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Changed 2006 Honda Oil – How to Reset Oil Life on Dash

So you just got the oil changed in your 2006 Honda Civic LX but you noticed that the oil life gauge on the dashboard still shows that you need to change your oil.  If you get an oil change and the oil light indicator does not reset (plus you’ll see a maintenance wrench light icon appear on the dash as well) , do not fret.  The chances are that your mechanic really DID change the oil and the chances are that the oil life indicator display is working fine.

When the oil is changed this indicator does not reset to 100% (oil at full life) rather it must be changed manually.  If your oil is changed by a Honda dealer or a mechanic that is aware of this needed manual reset you’ll never notice the issue. If it is changed by someone unaware of the oil light then you will need to reset it on your own.

So your oil is changed, you know for a fact it was correctly changed, so how do you get the indicator back to 100% .... Also at the very bottom of this post I included a video I shot.... check it out...

Step 1

Turn the car ignition on so that the power is on, on the dash.  You don’t need to fully start the motor but that will work too.

Step 2
Look for the “SEL/RESET” button to the left of the steering wheel on the dash (at least on a 2006 Honda Civic LX it at that location).   You probably are already seeing the wrench and oil indicator showing on the dash but if not, press the “SEL/RESET” until you see the oil indicator

Step 3

Hold the “SEL/RESET” button down for 10 seconds or so until the Oil Life begins to blink on the dashboard.

Step 4

When it blinks, release the button, then press it down again for about 5 seconds or so until the oil life % reverts back up to 100%

Step 5
Now you are done. You have reset the when to change oil life light.

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