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Stop Loss of Service Verizon Wireless Voice Sound

OK, you have Verizon wireless cell phone service and you are loving (or not loving :  -) your smartphone which is able to speak to you, give you voice reminders and otherwise croon you via an audible voice that emits from the phone. 

I love voice commands, voice text, the ability to hear directions, all that, but what has been driving me nuts (and you too) is that every so often that female voice comes on my cell phone (mine is an LG Lucid Android powered phone but it could be happening on perhaps your iPhone or Samsung or other phones perhaps even with other service) keeps repeating, " Loss of service , Verizon Wireless " randomly throughout the day. 

I find that both statements " Loss of Service " and " Verizon Wireless " always seem to follow each other in a woman's voice in that order. 

So why does it do this? 

This can happen if you find yourself roaming out of network but I find this to be a rare, if for me, non-existant reason.  There aren't many places in my part of the country where my plan would be roaming, especially when I hear this voice is my own neighborhood which has plenty of coverage.   What is likely happening is that for a second, just a second your phone has lost the signal or 'thinks' that it is roaming.  After about a second the cell phone figures it out and 'realizes' it is back in network again. 

Now if you are in an area where roaming is possible and you want to avoid high or extra cell phone charges, stop now and do not follow my advice.   

That said,  let's say for sake of argument that you are not truly roaming and this voice just seems to go off randomly, there is how you can stop the loss of service Verizon wireless female voice. This works on an LG Lucid but I suspect works well on other phones too. 

1.   Hit the menu button your your phone. For mine it is in the lower left corner of my phone but may differ on yours.  Be intuitive and you might figure it out. 

2.  Press Settings 

3.  Press "Sound"  (your may say 'sound' or ' voice commands ' or something like that, mine is 'sounds' 

4.   Finds " Sound When Roaming " or equivalent and turn it off by unchecking the box or equivalent (depending on your wireless phone) 

Then exit out and you are all set. 

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