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Four 4 Roll Wagon Wheel Toilet Paper Dispenser Good and Bad

Four (4) roll wagon wheel (turnstile) toilet paper dispensers are typically found in heavily used, high traffic bathrooms such as in the work place, restaurants, public bathrooms, etc

These dispensers are round and mounted to the side of the stall. When fully loaded the dispenser can hold up to four rolls of toilet tissue. When a roll runs out, the user can rotate the handle in the center counter clockwise until the nex
t full roll appears in the opening at the bottom.

Advantages of 4 Roll Wagon Wheel Toilet Paper Holders

One big advantage of the wagon wheel style is that is eliminates waste. Other kinds of dispensers (think of a style more similar to what you have in your bathroom at home) seem to encourage changing out rolls before they are completely used up. On non-wagon wheel dispensers, Custodial / janitorial staff might see a roll that has only 10% or 20% of the paper remaining on it and they’ll replace it right away with a new roll. Why? Because they figure it will run out soon enough anyway so may as well do it now before it runs empty. With the four roll wagon wheel, janitors are more likely to just change out the empty rolls. There are four rolls available after all so if one suddenly runs out, the other rolls are available for people to use right away.

Another advantage of this wagon wheel style is that you can usually get them for free. That is, janitorial supply companies will be glad to give them to you for nothing as long as you agree to buy their toilet paper. They can ensure that you only buy their bathroom tissue because only one kind of toilet paper will fit in the wagon wheel and that is their own, custom-sized brand. More on cornering you into one size next.

Major Disadvantage of Wagon Wheel / Turnstile Dispensers
The biggest disadvantage of wagon wheel dispensers is that it will be hard for you to bargain shop for toilet paper. The reason for this is typically only one size toilet paper roll will fit in these dispensers. You see, companies that provide these dispensers also want you to buy their toilet paper. Toilet paper can get really expensive as case after case used in public areas gets used up. This is where they make their money. If you can only buy their size it is guaranteed revenue.

The wagon wheel dispensers that I am

familiar with have a really thick diameter stem that toilet paper roll

core (that brown tube in the center of the roll) goes over. Normal store bought paper has a core that is too small to fit on the stem. Janitorial supply companies that provide these four roll turnstile dispensers for free also make sure to supply toilet paper direct from manufacturers using their own custom specifications. These custom sizes are the only sizes that will fit in these dispensers.

Before Installing The Turnstile Wagon Wheel Dispensers….

Check the size and find out what paper will fit inside. Will it only fit one kind of roll? What is the price of this specific sized roll compared to other paper you buy?

Consider this closely. There is nothing wrong with buying the turnstile version. It will cut down on waste, require less frequent loading and, if you play your cards right, you’ll get it for free. That said, will it be worth the cost of paper?

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