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How Professional Football Teams in NFL Make the Playoffs

I love watching National Football League Football action.  When the playoffs come around I am usually riveted to the television to find out what teams made the playoffs and what teams just missed a playoff berth.

A lot of people assume that they know how NFL teams make the playoffs and for the most part they are usually right.  Understanding how and NFL football team gets into the post season play is easy to understand but if you simply assume that you know how it happens, then you might be surprised.

The concept of the 'wildcard'  is very easy but a lot of people just presume that it is reserved for second place teams in the NFC (National Football Conference) and AFC (American Football Conference) ..... not  true,  to some extent, but there are some things worth.

Anyway, I wrote a post that explains the National Football League, post season 'wildcard' process in what I think is an easy to understand post.  Check out the post by clicking the link below.  I'd love it if you checked it out.

How to Understand NFL Playoff System

Check out my post and please be sure to read more of my articles.... we love having you around :-)

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