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Why can't I log into ing capitol One password username

So you are asking yourself ,"Why can't I log into ing Capitol One when it seems I am using the correct password and username. I had this problem logging in and wound up doing a pass word reset with customer service. For the record I don't know if I have the right answer but I think I inadvertently figured out what I was doing wrong.

During my customer care conversation. She asked for my user name. I gave it to her, it was in capitol letters and she told me that it doesn't consider whether case matters. In other words case doesn't matter... r does it? After she sent my temporary password to reset my account, i still struggled to log on stating my username/password is in correct. So, I tried the username in lowercase and the temporary pass word and it worked !

I wish I tried that before I reset the ID because that might have been my problem

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Why Won't My Credit Card Number Work For Tiffany Purchase

Your trying to make an online Tiffany's purchase and you credit card number is not accepted at checkout. If you credit card is still good, not over the limit, no problems and you've checked all the info a dozen times ( expiration date, double check card number, security code, address, name spelling etc) i'll bet you left spaces between every forth digit of your credit card. S instead of **** **** **** **** you have done ***************.

That is just my guess and what happened to me. I reentered without the spaces and was able to successfully complete my purchase ok through their online Tiffany checkout.

Hope this post helped you to resolve your Why Won't My Credit Card Number Work For Tiffany Purchase ok

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Where To Locate How Much I Make on YouTube Adsense Partnership Program

Finding your Adsense earnings through the YouTube Partnership program is pretty easy to do but like many things easy on your computer, the navigation path is not all that easy.  Regardless if you want to find out how much you are making on YouTube via the partner program, you have come to the right place. I'll even include a brief video you You Tube to show you how.

If you are not on the Google Adsense program and you are not a YouTube partner, this will not apply to you as you would not currently be able to earn on YouTube. There are other resources out there that will help you to set up an make money on Adsense.

So to in order to find the money you are making on YouTube via Adsense partner just do the following

Step 1

Log into your YouTube account

Step 2

Click on your icon photo in the top right corner of the Youtube screen

Step 3

Click on the setting button which appears as a sprocket

Step 4

New window/screen opens and click on "View Additional Features" toward the bottom left within this window.

Step 5

Click on "Analytics" in the left column of the screen

Step 6

The down under the "Performance" section you will see your YouTube earning statistics / metrics in the form of minutes watched, amount of views and importantly how much you have earned. There  is a date just above all of this that shows you the range. Mine is set for showing one month of statistics / earnings but you can change that if you want a specific date range.

I also included a video tutorial below on how to do this.



How to Get Amazon Refund and Ship Label Return Package at UPS Store

 If you are looking to return goods on Amazon it works out easier than you might think. I finally did this just today and it worked out pretty good.   Make sure you double check Amazon’s terms and return policy as this might not be 100% up to date when you read it (things sometimes change)  but it should come close.

So I bought pants that felt too tight from Amazon. I still had the Amazon box and the packaging materials it came in. I highly recommend keeping the packaging until you know you want to keep the goods.  I logged into my account, looked up my pant order and went through the simple return process.  At the end of the process on-line, there is no refund / credit of money just yet.  Amazon emails you a link so you can print a UPS ( United Parcel Service) label.

I printed the label from work since my printer at home hasn’t been working. Since I did not have blank labels to print on, I printed on a normal blank sheet of paper, cut out the label and affixed to the box using a large wide piece of clear tape.  If you do this make sure you do not crease or bubble the tape over the label. You don’t want to mar the writing or especially the bar code.   Then I looked up the local UPS store and dropped the box off.

I  asked the UPS store what would happen if I had no way of printing the label?   They said I could forward the label email Amazon sent to me to the store and they would print out but there would be a charge ($5 at the moment). If you need to do this, call your local store first and find out.

I also asked what would happen if I was able to print the label but had no way of properly affixing it to the box? They said they can do that at no extra charge.    That said, always call first to make sure this policy does not change.

Lastly, I asked if I print the label but can’t drop it off the same day, can I drop it off another day?  They said I could do this…. But again, check first as policies change.

So after I dropped it off at the UPS store drop off, they told me to wait while they scanned and make a receipt. Took just a minute.  About an hour after scanning I got an email stating Amazon was processing the refund and it would show on my account in  a few days.


Samsung S4 Galaxy Turn off Text Message Arrived Notification Sound but Keep Icon

Every time I get a text message I typically have my phone set to show the message arrived icon on my cell phone’s status bar and it also vibrates when I get new texts. I just got a new Samsung Galaxy 4 and noticed that in addition to the vibrate and new message icon (that little envelope at the top of the screen that appears in the status bar) I was also getting a notification sound ( a ring / beep etc ) when new text messages arrived

While in the text message mode I was able to turn off the sound in settings by doing this …….press text message icon, press menu button on phone in lower left corner, settings, scroll down to notification settings – Uncheck “Notifications make sounds and show icon status bar when you receive new text messages….


How to Print Email in Color on Outlook

So maybe you were having the same issue I was when printing emails off of Outlook.  When I would go to print to either a color copier or color printer it would come out in black and white.   It got to the point where I thought possibly copier only printed in black and white but this was not the case.   Actually the bulk of my problem was that my color emails would print out by default in black and white to a copier / printer that was capable of color but by default prints to black and white. Anyway…..

So the solution to this is pretty easy but for some reason I don’t think it is quite as intuitive as it should be.  So you better grasp it, I’ll do a step by step instruction with some screen shot images as well to hopefully help you through this task.  I am using Microsoft Outlook 2010 but this probably works on other versions as well.


Outlook Messages Not Going to Sent Bin

I ran into a situation where my MS Outlook emails were not being sent and I was noticing that even after sent it, they were not appearing in the sent bin. If your outgoing emails are not going to sent bin and recipients are not receiving be sure to check your OUTBOX folder. The outbox folder link can be found along the left side of your Outlook screen in the same place where you can link to / open your trash, inbox, etc. etc.

Unfortunately,  I do not have a quick and easy way to fix this issue permanently (though it does seem to have gone away with what I wound up doing).  This doesn't seem to be something that I am able to trouble shoot on MS Outlook .  Seems to be a bug.   

That said, I was able to resolve the problem of Outlook messages not going to the sent bin. It is not a fancy answer and an infant could probably do it.  Remember how we all try the reboot to fix something.  All I did was reboot the entire computer (shut down and start back up)  and slowly (say over the course of several minutes after reboot) by outbox emails slowly de populated and went to the sent bin and were received .