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Add Email Signature Outlook 2010

So you are working on Outlook and you want to set up your emails
so that your signature ( ie your name, job title etc ) automatically appears every time. This post shows you in a quick and easy way how to add your email signature so that your name, phone number, etc. appears on every email you send automatically.

This how to post applies mainly to Outlook 2010 but it may work for other versions of the Outlook mail programs as well.

I’ll presume you are looking at your list of inbox emails now.   Seems the typical place people are when they have a question on how to do something.

-Click on the FILE tab on the upper left portion of the screen

-Look down the left side of your PC screen and you’ll see OPTIONS  (it’s down below ‘info’ , ‘ print ‘ , ‘ help ‘ etc.


The Outlook Options window will open.  Look down the left side of the window and select MAIL

-Then find the section that is called “Compose Messages” and where it says “ Create or Modify Signatures “     Click on SIGNATURES button

-Now, a new window opens. Look inside the window under the select signature to edit and click the “NEW “button.

-Here you will name your signature so you can select or edit it as needed. This part has nothing to do with how your signature reads on your emails, it is just a name.  Name it with your name or ‘my signature’ or whatever you like.

-Then in the big field below (the edit signature field), go ahead and add your signature  name, phone , fax, email, job title, address, whatever you want to put in there. 

-Then click OK

If this is the first signature you entered, then congrats!  This is now your default signature and will appear on all NEW emails.  I did notice that on replies with old emails that did not previously have my signature, the new signature is not added automatically by default , but on all new mail you send going forward your name, etc. will automatically be added to emails.

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