally buy office supplies on line when I am at the office and online is how I purchased my Fellows Keyboard pad.

Take a look at the picture I have posted. If you are seeing this image when you shop at great sites like Amazon or other online office supply outlets, you will want to keep in mind that this is a ‘memory foam’ wrist pad meaning there is no gel. I think I prefer the foam over the gel. The fellows foam pad is nice and firm. I like the firmness because it ensures my wrists are elevated off the keys and supposedly that helps to minimize my chances of getting carpel tunnel (for disclosure purposes, I am not a doctor, by sites like WebMd and other medical sources seem to indicate there are health benefits to keeping your wrists raised off the keyboard).

The gel ones are nice but my wrists sink and I sometimes worry that eventually the gel will leak out. Don’t laugh too hard (though I am a little bit myself) at my paranoia. I’ve had foam pads for years and as the outer cloth wears off, it exposes the foam. I’m thinking if this happened with the gel there’d be some kind of natural disaster going on your desk. The foam is solid and won’t spill. The gel, I’m not sure.

The outer surface of the foam keyboard pad is a comfortable fabric. I sometimes do think they could tweak this a little and go with something even softer for additional, luxurious comfort. Then again if they were using some soft chinchilla fur or something like that, the pad would cost a fortune (lol).

The pads I use generally work for years. I’ve been told I should change it more often just for hygiene purposes but I can’t attest that I’ve ever caught a bug off my pad (I don’t like the wrist rest pad very often

If you have a keyboard that does not have a straight sides (ie the more ergonomic keyboards that are bent) this pad won’t work too well. The side of the Fellows wrist rest that presses against the keyboard i is straight as an arrow and fits the length of the keyboard. 

Ergonomic Wrist Pad Beat Up From Years of Work But Still Going

If you are looking for something more oohey-gooey, I’d suggest purchasing the gel style. Your wrists will sink into it better. That might be more comfortable but I’m not sure how ergonomically healthy that is in the long run. The solid foam has a memory where it always springs back to its original size and generally stays comfortable but firm even when your wrist is on it.

If you are interested in checking out some Fellows wrist pads click on the link below to see more details on Amazon's secure trusted site.  I highly rate this keyboard wrist pad by Fellows but see for yourself on their site.

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Bic Velocity Gel Ball Point Pen Review

Bic Velocity

I have a love / hate relationship with Bic’s “Velocity Gel” ball point pen. In some ways this is the greatest pen ever, in other ways it is a big disappointment.

When I am not blogging I am doing some other form of work that is far less satisfying than writing for for (hopefully) your benefit :-) Everyday when I drag my butt out of bed and head into work I reach for a Bic Velocity gel (or a Bic Atlantis) pen and use it throughout the day for paperwork.  I thought since I'm using this thing so much I may as well do a post on this writing utensil. 

Let’s do a quick review of the Bic Velocity Gel ball point pen.

I love the comfort grip on the Velocity Gel pen. There are not too many writing pens where I can admit that it is actually comfortable 
Bic Velocity Pen in Action - Cozy Grip
to hold but with this pen I can. There is a 1 3/8” rubber grip at the end of the pen. The grip is designed so that there are three separate indentations where you can place your thumb, forefinger and middle finger when gripping the pen. This makes for a nice ergonomic feel and provides excellent control.

The 1/2 ounce weight is very light. Ink / Ball = 1.66mm for a good, legible ink line.

The ball point pen retracts very smoothly and comfortably with a push of the button. Everything feels solid as it clicks in place. I’ve always been a fan of retractable pens for the fact there is no cap to lose but I also dislike retractable since they tend to be those heavier, uncomfortable metal pens. The Velocity Gel combines the trim, light weight plastic design with the retractable feature.

When you first pull this pen out of the box and begin writing with the pen it writes like a dream. I love how the ink comes out fast and heavy without smearing. I actually feel like my handwriting improves when I pull a new pen from the box and begin writing. There is a lush, smoothness to writing with this pen.

My biggest problem with this product is that when the ink starts getting low, it begins to stutter a bit. The ink does not come out evenly and the excellent handwriting I mentioned earlier starts to look like a pre-school child’s work. This wouldn’t bother me if this was happening when the pen was completely out of ink or close to it. The problem is I feel like there is still 15 to 20 % ink remaining in the pen. These pens are not cheap and I hate to think that every 5 or 6 pens I wind up throwing out enough ink that would be the equivalent to one pen.

Overall, this is the greatest pen ever if I didn’t feel like I was tossing so much ink. A true joy to use but when the stuttering starts, my cursing begins.

There is another Bic pen I use that might be a decent replacement to the Velocity Gel. This pen is the Bic “Atlantis” 
The Bic Atlantis retracts very nicely as well, it retracts and opens nicely at the touch of a button but not quite the satisfying ‘click’ of the Velocity. The Atlantics has that slender, light weight feel that other retractable pens so often lack.

There is a soft grip at the end of the Atlantis where you can 

Bic Atlantis in Action
comfortably hold the pen. The soft grip is not as intricate in terms of comfort details (ergonomic indentations, etc) but it sure feels better than pens that do not have this grip.

The ink comes out smoothly and fine. The pen delivers a delicate ink line that is neither too think nor too thick. The ink does not flow quite as gorgeously as the Velocity gel does when you first use it but there is no premature stuttering either from the Atlantis as you might find in the Velocity Gel.

The Bic Atlantis Pen Not Bad
So how do I conclude my review of the Bic Velocity Gel ball point pen?  The Velocity is one of the best pens in terms of comfort and writing that I have used in a long time.  As the ink gets below 25% though, as mentioned, it starts to become sightly more unreliable. It is almost as though that flowing, lucious ink comes out inconsistently as the ink line begins to run out.  My guess is that the less the ink, the harder it is for gravity to pull on that ink and get it out.

Overall though, not a bad pen if Bic can make either the ink last longer or correct the stuttering toward the end of the life of the pen. I know what my work pays for these pens and the $15-$16 a box is too much. If you can get it for less though I suggest giving it a try.

If you want to read a bit more about the Velocity pen, I attached an Amazon link below. Amazon is a trusted site and can provide you more information and even some additional reviews. Check it out.

If you want to learn a bit more about the Bic Atlantis, I put a link below that will take you to Amazon's safe and secure site.

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Thanks so much for reading my review post.  I'm very glad that you stopped by. If you get some time, check out some of my other posts here on TurtleDog's Blog. We don't just write great product reviews. Rating great (and not so great) products would get tedious.  There are plenty of how-to articles and help articles to make your life easier.

Thanks again!


One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest Writer Drives Cross Country

Ken Kesey wrote the novel“One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” and it was immensely popular. A movie was made based on his book staring Jack Nicholson and numerous plays have been produced based on his book. You would think that Kesey is the bookish, nerdy type but he was far from hit. He associated himself with both the beat generation and the hippie movement.

Kesey was once part of a government study using psychoactive drugs. This led to further experimentation that went beyond the government project and a lifelong acceptance and use of drugs.....which I don't recommend that our readers do. Very bad for you :-)

I loved the film “One Flew Over The Kuckoo’s Nest” I never knew though that Kesey was such an interesting character. I recently saw a film where Ken Kesey takes an old school bus, has a bunch of friends paint it, and then they travel cross country to New York. It is quite a motley bunch on a motley trip.

I wrote a review of this journey that Kesey and his “Merry Pranksters” take. The film is called “Magic Trip”
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Four 4 Roll Wagon Wheel Toilet Paper Dispenser Good and Bad

Four (4) roll wagon wheel (turnstile) toilet paper dispensers are typically found in heavily used, high traffic bathrooms such as in the work place, restaurants, public bathrooms, etc

These dispensers are round and mounted to the side of the stall. When fully loaded the dispenser can hold up to four rolls of toilet tissue. When a roll runs out, the user can rotate the handle in the center counter clockwise until the nex
t full roll appears in the opening at the bottom.

Advantages of 4 Roll Wagon Wheel Toilet Paper Holders

One big advantage of the wagon wheel style is that is eliminates waste. Other kinds of dispensers (think of a style more similar to what you have in your bathroom at home) seem to encourage changing out rolls before they are completely used up. On non-wagon wheel dispensers, Custodial / janitorial staff might see a roll that has only 10% or 20% of the paper remaining on it and they’ll replace it right away with a new roll. Why? Because they figure it will run out soon enough anyway so may as well do it now before it runs empty. With the four roll wagon wheel, janitors are more likely to just change out the empty rolls. There are four rolls available after all so if one suddenly runs out, the other rolls are available for people to use right away.

Another advantage of this wagon wheel style is that you can usually get them for free. That is, janitorial supply companies will be glad to give them to you for nothing as long as you agree to buy their toilet paper. They can ensure that you only buy their bathroom tissue because only one kind of toilet paper will fit in the wagon wheel and that is their own, custom-sized brand. More on cornering you into one size next.

Major Disadvantage of Wagon Wheel / Turnstile Dispensers
The biggest disadvantage of wagon wheel dispensers is that it will be hard for you to bargain shop for toilet paper. The reason for this is typically only one size toilet paper roll will fit in these dispensers. You see, companies that provide these dispensers also want you to buy their toilet paper. Toilet paper can get really expensive as case after case used in public areas gets used up. This is where they make their money. If you can only buy their size it is guaranteed revenue.

The wagon wheel dispensers that I am

familiar with have a really thick diameter stem that toilet paper roll

core (that brown tube in the center of the roll) goes over. Normal store bought paper has a core that is too small to fit on the stem. Janitorial supply companies that provide these four roll turnstile dispensers for free also make sure to supply toilet paper direct from manufacturers using their own custom specifications. These custom sizes are the only sizes that will fit in these dispensers.

Before Installing The Turnstile Wagon Wheel Dispensers….

Check the size and find out what paper will fit inside. Will it only fit one kind of roll? What is the price of this specific sized roll compared to other paper you buy?

Consider this closely. There is nothing wrong with buying the turnstile version. It will cut down on waste, require less frequent loading and, if you play your cards right, you’ll get it for free. That said, will it be worth the cost of paper?

I hope this helps... please check out my other Bathroom Post


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Delete Sent Lotus Notes Mail without Message

 “You are about to delete documents from this view as well as from all folders to which this document belongs. Continue deleting these documents or only remove them from this view?”    Have you ever received this message?  It is pretty annoying isn't it?   If you want to learn how to delete Lotus Notes mail in your sent bin without getting this message, keep reading. This post will teach you to delete send Lotus Notes emails without any messages interrupting.

Step 1 - Action

Click on “Action” which is at the top of the Lotus Notes window

Step 2 - Position Cursor Over "Tools"

A drop down menu will appear under the action command.  Hover your cursor over “Tools” without clicking on it.

Step 3 - Preferences

In the choices that appear to the side of “Tools” choose “Preferences”

Step 4 - A Window Opens Up

A window will open up on the screen. Make sure you are on the “Basics” tab.  The "Basics" tab is typically already opened on Lotus Notes by default.  If it isn't, just click on it.

Step 5

Look for “Delete / Remove Preference for Sent View” section

Step 6 - Always Delete Setting

Look for the drop down arrow. Click the drop down arrow and change from "Always Ask" to "Always Delete."

Once set to “Always Delete you won’t be asked that lotus message again when deleting sent mail.

Step 7

Click the "OK" button and you are finished. You won't be asked the "You Are About To Delete Documents...." message again when deleting emails from you sent bin.

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I admit, I don't check spelling enough when using Lotus Notes.  Recipients of my emails must think I'm completely stupid, which I am, and that explains all the misspellings.  To avoid accidentally looking like a dope, set up Lotus Notes so it auto spell checks emails for you.  I wrote a post that explains how to get Lotus to check the spelling in your email automatically. Please read it if you get a chance.

Auto Spell Check Email so Lotus Edits Automatically Before Send

I'm guilty of not spell checking every important email I send.  A hasty email riddled with misspelled words can really lessen the impact of your message and make people perceive you as a bit dopey (which I know is not true).

The way to overcome bad spelling is to set up Lotus Notes so that it automatically edits your email for spelling when you hit the send button.  Putting Lotus on auto spell check is easy to do. Let Notes do the work for you.

Step 1 - Open Up Lotus and Get to The Right Screen

Open up Lotus Notes and go into any screen that lists your mail. So far I found this works if you are in drafts, inbox, sent, and drafts. It probably works if you are in other screens too. I haven’t explored them all. Two screens it doesn’t seem to work in is the “Trash” view and the “Work Space Tab”

To keep things simple, make sure you are looking at your inbox, sent or drafts bin.

Step 2 - Find "Action"


The Text Font is Too Small And Page too Big On MS Word

I was working on MS Word and I noticed that the font of the text was coming up much smaller than usual. I also noticed that the actual document page (the size of the white background) was much larger than normal. I tried reducing the size of the page by clicking the block in the upper right corner but I didn’t get the result I had hoped for.

I had just started a new Word document so rather than figure out what was going on, I just closed the document without saving any changes I just started it so I wasn’t really losing anything. Then I reopened thinking everything would look the “correct”way like it used to. I was surprised to see that the Word document was still coming out with tiny letters and a bigger background to type on.

Fixing this was really easy to do. It took me a minute to figure it out but I got it eventually.

Step 1

Open Microsoft Word and then look to the top of your computer screen. Look for “View”

Step 2

Click “View” and the tab will open with a ton of options to choose from

Step 3

Look to the left of this tab where the section is that says “Print Layout”, “Full Screen Reading”, “Web Layout”,“Outline” and ”Draft”

My guess is if your text font is too small and the page is too big then your Word doc is likely set to “Web Layout” or perhaps “Full Screen Reading”

Step 4

Click on “Print Layout” and your document should change the view to something you are more familiar with.

I hope that helps you to get the old text size and layout size back to the view you want in Microsoft Word. This worked for me but your issue may vary from mine. Keep messing around in the “View” settings if this doesn’t work.

More MS Word Stuff.....

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Change Default Paper Tray on HP Network Printer

You might be trying to print pages out of a certain paper tray on your HP printer (Network printer likely) and you are getting frustrated of having to change from the default tray to your preferred tray manually each time.

Getting up and pressing the same buttons each time between every print out is a real pain. I feel your aggravation. To avoid this you will want to change the setting so that your print outs will always default to a new tray.

If you want to change the default paper tray on HP Printer, this is pretty easy to do and you can do it right from your PC computer.

Step 1

Click “start” (the icon in the lower left corner of your screen) and then click “Control Panel”

Step 2

In the window that appears, choose “Printers and Other Hardware”

Step 3

The select “Printing Preferences” in window that appears.

Step 4

Printing Preference window is now shown, look to the top and select “Paper / Quality” Tab

Step 5

Look toward the middle of the window for “Source Is” Click the drop down arrow

Step 6

The list of available tray settings will appear. Select the tray you want, then click the “Apply Button”

I hope that helps!

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