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Samsung S4 Galaxy Turn off Text Message Arrived Notification Sound but Keep Icon

Every time I get a text message I typically have my phone set to show the message arrived icon on my cell phone’s status bar and it also vibrates when I get new texts. I just got a new Samsung Galaxy 4 and noticed that in addition to the vibrate and new message icon (that little envelope at the top of the screen that appears in the status bar) I was also getting a notification sound ( a ring / beep etc ) when new text messages arrived

While in the text message mode I was able to turn off the sound in settings by doing this …….press text message icon, press menu button on phone in lower left corner, settings, scroll down to notification settings – Uncheck “Notifications make sounds and show icon status bar when you receive new text messages….

The problem with this is that it would turn off both the sound (which I didn't want) AND the mail / envelope icon (which I do want).  So how did I work around this so I could still see the icon yet not have some annoying notification ringtone, sound, bell whatever ?  Easy… just do this

-First, if you unchecked the notification box I mentioned above, go back and RE-check it.  Make sure the check mark is back.

-Then from the home screen of your phone… press the menu button (in lower left corner of phone)

-          Press Settings

-          Press “My Device” located at the very top of the screen

-          Press “Sound”

-          Press “Notifications”

-          Then find ‘Silent’ and activate the radio button for that by pressing ‘Silent’

-          The Press ‘OK’ and you are all done and ready to go

I hope that helped you to Turn off Text Message Arrived Notification Sound but Keep Icon  on Samsung Galaxy S4

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